Season Five of The Young Knight is the fifth season of the series that chronicles young Bruce Wayne's troubled life as he tries to adjust what happened after his parents’ tragic murder and the years before he became Batman.


The first half of the season deals with Bruce and Julie’s engagement; Bruce finally learning the person responsible for his parents’ murder and the confrontation; Simon Duke’s mysterious arrival and his mind games with the Powers; Leo being a pawn for Victor; and the stopping of several escapees of Level 7.

The second half of the season focuses on Bruce’s emotional recovery from losing Julie and learning his parents’ murderer; Henri Ducard guiding Bruce back to the light; Leo and Vicky exploring their relationship; Justice League helping Bruce stopping Lex’s partnership with a mysterious being; Allison Carter’s return; Jason facing legal trouble; the rising Falcone family; Julie makes her return; Bruce trying to stop Simon as Simon cripples Gotham City from within.

During the season, several DC characters make their reappearances such as: Clark Kent/Superman, Lex Luthor, Zatanna, Steel, Flash, and Black Canary; the season also marks the first appearances of Henri Ducard, Joe Chill, Lew Moxon, Carmine Falcone, and Amazo.

Main cast

Recurring cast

Series recurring

  • Det. Will Bourne (Michael Shanks) (13/22)
  • Lucius Fox (Keith David) (16/22)
  • Leslie Thompkins (Margot Kidder) (2/22)
  • Jim Gordon (Jim Flanagan) (4/22)
  • Martha Wayne (Sarah Clarke) (2/22)
  • Thomas Wayne (Tate Donovan) (2/22)

