Season Three of The Young Knight is the third season of the series that chronicles young Bruce Wayne's troubled life as he tries to adjust what happened after his parents’ tragic murder and the years before he became Batman.


This season is set three months after the season two's finale Crossroads; it deals with Bruce’s return from his surprised exile, having a new attitude toward things while repairing his relationships with his friends. He is also has to deal with Julie’s relationship with Mike Gowan, her new boyfriend. Julie embraces a new life and encounters several ghosts from her past: her attacker and her mother. Jason now controls PowerCorp and must put his most attention to the future, but his past keeps on getting in the way. Leo tries to adjust to his new job at Gotham Times and uses his new resources to solve crimes. Victor has to deal with his son’s actions towards the company, while having a backup plan as well. Detective Alder and her partner Detective Bourne must stop a resurging Criminal underworld. At the end of the season, things focus on the hunt to stop a dangerous terrorist group led by Hosea Alvarez.

Characters in the Batverse making their first appearances include Lady Shiva, Kyodai Ken/The Ninja, and Roland Daggert. Officer Jim Gordon, Amanda Waller, and Leslie Thompkins will return.

Main cast

Recurring cast

Series recurring

  • Det. Will Bourne (Michael Shanks) (20/23)
  • Lucius Fox (Keith David) (12/23)
  • Commissioner Woods (Geoff Pierson) (11/23)
  • Leslie Thompkins (Marogot Kidder) (3/23)
  • Jim Gordon (Jim Flanagan) (6/23)
  • Martha Wayne (Sarah Clarke) (2/23)
  • Thomas Wayne (Tate Donovan) (1/23)

Season recurring

  • Frank Edar (Philip Casnoff) (4/23)
  • Liam Spencer (Milo Ventimiglia) (4/23)
  • Agent Cutter (Callum Keith Rennie) (3/23)
  • DA Sam Howell (Andrew McCarthy) (2/23)
  • Regina Gregory (Kayla Ewell) (5/23)
  • Tori Gaines (Malese Jow) (4/23)
  • Sean Carver (Sebastian Stan) (7/23)
  • Dorian (Eric Dane) (8/23)
  • Roberts (Enrico Colantoni) (13/23)
  • Roland Daggett (Mitch Pileggi) (5/23)
  • Charlotte Powers (Leslie Hope) (2/23)
  • Hosea Alvarez (Jose Yenque) (2/23)

