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The Young Knight: The Official Soundtrack - Vol. I (also known as the Wayne Mix) is the first of two soundtracks that showcased music inspired from the series. Vol. I features music from seasons 1 to 5. The soundtrack overall features a total of 32 songs split up in two discs.

Track listing

Disc One

Track number Song Artist Season
1 "Someone to Save You" OneRepublic The Young Knight theme song
2 "Apologize" OneRepublic Season 1
3 "Fearless" Bravery Season 1
4 "Innocence" Avril Lavgine Season 1
5 "Say (All I Need)" OneRepublic Season 1
6 "Feel This" Bethany Gelotti and Elation Season 1
7 "Coming to Terms" Carolina Liar Season 2
8 "Second Chance" Shinedown Season 2
9 "Falling Down" Duran Duran Season 2
10 "Boom Boom Pow" Black Eyed Peas Season 2
11 "Life After You" Daughtry Season 2
12 "Don't Take Your Love Away" Vast Season 2
13 "Hero" Skillet Season 2
14 "Run" Snow Patrol Season 2
15 "Apologies" Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Season 3
16 "Stay Away" The Honorary Title Season 3

Disc Two

Track number Song Artist Season
1 "What You Feel" Chris Levy Season 3
2 "Tender" Feeder Season 3
3 "Good Night, Travel Well" The Killers Season 3
4 "She Has No Time" Keane Season 3
5 "Get Me Right" Dashboard Confessional Season 3
6 "I Grieve" Peter Gabriel Season 4
7 "Light Up the Sky" Yellowcard Season 4
8 "We Are Young" 3Oh3! Season 4
9 "You Don't Have to Worry" Windy Wagner Season 4
10 "Name" Fireflight Season 4
11 "Lifeline" Angels and Airwaves Season 5
12 "Crawl" Chris Brown Season 5
13 "It's You" Annie Stela Season 5
14 "Mama Taught Me Better" Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Season 5
15 "Save a Place" 1969 Season 5
16 "Behind Your Eyes" Jon Foreman Season 5
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