The Wrong Crowd is the eighth episode of the first season of Batman.


Nightwing is out on a solo mission, and arrives at an old warehouse. He ducks down behind a crate and watches some members of the Jokerz gang talking to some new recruits. Nightwing recognizes one of the recruits as his childhood friend/the daughter of Comissioner Gordon, Barbara. Nightwing charges into batte, and fights with some of the Jokerz. Barbara and the rectruits get away, and Nightwing chases after them. Suddenly, the leader of the Jokerz, the Joker, tackles Nightwing and gets into a huge battle with him. Suddenly, the Batmobile comes crashing into the building. Batman comes running out of it and grabs Nightwing. The two escape in the Batmobile as Joker gets away. Nightwing asks Batman why they're leaving instead of chasing the Joker, when the warehouse explodes. Batman explains that Joker planted a bomb in the warehouse in case any vigilantes show up. Back at the Batcave, Nightwing tells Red Hood about what happened. Red Hood and Nightwing sneak out and find a secret Jokerz base. They disguise themselves as new recruits and enter the building. They see the Joker giving a speech to the new recruits. Nightwing walks over to Barbara, and tells her and the other new recruits to make a run for it. They do, and Nightwing and Red Hood attack the Joker. After a long battle, they manage to defeat the Joker. The police arrive, but Joker manages to quickly get away. The two heroes return to the Batcave, where Nightwing gets a call from Barbara.


  • Dick Grayson/Nightwing
  • Barba Gordon
  • The Joker
  • Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Bruce Wayne/Batman
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