Season recurring

Episode guide

Season 5

Title Written by Air Date Production code
"Breakout" **Season Premiere** Talix September 29, 2017 501
Bruce tries to escape his underground prison, but as he tries a way to get back up to the surface, he discovers a underground cave. While four inmates--who all have faced Bruce earlier--breakout of Level 7 to exact revenge on Bruce, but terrorizes Gotham in the process. Rosco and the Domino Guards try to recapture the inmates, but it even fueled the inmates' rampage. Julie waits for Bruce while thinking about the shocking proposal he gave her; surviving the bombed Level 7, Leo is forced to work under Victor or risk his future; Jason tries to find a missing Vicky.
"Promise" Talix October 6, 2017 502
As Gotham tries to repair the damages made last week from the escaped inmates, everyone will be stunned to find out that Bruce and Julie are engaged and set to get married. However, their engagement could be in trouble when a fiery female, Nina (Gage Golightly) who has siren-like abilities put men under a hypnotic spell to fall in love with her. The Phoenix-Infected siren soon set her sights on Bruce and puts him under her spell damaging his relationship with Julie in the process. Meanwhile, Leo and Vicky try to adjust learning about the engagement while they question their own relationship; Jason meets up with a mysterious man who goes by the name of Simon.
"Crucible" Talix October 13, 2017 503
An old friend of Lucius’ and a respected scientist, Dr. Xander Grudd (Harry Lennix) seeks his help when one of his rogue experiments (Michael Jai White) has escaped; with the help of Bruce, Leo, and Jason, they soon learn disturbing secrets of Dr. Grudd’s research and the dealings of the military. Meanwhile, Victor hears about the markets being changed because of something called Ellipsis and uncovers Camille is behind it; Vicky continues her deep undercover.
"Amends" Talix October 20, 2017 504
On a trip back to Venice, Bruce, Julie, and Alfred are about to head home until they fall under attack by a masked woman (Karina Lombard); The attack causes Alfred to fall into a coma. As Alfred fights to survive, Bruce tries to get answers about the attack and why. So he seeks Jason and Lucius help with a experimental device that can send Bruce to Alfred's past so they can learn the attacker's identity. However, the procedure could bring back painful moments in Alfred's past that he wishes to forget. Meanwhile, Leo is still a pawn in Victor’s game and things only get worse.
"Silencer" Talix October 27, 2017 505
When Vicky is hot on the trial of a Phoenix-infected hidden in the Narrows, she discovers a teen, Desmond (Sterling Beaumon) that is partially deaf and has the ability to manipulate sounds. Desmond reveals to Vicky that he was one of the Level 7 escapees and when Victor learns about him, Victor seeks out to retrieve him, but Vicky tries to do whatever she can to prevent it. Meanwhile, Bruce and Julie begins their wedding registry, but Julie discovers a surprise when a obnoxious club owner wants to buy Rave; Jason goes out on a date but runs into Simon Duke.
"Hydro" Talix November 3, 2017 506
Bruce, Julie, Leo, and Vicky enjoy a weekend vacation at Lake Vilna, but their stay might run short after learning many disappearances of guests who came to the inn; however, things get interesting when they find out something is inside the lake and it might be the cause of the disappearances. Meanwhile, Victor tries to sweet talk Simon into joining PowerCorp; Bruce and Julie try to have the weekend all to themselves.
"Zero" Talix November 10, 2017 507
Learning another Level 7 escapee is still out there, Bruce and Leo intensify their search after discovering a Phoenix-Infected (Sendhil Ramamurthy) who uses his ability to torture his victims in order to prove their worth of courage. Bruce wants to plan ahead, but Leo feeling he has a purpose in stopping those escapees selfishly tries to stop this escapee himself; however, Leo only put himself in harm’s way. Meanwhile, Jason helps his father with a favor he wishes to refuse, but can’t; Bruce meets Simon at an inopportune time.
"Hysteria" Talix November 17, 2017 508
Zatanna (Shantel VanSanten) returns to Gotham in search of a powerful magical amulet that can alter a user’s emotions; when she realizes the amulet is being sold in an auction, she tries to use magic to stop it but she unintentionally gives it to Jason. Meanwhile, Julie has a bridal shower and one of her gifts is the magical amulet from Jason; once she puts it on, her emotions starts changing drastically; Bruce and Zatanna tries to save Julie before she self-destructs. Meanwhile, Leo decides to fight back against Victor at his own game; Julie confesses to Vicky a secret no one saw coming.
"Avenger" Talix December 1, 2017 509
When its Christmas Eve, Bruce and Julie try to have a perfect holiday since it would be their first as a engaged couple; however, Julie struggles with telling Bruce about her "condition". Bruce soon encounters a vigilante named Kathrine (Aly Michalka), who is keen on killing the one person who destroyed her life, Victor Powers. Bruce tries to stop her, but with much conviction he gets inspired by Katthrine and starts re-looking his parents’ murder and finally confronts their killer. Jason and Victor try to get along while celebrating the holidays; Leo plays secret Santa to a 9 year old girl; Julie confesses to Bruce about her condition and learns something else; Simon reveals a shocking revelation.
"Commitment" (100th episode) Talix January 19, 2018 510
Bruce and Julie’s wedding day is less than 24 hours away, but Bruce becomes obsessed into finding Lew Moxon, the man responsible for hiring Chill to kill his parents. However, trying to confront Moxon puts Bruce’s life and everyone he cares deeply about including the love of his life and future wife, Julie, right in the cross-hairs. Meanwhile, on the wedding day the bride-to-be disappears; Leo meets up with an old friend from the past; Victor learns of Simon’s secret; Jason tries to help Bruce deal with his current turmoil; Vicky uncovers Moxon’s hideout only to put herself in danger.
