Season Four of The Young Knight is the fourth season of the series that chronicles young Bruce Wayne's troubled life as he tries to adjust what happened after his parents’ tragic murder and the years before he became Batman.


This season is set a month after season three's finale and focus early on right after the aftermath of the Los Diablos attack on Gotham. Alfred, Leo, and everyone else must deal with Bruce’s death. While Bruce is reportedly dead, his greedy uncle Philip Wayne arrives to take ownership of the Wayne Legacy. However, Philip fails to take over Wayne Industries when Allison Carter has suddenly risen to become the new CEO. Leo and Alfred investigate one of the mourners who is eventually identified as Adam Hanson; and things get more interesting when Bruce is soon discovered to be alive and well, but is hiding in Witness Protection; Adam is soon discovered to be the illegitimate son of Thomas Wayne and Bruce’s half-brother. After realizing the real truth of Adam, Bruce is forced to go back to his old life and abandon his new life.

Julie and Mike have a turbulent relationship while she conflicts her real feelings toward Bruce. Jason and Victor nearly survived that car bomb, and now must keep their lives under secrecy until they feel its safe; Jason uncovers a secret his family has been keeping for years while his control of PowerCorp is slipping; Victor has been harboring a secret army, the Domino Guards to capture every Phoenix-infected and jail them in a hidden level, Level 7, deep in Arkham Asylum. Leo tries to get his old job back, but discovers new ways while being unemployed. Vicky Vale arrives to Gotham to become a reporter, but several obstacles try to delay her moment. Gina Faust surprisingly returns and keeps a dangerous secret away from Bruce and the others.

During the season, some DC characters that also appear in the Batverse will make their first appearance such as: Vicky Vale, Zatanna, Etrigan, and The Crime Doctor. Gina Faust and Spellbinder will return.

Main cast

Recurring cast

Series recurring

  • Det. Will Bourne (Michael Shanks) (14/21)
  • Lucius Fox (Keith David) (12/21)
  • Leslie Thompkins (Margot Kidder) (1/21)
  • Jim Gordon (Jim Flanagan) (3/21)
  • Martha Wayne (Sarah Clarke) (1/21)
  • Thomas Wayne (Tate Donovan) (1/21)

Season recurring

  • Philip Wayne (Dylan Walsh) (3/21)
  • Adam Hanson (Matt Dallas) (2/21)
  • Allison Carter (Sprague Grayden) (10/21)
  • Commissioner Patricia Tamberlyn (CCH Pounder) (14/21)
  • Agent Cutter (Callum Keith Rennie) (2/21)
  • Dorian (Eric Dane) (7/21)
  • Sean Carver (Sebastian Stan) (4/21)
  • Gina Faust (Michaela McManus) (5/21)
  • Roger Wilson (Dylan Baker) (3/21)
  • Dex Wilson (Adam Gregory) (3/21)
  • DA Sam Howell (Andrew McCarthy) (2/21)
  • Camille (Amber Valletta) (3/21)
  • Rosco (Joe Manganiello) (5/21)

