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Arnold Wesker A.K.A. The Ventriloquist and Scareface are one of the main antagonists in Tim Burton's Batman Triumphant.

Early Life

As a child, Wesker was a meek and timid human being. When he was very young, his parents took him to the Gotham City shipyards to see an albatross. The albatross was something of a local attraction, but Wesker was terrified of it. He yelled at his father, demanding that he take him home. A Spivey's Display Dummies truck screamed down the street striking Arnold's parents, instantly killing them before the young boy's eyes. Wesker was convinced that the albatross was an omen that brought doom to his family. The shock of witnessing his parents' death forced Arnold to repress all emotion. He bottled up his anger and hostility for many years to come.

Batman Triumphant (2000)

He teams up with Mad Hatter.

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