"Forever" Talix January 26, 2018 511
Torn and heartbroken after he coerced Julie to leave him in order to protect her, Bruce decides to leave Gotham and heads to Bangkok. However, as he gets there he meets a figure who gives Bruce a promise he will be better than ever. However, Bruce struggles to see what his life is without Julie. Meanwhile, Jason requires Leo's help into researching Simon's past, yet both of them uncover a shocking discovery; Victor attempts to get Wayne Industries, yet gets blocked by the return of Allison Carter.
"Resilience" Talix February 2, 2018 512
Still in Bangkok, Bruce continues getting helped by the mysterious Henri Ducard. As Ducard tries to bring back balance to Bruce's emotional life, things take a sudden turn when Bruce uncovers a series of attacks and Ducard offers him a chance to stop the attacker. Meanwhile, Allison tries to bring back her swagger, yet Victor suspects she has a ulterior motive in the potential deal they are about to discuss.
"Laugh" Talix February 9, 2018 513
Back home to Gotham, Bruce still tries to think about what could have happened if he and Julie were married, but as Leo tries to reason with him to get Julie back, Bruce tries to help Vicky when she uncovers a devious gang of jokers calling themselves, the Jesters. Meanwhile, Allison and Victor's potential deal shakes up the business world and Jason thinks something is not right.
"Instinct" Talix February 16, 2018 514
Leo is offered a chance by famed book collector, Walter Pettybone (John Hurt), to participate in a CLUE-inspired mystery murder game. However when Pettybone himself is found dead for real, Leo and the rest of the guests are trapped at the Pettybone manor and must work together to uncover who killed Pettybone. Meanwhile, Bruce encounters Simon once again; Jason wants to inform Bruce about Simon, yet gets distracted by a unknown threat.
"Lust" Talix February 23, 2018 515
Jason gets abducted by a Jason Powers-obsessed female Amanda Holling (Heather Hemmens) only to force Jason to see she loves him, and yet he doesn't see it. Bruce and Leo try to search for Jason, yet when Simon helps they become suspicious. Meanwhile, Victor's seeks Allison's help to stop Camille once and for all.
"League" Talix March 2, 2018 516
Bruce is requested by Watchtower to meet Clark (Tom Welling). There Bruce is reacquainted with Black Canary (Alania Hoffman), Flash (Kyle Gallagher), and Steel (J. August Richards). They all unite as one when Clark need their help to stop Lex Luthor (Michael Roseanbaum) forging an allegiance to an mysterious and powerful new foe known as Amazo (Dominic Purcell).
"Annihilated" Talix April 6, 2018 517
Vicky puts her probing to the test when she uncovers a military secret after discovering both Victor Powers and Allison Carter have used their respective influences into developing a weapon that can destroy half of Gotham City. Just as Vicky tries to report it, she gets stopped by a scientist (Peter Gallagher) who is desperate to keep the weapon under wraps and would kill Vicky to do it. Meanwhile, Leo gets Bruce help to try and save Vicki; Jason confronts Simon, yet it doesn't turn out to how Jason expects it.
"Nocturnal" Talix April 13, 2018 518
Inspired by Ducard's teachings, Bruce decides to become a "masked protector" for the city and tries to stop the latest crimes. However, when Vicky makes the city known about the hero, District Attorney Howell puts a bounty on the vigilante's head risking Bruce in more harm than he realizes. Meanwhile, Simon shadows Bruce's night ventures; Allison tries to stir Jason, yet Jason surprises her with something shocking.
"Demons" Talix April 20, 2018 519
Victor's past comes back to haunt him when a Phoenix infected (Jackie Earle Haley) who have escaped Level 7 tries to get revenge by using his power to force Victor to relived his memories of what he did in Level 7; and along the way, Victor is forced to relive his painful childhood. Meanwhile, Allison tries to make sense of the kiss between her and Jason; Alfred encounters Simon while Bruce gives Leo a gift.
"Venom" Talix April 27, 2018 520
Simon decides to test the civilians of Gotham City as he unleashes a virus that causes a severe outbreak. Lucius tries to do his best to find a cure to counteract the virulent; however, Leo, Victor, and Alfred are part of the infected. When they uncover Simon is behind this, Bruce and Jason work together to force a cure from Simon. Meanwhile, Jason and Allison's relationship reaches to a level they both didn't expect; Vicky's latest story sends her undercover in the Narrows as a rising crime family decides to act.
"Powerless" Talix May 4, 2018 521
Trying to learn Simon's endgame, Bruce seeks help from Watchtower, yet everything is at a standstill when his memories about his parents death comes back when Moxon returns to Gotham. Fueled with vengeance, Bruce sees his chance to get Moxon and gets help from Det. Bourne and Agent Cutter. Meanwhile, Vicky's probing in the Falcone family puts her in more trouble and someone comes to her rescue; after learning Allison left the city, Jason refocus his attention into stopping Simon, yet gets help from Victor. Alfred gets a call from Julie to meet her at a unknown place. Simon decides to test Gotham once again.
"Fallen" **Season Finale** Talix May 11, 2018 522
As everyone in Gotham City is stunned that the city suffered a major wide power outage, Bruce suspects Simon has the power to reverse the outage. Bruce meets up with Julie as she, Jason, and Alfred all join in Bruce's quest to stop Simon. However, Bruce ultimately believes his own darkness can help them, yet he ponders what could happen to him if he brings it back. Meanwhile, the civilians become anarchic because of the outage; Victor tries to bring back calm only to risk his life when the people turn against him; Leo and Vicky continue their undercover work inside the rising Falcone family, yet they discover they could be in danger when their cover gets blown.


