Season Six of The Young Knight is the sixth season of the series that chronicles young Bruce Wayne's troubled life as he tries to adjust what happened after his parents’ tragic murder and the years before he became Batman.


There are two Bruce Waynes. The first is the most well respected bachelor in Gotham City, and trustworthy heir of his family legacy. However, there’s the other Bruce Wayne, who is the darkness within; harboring the grief of his parents’ death and the pain of other fallen memories. Now when his other self is unleashed in the real world, things take a whole new level and now the only person who can stop the dark Bruce is the real Bruce; but for how long?

Leo finds his uncle he never had; Jason and the military makes a tempting deal that will put the city through its knees; Victor is attempting to be the “good guy”; Vicki finds heartbreak in store. The future has no boundaries, but to the characters their past is catching up on them hard. Doctor Fate shows Bruce the light in many ways Superman returns and Green Arrow arrives to help stop the crime underworld while Bruce is missing and.

During the season, DC characters Clark Kent/Superman; Talia al Ghul--who is upgraded to series regular; the Falcone crime family; and Spellbinder all return this season. Characters making their first appearance are Doctor Fate, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, and Anarky,

Main cast

Recurring cast

Series recurring

  • Julie Madison (Sarah Mason) (1/22)
  • Det. Jim Gordon (Jim Flanagan) (7/22)
  • Lucius Fox (Keith David) (16/22)
  • Leslie Thompkins (Margot Kidder) (1/22)
  • Martha Wayne (Sarah Clarke) (2/22)
  • Thomas Wayne (Tate Donovan) (2/22)