Episode guide

Season 4

Title Written by Air Date Production code
"Sancutary" **Season Premiere** Talix September 23, 2016 401
A month after Los Diablos put the city and the people of Gotham in chaos, a shootout at the Wayne Manor left Alfred and the rest of the city to mourn the loss of Bruce Wayne. Determined to find his killers, Leo does unethical skills. However, Bruce’s supposed death left a huge opportunity for his greedy uncle, Philip Wayne, to run the Wayne legacy; and a mysterious guest makes Leo and Alfred investigate his past. And as they find clues to his past, they find something else that is groundbreaking. Meanwhile, Jason and Victor are forced to stay at the mansion, so their lives will be safe after the bomb scare; Julie accepted Mike’s proposal to go to Paris, but learns of Bruce’s death and questions her stay.
"Blood" Talix September 30, 2016 402
Still trying to live a new life and leave his previous life alone, Bruce heads to a new road, but before he can rejoice of letting go his past he continues to help his half-brother Adam. However, Adam’s shady past comes to the surface and might put their brother bonding on a serious hold. Meanwhile, Vicki Vale arrives to Gotham and immediately shuts down Leo’s welcoming. As Philip Wayne and Victor battle to control Wayne Industries, their attempt is sidelined when Allison Carter, the new CEO of Wayne Industries arrives on the scene. Julie and Mike returns to Gotham, but she tries to keep her real reason for being back a secret.
"Hoax" Talix October 7, 2016 403
Victor is stunned that a reckless producer Greg Vance (Desmond Harrington) is creating a reality show based on Victor’s life. When Victor tries to ignore him, Vance tries to use his show to spread discord about Victor and it causes serious repercussions between others Victor care about. However, Vance’s reality show is a cover for something more covertly and Victor’s personal and business life hangs in the center. Meanwhile, Bruce questions Wayne Industries’ new image and has hard time convincing Allison that it doesn’t need a change; Leo tries to lure Vicki out of her bitterness towards men; Mike attempts to learn the truth from Julie after she’s been keeping something away from him.
"Vulnerable" Talix October 14, 2016 404
Vicki is working hard to nab a spot at the Gotham Times, and when she sees a opening, the editor-in-chief wants Vicki to give her a story before taking the spot. So Vicki tries numerous stories, but none of them stick, yet when she hears about a man stealing people’s energy so he can refresh himself. Attempting to sell the story to the editor, she makes a hastily decision and follows the man Zack Fisher (Lou Diamond Phillips). Just before she can show her story, Vicki gets kidnapped by Fisher and threatens her life. Meanwhile, Bruce and Allison comes to blows; Jason uncovers something his father been hiding for years.
"Taboo" Talix October 21, 2016 405
Alyssa Stone (Brittany Snow), Julie’s childhood friend before meeting Bruce and Leo, returns after a mysterious disappearance. Julie is shocked to see Alyssa’s return, yet unbeknownst to Julie, there are others that followed Alyssa and what they want puts her and Alyssa in the crosshairs. Mike tries to contact the police, but Julie pleads Mike not and tries to find an alternate way to save Alyssa. Meanwhile, Bruce still having loving issues has to deal with a blind date set up by Allison in attempt to be on his good side. Leo helps Jason out with a favor.
"Accelerate" Talix October 28, 2016 406
Vicki is hot on the trail of finding a new story and in reluctance confides in Leo to give her a clue for a new juicy story. Together they discover an underground ring of teens led by Nash (Mark Buckland) using Phoenix-infected nitro for underground street racing. Seeing them as dangerous, Leo tries to seek police but gets caught by the ring and is forced to help them run anarchy through Gotham City. Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred have a pest problem; Victor uses some lowdown skills to nab a building contract away from his rivals.
"Heist" Talix November 4, 2016 407
With Mike away from the city, Julie needs someone to join her to go to First Gotham National Bank. Bruce decides to rekindle their friendship as before, and agrees to join with her. However, their short time at the bank soon becomes a heist when a gang of thieves (David Dayan Fisher, Aleks Paunovic, and Katherine Boecher) holds up the bank and threatens everyone including Bruce and Julie. Noticing it’s a hostage situation; Det. Bourne needs to find ways to get in touch with the robbers before anyone gets hurt. Meanwhile, Leo learns his consequences from his actions a week ago.
