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Jonathan Crane A.K.A. The Scarecrow is one of the three main villains in Tim Burton's Batman Forever. He is played by Brad Dourif. 

Early Life

Jonathan Crane always loved to frightened things since his childhood. This was because of his abusive grandmother throwing him into an abandoned church full of crows that attacked him. As a way of getting back at his grandmother, he used satanic magic to command the crows filling the church to attack and kill Marion. Jonathan since then was put in a foster home.

Batman Forever


Dr. Jonathan Crane.

Jonathan Crane became a doctor at Arkham Asylum, who experimented with his fear toxin. He is soon fired by Dr. Chase Meridian because he used his fear toxin on humans. He then retreats to his laboratory hidehout, which is an underground tomb below Gotham Cementary. There he continues his studies, and by the time he finally finished his fear toxin, he uses his satanic magic on himself. His head and entire body are sewed into a scarecrow costume.

Jonathan Crane's transformation into The Scarecrow.


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