"The Justice League are considered gods, and legend has it that only one thing was more powerful than the gods... Titans!"

- al Ghul, leader of the Titans

The Titans were a group of villains who had all been defeated by the JL at one point in the past, and teamed up to destroy them.


  • al Ghul (Boss of the Bosses)
  • Deathstroke (Assassins) -Green Arrow
  • Black Manta (Assassins)
  • Luthor (Intellectuals) -Batman
  • Riddler (Intellectuals) -Black Canary
  • Black Adam (Magic Users) -Wonder Woman
  • Circe (Magic Users) -Captain Marvel
  • Psimon (Telepath) -J'onn
  • Grodd (Telepath)
  • Bane (Strength) -Captain Atom
  • Eiling (Strength) -Superman
  • Metallo (Robots) -Red Tornado
  • Amazo (Robots)
  • Despero (Aliens) -Etrigan
  • Sinestro (Aliens)
  • Mr. Freeze (Weather) -Aquaman
  • Heat Wave (Weather) -Firestorm
  • Weather Wizard (Weather) -Black Lightning
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