"Mystique" Talix November 11, 2016 408
Zatanna (Shantel VanSanten) known for being a magician arrives to Gotham after leaving the city eight years ago. When she soon heads to Gotham, she immediately seeks Bruce’s help after it has been revealed they were childhood friends. When her family estate Shadowcrest is being taken over by the city realty, Zatanna learns it was Victor Powers who had a hand. However, she and Bruce investigate further to discover her father’s old nemesis, Etrigan (Demore Barnes), leader of the mysterious coven Dark Circle. Etrigan is willing to let go of the estate unless Zatanna does something he wants or her entire family magic will be erased. Meanwhile, Julie tries to contact Bruce after an awkward moment last week during the bank heist; Victor discovers Allison’s new moves on Wayne Industries is pushing his projects down the drain; Jason meets up with an old friend.
"Undercover" Talix November 18, 2016 409
Bruce discovers a series of Phoenix-infected petty criminals have been vanished and somehow reappeared a day later left to die. Trying to seek help with Det. Bourne and others like Officers James Gordon and Maggie Sawyer, Bruce notices more and more are popping up and is becoming a problem. Realizing he wants to solve this case, he learns a common thread with all the victims they have all been in Arkham Asylum. Bruce soon makes a risky move and goes undercover as a Phoenix-infected criminal and tries to get in the asylum to understand how the victims are disappearing the one minute and dead the next. However, Bruce’s continued time undercover puts him in danger especially when a section of the asylum, where ironically all the victims have been, is being well guarded by Dr. Amin Lesser (Arnold Volsoo). Meanwhile, Jason helps out with Leo to help Bruce’s undercover work; Victor and Alison make a shocking decision towards their company’s futures.
"Arkham" Talix January 20, 2017 410
Realizing he’s been trapped and exploited by Dr. Lesser’s (Arnold Volsoo) motives, Bruce’s undercover stint is nearly not working as he finds himself a prisoner in Arkham. Worrying for Bruce’s safety, Jason and Leo do what they can to find out what happened to him. Meanwhile, Julie is so wrapped up when Mike’s father (Julian McMahon) questioned their future; Victor uncovers something troubling with his health; Gina Faust returns to Gotham City and is in a new role as she is trying to stop Dr. Lesser, but for what reasons.
"Wicked" Talix January 27, 2017 411
Bruce adjusts to Gina’s return while trying to figure out what happened to her and why did she returned. Gina in the meantime contacts with a mysterious person who might be pulling the strings of her reappearance. Jason’s ex-flame is killed and when evidence points to Jason, he tries to seek help from an old face from his past; Mike tries to reexamine his relationship with Julie, while she discovers something shocking with Rave.
"Storm" Talix February 3, 2017 412
On a trip to Shanghai, Allison coerces Bruce to join her. Reluctant, he agrees, but Allison is keeping secret of the real reason she wants him to join her. However, their safety goes into turmoil when they fly right into a dangerous thunderstorm. Meanwhile, Gina tries to get accustom with the others since her return, but the mysterious man from before, Dex Wilson, appears again trying to warn her of a upcoming plot; Det. Bourne investigates a bar shootout, but Leo and Vicky team up to investigate as well only to put themselves in danger.
"Trust" Talix February 10, 2017 413
Bruce takes Gina out for a picnic to rekindle their old romance, they try to confess to everything that happened before and now, but their joyous day becomes terror when Garret Paxton (Robert Picardo), a successful businessman and member of the Red Dragons kidnaps them and puts their relationship on the line. Meanwhile, Jason and Victor battle for the rights of the company during a legal trial; Julie and Vicky go out on a girl’s night out; Gina reveals the real truth of her reappearance.
"Royalty" Talix February 17, 2017 414
Tiara Lutz (Amanda Seyfried), a downturn actress discovers she has the Phoenix ability of molecular combustion. When she tries to get what she wants with her power, she becomes instantly famous and tries to act like royalty; however, when Leo tries to prevent her from going further, he becomes her puppet. Meanwhile, Bruce still learning the truth of Gina’s return, he gets distracted when he discovers his Uncle Philip has return trying to coerce him into giving him part of the Wayne Legacy. Julie tries to prepare Rave for Taylor Swift to perform.