Episode guide

Season 3

Title Written by Air Date Production code
"Trials" **Season Premiere** Talix September 25, 2015 301
After three months of a surprised exile, Bruce returns and this time he isn’t the same Bruce Wayne before. Now after an unexpected event, Bruce joins forces with a Russian mob led by Roman (Oleg Taktarov) to stop a high value sell off that Wayne Industries is producing. With a new attitude, Bruce has no doubts about the plan and he is the forerunner to steal the object himself. Meanwhile, after Anna’s betrayal, the company’s meeting ending in a disaster and his father having a heart attack, Jason controls PowerCorp while his father lies in the hospital in a coma; Alfred continues to search for Bruce and seeks solace from Leslie Thompkins; Julie braves a new path of her life along with a new boyfriend; and Leo encounters new troubles with his new job.
"Chameleon" Talix October 2, 2015 302
Still facing the consequences of his actions from last week, Bruce is still having a hard time regaining his trust to his friends. However when a Phoenix freak with the power of altering appearances tries to break several Gotham banks, Bruce sees this as his chance for redemption. As he tries to stop the chameleon freak from doing more harm, she disguises as Bruce and tries to ruin his already fractured reputation. Meanwhile, Victor has to face the changes Jason made to PowerCorp. Leo and another intern reporter try to capture the story of the chameleon freak. Julie faces a rough moment when she discovers Bruce is back.
"Duel" Talix October 9, 2015 303
While Leo searches for a new story, mysterious disapperances of men prompts him to investigate but tries to beat the detectives before they get it. Bruce tries to adjust with the aftermath he had with Julie, yet he gets persuaded by a female (Anna Enger) to visit her house which belong to the Lockland family known for keeping secrets. What Bruce doesn't realize is that the female's father, Robert Lockland (James Frain) wants to duel him to the death. Meanwhile, Mike's new friend tries to hit on Julie, Jason tries to impress the board with some new incentives and faces a mysterious threat by Liam Spencer.
"Blade" Talix October 16, 2015 304
When Mike takes Julie out to the Gotham City Museum of Art for a presentation of Chinese artifacts; they unknowingly step in a dangerous game between the curator of the Chinese exhibit, Dr. Kira Aki (Kelly Hu) and Kenji (Hiroyuki Sanada), a mysterious ninja who wants to steal the ancient Dragon Blade. When Kira realizes Kenji wants the power for himself, she seeks out help from Mike and Julie. Once Bruce learns of the situation, he tries to find ways to protect it from Kenji, but ends up getting affected by the blade's effects. Meanwhile, Bruce and Julie try to repair their broken relationship. Jason learns Liam’s plans to end his short tenure as PowerCorp CEO.
"Infamous" Talix October 23, 2015 305
When shocking and revealing points in Leo’s past is winds up being already published, Leo tries to find out who or what did it. When he does find out, he gets coerced into doing their biding; forcing Leo to stop a potentially huge story from being published by deadline. Against time, Leo has to play by their rules or his whole life is ruined. Meanwhile, Bruce’s looks obsesses the girls over Gotham City and someone tells them he is looking for "the one"; Victor tries to coerce Jason into outing out from a interesting deal with Peter Gregory (Anthony Head), the CEO of a famous British export.
"Vision" Talix October 30, 2015 306
After the events last week, Jason tries to understand if he is going to have a better future as the company’s CEO. Learning of a project his father had abandoned a year ago, he tracks down a teenaged girl (Chloe Moretz), who’s Phoenix-infected and has the ability to see into the future. Enlisting her help, he wants to know his future at PowerCorp, but discovers her own life is at risk when a renegade doctor is after her. Meanwhile, Detectives Alder and Bourne try to search for an informant who is selling out leaked GCPD information; Bruce tries to adjust when a new girl in his life complicates his time.
"Shiva" Talix November 6, 2015 307
Bruce gets contacted by Agent Cutter and sends him to a secret location outside Gotham limits. Once there, Bruce discovers Susan Woodsan aka Lady Shiva (Moon Bloodgood) is standing there waiting for him. Bruce is stunned, but gets coerced by Shiva to help her find her sister’s killer who she believes is hiding in one of the Gotham underworld’s crime families. Being reminded by Shiva of the favor he owes her, Bruce understands he has to help her. Meanwhile, Leo starts to have feelings for Olivia, but unforseen obstacles could hurt his chance; Jason calls in the FBI to smoke out and stop Liam’s latest plot. Victor risks his health.
