The first season of The Shadows of Gotham begins the series that follows former GCPD detective Bruce Wayne as he becomes a vigilante to rid Gotham City of all its crime and corruption. It consisted of 20 episodes, all of which aired in the Thursday 10/9c timeslot. Each episode was rated TV-14 LV or TV-14 LSV.



Title Air Date Production Code
Pilot September 26, 2013 101
Bruce Wayne leaves the Gotham City Police Department to form his own vigilante-persona and save the crumbling Gotham City. This attracts the attention of the GCPD; respected and feared criminal Black Mask; one of Black Mask's enforcers, Deadshot; and the "violent hero" known as Azrael.
Rising October 3, 2013 102
The first strike on Black Mask is made by Bruce Wayne. Black Mask vows to find this mysterious vigilante using his own methods while ignoring the wise advise of Deadshot. A former flame of Bruce's, Silver St. Cloud, returns to Gotham City.
Vigilantes October 10, 2013 103
Azrael confronts Bruce and asks for an alliance, but the latter is unsure due to the former's bad reputation. GCPD detectives James Gordon and Crispus Allen question if they should support this unknown hero everyone is starting to talk about.
Project Mayhem October 17, 2013 104
Black Mask "creates" a terrorist named Anarky, who threatens to destroy Gotham City as part of Project Mayhem. Deadshot begins to disagree with his leader, and conflicts begin to arise. Bruce's feelings for Silver begin to come back, but his new occupation puts her in danger.
Black Mask City October 24, 2013 105
James and Crispus are assigned to deal with Anarky. Bruce further irritates Black Mask by stopping a major drug shipment. When Black Mask is ordering Deadshot to help with the problem, an argument begins and someone is push too far.
Betrayal October 31, 2013 106
After Deadshot is dismissed from Black Mask's gang and his reputation is lowered, he vows to form his own gang to take on the well-respected criminal and starts by attempting to assassinate him to help fix his notoriety. Bruce ends up accepting Azrael's alliance proposal. James receives good news.
The Assassin November 7, 2013 107
Black Mask survives, but must rest and control his empire from his bed. Deadshot regains members from his former crew in the Black Mask gang. During a celebration for his upcoming daughter, James sees a robbery and when chasing the thief, he has his first confrontation with Bruce. Bruce gets to know Azrael better.
Gotham City's Finest November 14, 2013 108
James begins to have faith in Gotham City's "mysterious vigilante" while Crispus remains unsure. Bruce and Azrael steal some equipment from the GCPD HQ for the greater good. Anarky rises to the top of the most wanted list when is string of bombings is linked to him.
Who Is Bruce Wayne? November 21, 2013 109
Anarky releases a list of names to Gotham City as to who could be its vigilante (knowing who it is), with Bruce Wayne being one of them. The GCPD, having not heard from him for a while, become suspicious of him. Deadshot's new gang continues to grow.
Detectives January 9, 2014 110
James and Crispus visit Roman Sionis (the man believed to be Black Mask) and question him for having any connection to Anarky. Azrael equips himself and Bruce with modified versions of the equipment they stole from the GCPD HQ. Silver becomes witness to a crime commited by some of Deadshot's men.
Lock & Load January 16, 2014 111
When Azrael and Bruce arrive at an apparent drug deal, they are ambushed by Deadshot and a group of his men. Silver is questioned by James and Crispus about the crime she witnessed. Black Mask begins to feel some stress and tries to shake it off.
The World of Gotham January 23, 2014 112
The corrupt mayor and ally to Black Mask, Hamilton Hill, threatens Anarky with lethal force if he does not surrender, not knowing who is really behind the attacks. Black Mask leaves medical care early and vows to destroy Deadshot and Bruce before he ever rests again. Crispus sees a corrupt cop use his "own form of justice."
Business Is My Pleasure January 30, 2014 113
Anarky injures James during an explosion at the GCPD HQ. Bruce vows to strike back at him with Azrael. Black Mask "sends a message" to Deadshot by slaughtering a whole group of his men. Bruce spends some time with Azrael, who reveals his name to be Jean-Paul Valley.
Interrupted February 6, 2014 114
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True Lies February 13, 2014 115
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Insanity April 24, 2014 116
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The End Is Nigh May 1, 2014 117
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Mastermind May 8, 2014 118
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A Hero's Death May 15, 2014 119
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Paradise City May 22, 2014 120
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