"Crush" Talix February 24, 2016 415
Bruce and Gina discovers that Roger Wilson, the man behind the virus plot and Gina’s return, arrives to Gotham to complete the plan. Bruce, Gina, and Lucius Fox work together to try to stop that airborne virus from spreading everywhere. However, while stopping the virus and Wilson, Bruce and Gina admit their love for each other. Meanwhile, Victor is ecstatic that he regains full control of his company, but discovers a surprising threat from an anonymous source who is revealed to be Camille.
"Operation" Talix March 3, 2017 416
As Bruce is broken hearted over Gina's departure, he gets consoled by Leo to help Detective Bourne track down a psychotic surgeon (Fredric Lehne) whose killing innocents in the Narrows. The Criminal Underworld calls the madman "the Crime Doctor". Bruce and Leo later finds out his true identity, Matthew Bradford Thorne, is the brother of the still missing Rupert Thorne. Now its against the clock to stop Bradford before he heads to the upper part of Gotham. Meanwhile, Vicky uncovers a story of missing Phoenix-Infected criminals who all been checked into a mystery section inside Arkham. Her investigation leads to Victor harboring a secret army, who has been abducting Phoenix-Infected since the chemical outbreak. Meanwhile, Alfred tries to make Bruce smile; Julie and Mike discover they need to readjust their relationship.
"Devil" Talix April 14, 2016 417
While Bruce is still away to focus more on himself, Alfred is stunned when Allison Carter arrives and offer him a chance to be part of Wayne Industries. Seeing a chance, he is eventually coerced by Carter to take over the position of executive assistant. However, his role in the world of business lands Alfred in hot trouble, when he is soon caught in a web of deception and a scheme to kill Carter; eventually Alfred discovers he is being used by Dilbert Billings (Steven Weber) in order to gain his trust for something more sinister. Meanwhile, Jason realizes his father’s army is up to no good and confronts the Domino Guard leader, Rosco; Julie tries to refocus her life after her moment with Mike.
"Prom" Talix April 21, 2017 418
The seniors prepare for their prom at Gotham High and Bruce, Julie, and Leo believe they don’t want to go; however, Vicky convinces Leo she will go with him to the dance if he helps her with a case; Bruce decides to ask Julie out, but Eve Saunders (Morgan Pelligrino) tries to do whatever it takes to get Bruce for herself even using her Phoenix ability to kill Julie. Meanwhile, Mike seeks to do whatever in his power to reignite his love for Julie; Jason gets attacked by masked men and believes it’s the Domino Guards who had a hand. We Are Kings guest stars.
"Abroad" Talix April 28, 2017 419
Bruce and Jason teams up and head to London after discovering Allison Carter has set something up and also realizing she has been investigating the Phoenix cases while reporting some in Europe. Meanwhile, Leo is torn when he gets a chance to go to the Daily Planet after saving an undercover reporter; Vicky learns something interesting while investigating the mysterious Level 7; Mike and Julie head out on a date.
"Next" Talix May 5, 2017 420
As Graduation looms near, the seniors prepare for their final day at Gotham High; however, one reckless senior, Terrance (Sinqua Walls), wants him and the entire class to stay in high school forever; he uses experimental technology to convince all the seniors that they can stay in school, but when Bruce is aware of Terrance’s actions, he tries to stop him. Meanwhile, Victor and his army set up their third phase; Vicky seeks help when she lands herself in trouble with the scientist in charge and uncovers more disturbing secrets about Level 7.
"Domino" **Season Finale** Talix May 10, 2017 421
Bruce, his friends, and the other seniors are about to start their commencement ceremony. However, everyone in Gotham will face terror when Rosco orders his Domino Guards team to initiate the third and final phase. While in Arkham, Jason and Vicky try to work together to save Leo, who has been captured in Level 7, but several obstacles stand in their way. Mike gets an offer to move permanently in Montreal, and asks Julie to join him and leave Gotham forever; yet, she gets conflicted when she finally understand who is her true love. Bruce surprises someone with a unique gift, but realizes Rosco and the Domino Guards need to be stop.