"Caution" Talix November 13, 2015 308
Victor is stunned when Jason missed an important meeting about the future of a certain PowerCorp addition. However, he finds out his son was kidnapped by mysterious men in a black van. Bruce learns of this and seeks out Leo to help him find Jason. Soon Jason discovers Liam Spencer had him kidnapped and is forced by Liam to play a part in his plan, but ultimately these two will finally face off and one will survive. Meanwhile, Julie starts revisiting events of her attack and uncovers a shocking surprise. Det. Bourne gets confused when a criminal believes he’s innocent.
"Tempus (1)" Talix November 20, 2015 309
When a bounty hunter from the future named Tracer (Dominic Purcell) arrives in the present, he tries to kill Bruce Wayne but gets stopped by three strangers saving Bruce. Bruce soon discovers the strangers are actually superheroes known as the Outsiders, who were sent from the future to save himself from that threat. The Outsiders members Black Lighting (Tristan Wilds), Katana (Yin Chang), and Metamorpho (Mike Erwin) tries to complete their second mission to stop Tracer from getting his hands on Professor Carter Nichols (Adam West), who perfected on a stone that can send someone through time. Bruce and the Outsiders race to try and stop Tracer before he finish what he was sent for. Meanwhile, Victor tries to lure Professor Nichols to work for PowerCorp against his son’s request.
"Tempus (2)" Talix November 20, 2015 310
When Bruce and Katana follow the bounty hunter through a time portal, they both are sent to a very different future version of Gotham City. When Katana goes missing, Bruce tries to find her, but gets caught by police forces who are actually working for the leader of New Gotham, Baron Bedlam (Will Patton). As the mystery of how the future changed gets clearer, Bruce must rely on help from a resistance group, retrieve the Tempus stone, and has to find a way to get back to his present.
"Untethered" Talix January 22, 2016 311
When bad dreams starts to get through Bruce’s psyche, he tries to forget them but soon his dreams starts haunting him throughout the day. Alfred worries about him and tries to get through the bottom of this which forces Bruce to confess to Alfred the true reason he left Gotham and everything he went through in his exile which still haunts him today. While he begins to reveal everything through his exile, certain people key to his exile are suddenly popping up dead one after the other prompting Bruce to investigate if something or someone is after him. Meanwhile, Leo learns of Bruce’s secret from a different source; Jason and Victor is shocked that the company is beginning to bankrupt; Roland Daggett appears to offer help to the Powers, but Victor thinks Daggett is dirty.
"Gamble" Talix January 29, 2016 312
AJ Hawke (Will Friedle), a Phoenix-infected who can alter luck and chance, tries to gamble his way through high stakes poker and soon enough risks his own life. When his handler is short of $5 million, he tries to get AJ killed and AJ gains shelter in Gotham City by befriending Leo. As his handler is still after him, AJ uses his ability and forces Leo’s hand in many ways. Meanwhile, Jason tries to find a way to avoid another bankrupt scare; Julie gets a mysterious letter and Mike believes it might have been connected to the letter she had months ago.
"Virtue" Talix February 5, 2016 313
As Julie trying to connect the letters she been getting by her stranger, she uncovers the true identity when she gets greeted by her long lost mother, Lily Madison (Heather Locklear). As Lily tries to regain her daughter’s trust back, Julie can’t accept her trust after years of heartache, but Lily feels a chance that it is possible to fix their relationship. Meanwhile, Leo tries to impress the new editor-in-chief, but her new regime puts Leo through the ringer; Jason tempts Regina for a date, but risks his chance to claim the contract. Bruce tries to contact Leslie Thompson so he can learn more about his mother.
"Clock" Talix February 12, 2016 314
When Detective Alder gets a phone call of a girl claiming to be kidnapped, Megan believes it’s a prank call; however, when the girl continues to give her details of her situation it convinces Megan that she really is kidnapped. Racing against the clock, Megan tries to convince her comrades at the squad about the girl but with no little help and even trying to seek Bruce’s and Lucius’ help, Megan has to find her herself even risking her own life to prove that the girl is telling the truth or if it’s an entire hoax. Meanwhile, Mike confronts Julie after she stayed at Bruce’s place the last night.
"Partners" Talix February 19, 2016 315