  • This is the first season since season 1 with only 22 episodes.
  • This is the first season where season 5 only have one main antagonist which is Simon Duke.
  • During the season one of the storylines had to deal with the Level 7 escapees. Here is a list of the escapees and the episodes they reappear in.
    • Ryder (Kellan Lutz) -- first seen in Shatter returns in Breakout.
    • Damian (Jason Dourhing) -- first seen in Degree returns in Breakout
    • Molly (Alyssa Stoner) -- first seen in Chameleon returns in Breakout
    • Cassandra (Eliza Duskhu) -- first seen in Breach returns in Breakout
    • Nina -- appears in Promise
    • Desmond -- appears in Silencer
    • Aaron Brown aka the Lake Monster -- appears in Hydro
    • Grey -- appears in Zero
    • Tristan -- appears in Demons
  • This is the first time in the series that the variations of the batcaves will appear.
  • In the beginning of the season, Bruce and Julie is engaged, but they never got married as the season ends.
  • Clark Kent and Lex Luthor return since Partners; Black Canary makes her return since Captive; Steel makes his return since Friend; Flash makes his return since Depths; and Zantanna makes her return since Mystique.
  • Detective Megan Alder (Gina Torres) who was a regular in the first three seasons and never made a appearance in season 4, makes her return since she left back in Relinquish. Megan makes her return in Commitment.
  • DA Sam Howell and Agent Cutter make their final appearances of the series this season in episode 18 Nocturnal and episode 21 Powerless respectively. DA Howell will forced to retirement in Nocturnal due to the public view. Agent Cutter dies in Powerless after killing Moxon for Bruce.
  • Julie Madison (Sara Mason) did not appear in ten episodes back to back (episode 11 Forever through episode 20 Venom); she makes her return in episode 21 Powerless and episode 22 Fallen.
  • It is revealed in Demons, Bruce gives Leo ownership of Rave. In Fallen, Julie calls Leo and agreed with Bruce that Leo should run Rave.
  • This will be the last season Sarah Mason will be a regular.
  • The Falcones will be the second crime family to appear.
  • First season Henri Ducard makes a appearance.
  • The Young Knight celebrates its 100th episode with episode 12 Commitment. As Bruce relieves his parents murder, Bruce sees his father's specter just a day away from the wedding. It is revealed later that most of the episode's main events like Bruce and Julie's wedding, Leslie Tompkin's return, Megan Alder's return, Vicky in trouble, Julie kidnapped, and Bruce confronting Lew Moxon was all a vision made by the ghost of Thomas Wayne--which is revealed by the end of the episode as Simon Duke. Simon was the true mastermind behind giving Bruce that vision. (Because of what Simon did, Simon was indirectly responsible for Bruce and Julie not getting married where Bruce was directly responsible for having Julie to leave him)
  • During the season 5 finale, Fallen, as Gotham City adjust to the power being out, everyone tries to start anarchy; Bruce with help from Jason and Alfred try their best to stop Simon. Simon does his best to fight back. Desperate, Bruce taps into his darkness. Sometime in the episode, Bruce and Julie will reunite since Commitment and make love; Leo and Vicky are deep undercover in the Falcone family.
  • The cliffhangers: Victor survives a mob attack only to see someone from behind hitting him from the back and the unknown figure drags the unconscious Victor away. Leo and Vicki are in trouble when Carmine Falcone orders his men to trap them and execute them; Leo and Vicki try to escape, yet Leo decides to push Vicki to freedom and the Falcone thugs attacking Leo; Vicki runs, but wonders is she going to run or is she going to save Leo. Jason is suddenly abducted to a unknown room and when he looks around, a figure appears; Jason looks at him and tells the man, "What took you so long?" Alfred sees the Wayne Manor under attack; as he try to stop the thugs, Alfred gets knocked out while hordes of thugs ransack the manor. Bruce and Simon faces off at the top of Griffin's Tower; Bruce totally falls into his darkness and overpowers Simon until his neck snaps. Julie runs to see the whole thing. Bruce's eyes then turning dark as he smirks off sinisterly saying, "Bruce Wayne is no more." Julie tries to reason with him only until the darkness-filled Bruce pushes Julie off the roof. Bruce snaps out of his darkness to save Julie, but as he kisses her telling her, "I Love You, and that I'm sorry I need to do this before it comes back." Julie shocked. Bruce suddenly lets go of his hold and falls down while Julie clinging on the edge watches and screams in horror. The final scene shows Bruce as his eyes turn dark while falling to the darkness of the city.

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