  • This is the shortest season of the series with 21 episodes. Season 2 and 3 tied with 23 episodes both being the longest season; season 1 have 22. Seasons 5 and the other future seasons will have 22 tying with the first season.
  • Season 4's main antagonists:
    • (Eps. 1-10) Camille (appears in the second episode only)
    • (Eps. 11-15) Roger Wilson and his son Dex Wilson
    • (Eps. 16-21) Victor Powers, Camille, Rosco, and the Domino Guards
    • Technically the Domino Guards would be consider the primary antagonists while Camille, Victor Powers, Roger Wilson, and Dex Wilson would be the secondary antagonists. Allison Carter and Philip are consider to be the tertiary antagonists.
  • Bruce reveals to Leo and Alfred that he had to fake his death and had Agent Cutter helped him be put in Witness Protection until the Los Diablos members would all get arrested. With Leo's help and Adam's help, Bruce was able to stop the Los Diablos.
  • During his stay in witness protection, he was under the assumed identity of Damon Grey, living in Waterbury, Connecticut. His parents were Richard and Louise Grey. Bruce under Damon Grey was sending a check to Adam Hanson in which Leo and Alfred found.
  • Adam Hanson could be the TYK version of Thomas Wayne Jr. In the comic book version, Thomas Wayne Jr. would be the older brother of Bruce; in The Young Knight, Adam is Bruce's younger brother.
  • It will be revealed in Blood, Adam is a secret agent sent by Camille to let him claim the identity of who Agent Cutter reveals to Bruce his true half-brother died in childbirth along with the birth mother. The Adam imposter left and is last seen being interrogated by Camille.
  • This will be the first time since season 1's Talisman, Gina Faust will make her return to the series. She will return in season 4 in a five episode arc, starting with Arkham and ending with Crush. She will not appear physically in Royalty, but pictures of her will appear in that episode and she will be mentioned. She will leave Gotham once again near the end of Crush.
  • Benicio Del Toro will guest star as Monero, Alvarez's right hand and temporary leader of Los Diablos. He will return in the season 4 premiere, Sanctuary. He made his first appearance in season 3 finale Revelations.
  • This will be the first season to have a new commissioner. Patricia Tamberlyn will be the first female commissioner and first Black commissioner before the future Commissioner Loeb. Commissioner Tamberlyn replaces Commissioner Woods, who was assassinated in the season 3 finale Revelations. She makes her first appearance in 401 Sanctuary.
  • First season Detective Megan Alder (who have appeared in the first three seasons) doesn't make any appearance in this season. However, she will be mentioned in Sanctuary, Heist, Undercover, and Next.
  • DA Sam Howell will appear in two episodes in the second half: episodes 16 and 17.
  • This will be the last season for Mike Gowan. He will depart Gotham during Domino.
  • Camille, Rosco, and the Domino Guards will all return in season 5.
  • During the season 4 finale, Domino, graduation commences; Bruce gets his dipolma along with Mira and others; Bruce holds onto Leo's and Julie's. While Leo is held captive in Level 7, Jason and Vicki join forces getting help from Lucius to break into Arkham Asylums basement. They rescue him only to be stopped by Victor and his Level 7 scientist, Dr. Charmenge. However all of them are shocked to discovered someone planted a bomb to destroy Level 7 and everyone in it. It is revealed that Rosco was the one who planted the bomb because he confessed to Bruce that he is working for a new benefactor, not Victor.
  • (more from the finale) Mike is leaving to Montreal permanently and asks Julie to come with him; Julie makes up her mind and tells Mike she can't go because she is in love with Bruce. She heads to Bruce; Bruce is ecstatic and confesses his love for her. He proposes to her for marriage, but an urgent call postponed Julie to answer yes or no. Bruce tells her to wait until he comes back. Meanwhile, the bomb deep inside Level 7 activates causing a massive explosion.
  • The cliffhangers: Leo refuses to get help from Victor while Leo notices Vicki has disappeared; Jason seeks to get help from above; Leo and Victor gets caught in another explosion being caved in; Julie and Alfred look on in horror knowing there was an underground explosion at Arkham. Bruce and Rosco battle, while Bruce gains the upper hand, Rosco sneaks attack knocking Bruce out and ordering his men to dig Bruce deep underground trapped in a wooden crypt. Rosco is speaking to his new benefactor, Camille; and the final scene of Domino: all the Level 7 cell doors that were keeping most of the Level 7 inmates are open-- the season ends with the inmates of Level 7 about to escape.

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