On a trip to Metropolis, Bruce invites Julie, Mike, Leo, along with Alfred so that he can complete a interview with the intrepid Lois Lane (Erica Durance) for the Daily Planet. However a accident almost kill Julie before the mysterious Blur save her in time and Bruce uses his deductions to find out who the Blur really is. When he does find out the Blur is actually Clark Kent (Tom Welling), he tries to keep it to himself until he shadows Clark as Clark gets info about the missing Halo ring fallen to Amanda Waller's (Pam Grier) hands. Bruce and Clark team up to discover Waller is attempting to use the ring to initiate Janus with the help of Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum). Meanwhile, Jason and Regina’s relationship puts Victor through the crossfire.
"Endeavour" Talix March 12, 2016 316
Victor gets kidnapped by a mysterious woman, who has a deadly past with her. Jason seeks Bruce’s help to find Victor, but each of them becomes alerted when a mysterious black car keeps on following them. Bruce and Jason soon reason there are more invovled in Victor's abduction and it may include Bruce himself. Meanwhile, Leo has a golden opportunity to get hired as a full reporter, but has to break some moral rules in order to get it.
"Parallel" Talix April 2, 2016 317
Bruce is suddenly woken up in a world where his parents didn't die in the alley twelve years ago and are living life while Thomas is inducted as Gotham’s Man of the Year. However, Bruce soon uncovers an assassination plot against his father and tries to stop it. But he soon begins to realize he might be in a alternate world where he uncovers the changes since his parents was never shot that unforgettable night. Bruce must decide which world he's really meant to live in before the consequences is grim.
"Strife" Talix April 9, 2016 318
Bruce has waken up from a coma since the aftermath at the bridge left him injured, but he must have surgery. Victor makes a startling confession to Alfred. Victor and Jason investigate the crash to discover Daggert is the mastermind. Meanwhile, Julie gives out a heart confession to a recovering Bruce; Alfred shows his grief in anger by hitting Victor; and Leo face serious consequences of his actions.
"Shock" Talix April 16, 2016 319
Virgil Swann visits Gotham City only to hide the fact that he has a latent power, and when Red Dragons start causing trouble, Virgil uses his powers to stop them. However, he gains acceptance from the Red Dragon leader and convince him to join the gang. Meanwhile, Bruce and Julie discuss about the note; Jason seeks a favor from Bruce, but gets help from Alfred.
"Wannabe" Talix April 23, 2016 320
Three amateur criminals tries to commit a robbery, but their rookie mistakes lands them in trouble with the District Attorney. Soon they get unintentional help from a mob boss. Meanwhile, Victor lays a plot to get his company back after realizing his son isn’t fit to run it anymore.
"Override" Talix April 30, 2016 321
The people of Gotham are caught in a game of fear when a bomb is discovered hidden inside the city. With only 24 hours until it detonates, the police try frantically to search for the bomb, while fearing for everyone’s safety the mayor puts the city on lockdown. Meanwhile, Bruce tries to escape the lockdown in order to help, but risks himself in moral danger in the process; Jason tries to fight back to regain control of PowerCorp.
"Relinquish" Talix May 7, 2016 322
Bruce helps Det. Alder into arresting the leader of the terrorist group Los Diablos, Hosea Alvarez (guest star Jose Yenque), after he was responsible for a undercover cop’s death and the death of a eight year old boy in cold blood. Learning that the FBI, DEA, and their own department won't help, they tend to stop Alvarez themselves before he harms anyone else. However, they soon will learn why Alvarez is not a person to be mess with when Alder pushes her limits and puts her entire career on the line. Meanwhile, Jason tries to avoid a financial takeover within PowerCorp; Julie helps out a shelter center with a gift.
"Revelations" **Season Finale** Talix May 14, 2016 323
Gotham City has never been in this much fear before and now when convicted mob boss, Hosea Alvarez, is set for his trial. However, everyone in the city including Bruce, Julie, Leo, Alfred, Jason, Victor, and Mike have no idea the rest of Los Diablos will strike the city with a vengeance. As everyone faces tough challenges ahead: from Leo getting an interesting surprise from work; Mike stunning Julie with a proposal; Victor wanting his son to be partners; and Bruce learning a hidden secret from his own parents. All of them are going to face the wrath of Los Diablos when each of them having targets behind their backs. Everyone's safety will be in question.


  • Clark Kent/Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Perry White, The Outsiders (the core members: Black Lighting, Katana, and Metamorpho; and others like Geo-Force, Halo, Windfall, Looker, and Atomic Knight), Professor Carter Nichols, Lilith, The Terrible Trio, Baron Bedlam, Virgil Swann/Static, and Vincent Cade/Tracer will all make appearances in the season (at least one).
  • Season 3's main antagonists: Unlike the previous season, this season is split apart with each part having its own main antagonist.
    • (Eps. 1-8) Frank Edar and Liam Spencer
    • (Eps. 11-18) Roland Daggett and Tori Gaines
    • (Eps. 20-23) Hosea Alvarez and Los Diablos
  • From 301 Trials to 315 Partners will have a huge story arc focusing on the Halo rings.
  • Leslie Thompkins makes her return to the series since season 1's Comer. It will be revealed in season 3 premiere that she left to fill in as a FBI psychologist.
  • Julie will not only have a new boyfriend (Mike) but she will have a new look; hair color will change from blonde to brunette.
  • Liam Spencer (the unseen villain in season 2 that orchestrated the deaths of Robin Wilden, his son Joseph Wilden, and the attempting murder of Victor Powers; and as well made Anna Davison fall in love with Jason to rob his fortune) only appeared in Crossroads in season 2; he will have a bigger presence in season 3 appearing in a four episode arc.
  • Alice Chilton, mother of Joe Chill, will make a cameo appearance in episode 3.
  • Tzi Ma will make a cameo appearance as a mentor in episode 4.
  • DA Sam Howell will return in season three since his last appearance in the season 2 finale.
  • As CEO Jason will hired a new COO as in Dorian.
  • The series will have its first two parter, Tempus also serving as the mid-season finale. The Outsiders will appear for the first time in the series, but time travel will be a huge storyline in the two part-event. The Outsiders' core members Black Lighting, Katana , and Metamorpho will be feature throughout the two parter; other Outsider members will make cameo roles mostly in part 2.
  • Adam West will make a special guest appearance as Dr. Carter Nichols; he will appear in the Tempus two parter. Dominic Purcell will star as the hunter Vincent Cade/Tracer he too will appear in the two parter, but serves as the main antagonist in part 1. Will Patton will star as Baron Bedlam, and he will be the main antagonist of part 2.
  • Another storyline of the season features Bruce's reason to go into exile. In episode 11 Untethered Bruce will reveal the truth of what happened between Crossroads and Trials. It will be revealed Bruce will undergo a dangerous procedure to have nano probes planted in his brain and endure a tough training courtesy of Agent Cutter; Bruce done this so he can control his darkness within him.
  • This season will also deal with familial issues for the main cast: Bruce's mother, Martha Wayne will reappear in episode 13 Virtue and episode 17 Parallel; his father Thomas will reappear in episode 17. Jason's mother, Charlotte Powers, will make her first appearance in episode 16 Endeavour and return in episode 17. Julie's mother (played by Heather Locklear) will make her only first appearance in episode 13 Virtue.
  • In episode 5, Leo is revealed to be adopted.
  • Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, and Erica Durance will reprise their Smallville roles as Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, and Lois Lane respectively.
  • It will be the third time a criminal organization will end the season as the main villains. Season one had Starlix; season two had the Omicron syndicate; and season three has Los Diablos.
  • Benicio Del Toro will guest star in the season 3 finale as Alvarez's right hand and temporary leader of Los Diablos. He might reappear in season 4.
  • This will be the last season for Det. Megan Alder, Commissioner Woods, and Victor's personal aide Robert. Det. Alder will depart in episode 22 Relinquish; Comm. Woods and Roberts will be killed off in the season finale, Revelations.
  • Revelations will end the season with multiple cliffhangers: Julie and Mike is in the airport off to go to Paris, but one of Los Diablos men follows them; Leo leaves his job to meet a man in a elevator, but unknown to Leo, the man is one of Los Diablos men; PowerCorp has a secruity alert. Jason and Victor try to escape in two seperate, silmiar black suvs, but one of them explodes not telling if it is was Jason or Victor. At the last scene of Revelations, Bruce gives Alfred a letter he found from his mother's old stuff and Alfred sees the starling news; before they have a chance to talk, the Wayne Manor falls under a spree of gunfire by a mysterious black car. As the car flees, the Manor is left in shambles not telling what happens to Bruce or Alfred.

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