Season recurring

Episode guide

Season 6

Title Written by Air Date Production code
"Darkness" **Season Premiere** Talix October 5, 2018 601
While Gotham City continues dealing with the major blackout and chaos, Bruce embraces his full dark side endangering his friends and everyone in Gotham. Julie tries to save Bruce, but seeks Alfred's and Lucius' help. Leo and Vicki try to escape the Falcones' hold; and Jason faces an interesting offer from a unexpected "friend".
"Reckoning" Talix October 12, 2018 602
As Bruce regains his life back from his darkness, he continues to struggle to get rid of it; as he continues to see his evil self taking over his life. Jason makes a deal with General Maddox, but unbeknownst to Jason, Maddox has a motive. Meanwhile, Talia heads to the road with no memory of ever being captured by the military.
"Light" Talix October 19, 2018 603
Alfred continues giving Bruce support by giving him advice to seek professional help. Bruce continues to reach the light as he gets assistance from the help of the mysterious Doctor Fate. Fate shows Bruce a new defense against his dark side. Meanwhile, Talia tries to get her memory back and remember how she lost it in the first place.
"Uncle" Talix October 26, 2018 604
Leo helps out a strange man (Matthew Davis) from killing himself, but later finds out that he has more relations to the man than he realize when he discovers the man is the uncle he thought he lost almost fifteen years ago. Meanwhile, Vicky faces off against Victor over a rumored military project.
"Kinship" Talix November 2, 2017 605
Two brothers (Enver Gjokaj and Demir Gjokaj), who both are phoenix-induced, holds the powers of fire and ice and sets up both Vicky and another female in serious danger. Meanwhile, Bruce questions his relationship with Jason as Jason becomes more dishonest; Victor uncovers a scandal within PowerCorp; and Leo tries to learn more about his family past.
"Secret" Talix November 9, 2018 606
Jason’s secret partnership with the military is casting doubts to everyone about Jason’s morale and questioning if he is truly becoming Victor Powers’ heir, so Bruce, who continues to struggle with his own secret, tries to find out what Jason is truly hiding. However, Victor on his hand tries to find out his own way putting them in danger when both Bruce and Victor get kidnapped by a rogue military lieutenant (Jamie Hector).
"Hooked" Talix November 16, 2018 607
A new game has come to Gotham and has every kid in to it, but unbeknownst to them the game is laced with a phoenix-infected microchip that is suddenly taking over their minds. Intrigued about the story, Vicky attends to find the truth but instead being one of the victims being controlled by the game. Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred investigate to discover Delbert Billings (Steve Weber) could be behind the events.
"Anarky" Talix November 23, 2018 608
Bruce reopens a relationship when Talia Al Ghul returns to Gotham purposely making a stay, but is soon on the run and seeks Bruce’s help when a corrupted General Armstrong (Glenn Morshower) tries to eliminate her from learning secrets about a dangerous project the military has been hidden for years and somehow Jason knows about it. Meanwhile, Leo goes undercover trying to prove that he has fallen in love with Vicky when he decides to do her story on a mob hit, yet things go wrong when the Falcone family goes after them.
"Influence" Talix November 23, 2018 609
After gaining useful notes, Bruce learns about a solider (Vinnie Jones) with unexplained super strength as the solider runs amok in the city. Bruce gets some reliable help from an unexpected ally. Alfred’s old mentor and best friend, Sir Anton Rivers, reappears, and Alfred doubts if he can revive their friendship after what happened twenty years ago. Jason enlists Talia as his partner, but the secret Jason kept forced when the military tries to eliminate the solider exposing Titan. Meanwhile, Bruce’s dark side starts to resurface again and tries to turns Bruce’s life upside down.
"Conscience" Talix November 30, 2018 610
With constant nightmares about his dark side taking over his life and ruining everyone who he cares, Bruce seeks for solitude, but the increasing rate of his ‘other’ identity starts to surface after a strange and freak accident splits his dark side—making itself into a evil doppelganger of Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, Talia helps out Leo and Vicky when the Falcone family still out to get them; Jason is forced to brace the aftermath of the exposed dealings with Project Titan and the ramifications could prove costly to the Powers’ empire.
"Legacy" Talix January 18, 2019 611
With the evil Bruce Wayne roaming out in Gotham, the real Bruce seeks solitude in the manor not wanting to get out. Losing hope, he soon gets an unexpected arrival from the return of Doctor Fate. Fate realizes Bruce has lost perspective and must regain it back by sending Bruce back in time to explore his family’s history hoping it could inspire Bruce to gain faith so that he can defeat his evil doppelganger. Meanwhile, Jason tries to recover his family’s name after his father had gone missing and the company in risk of selling all of its businesses.
"Design" Talix January 25, 2019 612
A fashonita vixen (Torrey DeVitto) goes on a rampage using her Phoenix-inspired abilities to get what she wants prompting Bruce, Leo, and Vicky to team up and stop her. Meanwhile, Jason makes new incentives to regain the Power’s name in Gotham and proves it by attempting to buy a huge stake on an international housing project.
"Cage" Talix February 1, 2019 613
Vicky uncovers a secret underground ring where dogs are being used and are poisoned by Phoenix chemicals to attack one another. When Vicky tries to gain close to expose the ring, the leader Zachariah Keys (Todd Williams) abducts her and forces her to battle with the dogs. When Bruce and Leo learns of Vicky’s situation, they try to save her.
"Pandora" Talix February 8, 2019 614
Bruce discovers his identity and name is being tarnished when his evil doppelganger tries to gain the role of “Bruce Wayne” and decides to ruin key decisions to Wayne Industries’ future. Gaining help from Lucius, Bruce will try to do whatever he can to stop his evil self, but things take a turn for the worse when Lucius gets in trouble with the rising Falcone mob. Meanwhile, Jason tries to search for his father getting help by Talia.
"Soulless" Talix February 15, 2019 615
Bruce realizes the day is the day he has to end his evil doppelganger’s reign on Gotham, but has to rely on help from Leo, Lucius, and Talia to stop him. When Lucius tells Bruce only one Bruce Wayne half to live, Bruce risks his life to face off against his evil self to prove who is the real Bruce Wayne. Meanwhile, Gen. Maddox returns to reopen Project Titan and forces Jason in ways he can’t get out of.
"Identity" Talix February 22, 2019 616
With his evil doppelganger gone, Bruce survived the battle, but realizes he has definitely lost his way to life and his true identity. Alfred and Lucius try to do whatever they can to remind of the good things Bruce done in the past years hoping to renovate Bruce’s identity. However, Bruce doubts that maybe he should have to die; attempting to find himself, Bruce seeks much needed help from Doctor Fate, who convinces Bruce to take a dangerous journey that could risk the recent present of Gotham. Meanwhile, Victor returns only to discover his son is back on board on Project Titan.
"Outsider" Talix April 5, 2019 617
While Bruce is away on his mystic quest, Leo and Vicky uncovers a meeting between the Red Dragons and the Falcone family that exposes the criminals are trying to steal nerve gas from a highly advanced Wayne Industries-owned lab. Attempting to stop them, they get in trouble and are about to be killed until a mysterious stranger arrives and saves them. The stranger soon reveals himself to be Green Arrow figuring out that the city is in danger and might need a hero to protect for a bit. When Vicky uncovers Arrow’s true identity as Oliver Queen, she soon gets kidnapped by the Red Dragons forcing Oliver and Leo to rescue her and stop the Dragons from stealing the gas canisters. Meanwhile, Talia, unaware of Bruce’s disappearance, becomes more aware of Jason’s renewed involvement for the military and leans towards Victor for assistance.
"Control" Talix April 12, 2019 618
Oliver continues to stay in the Wayne Manor despite of Bruce’s absence and wonders about Alfred’s safety. However, Oliver soon gets call from Leo that Project Titan is back in action and things go out of control when a microchip central to the project’s success is currently missing. When Jason learns about it he accuses his father, but Victor switches the blame to Talia prompting Jason to have an altercation with her. Meanwhile, Alfred’s old friend, Anton, returns but this time tries to help Alfred in the search of the missing microchip.
"Web" Talix April 19, 2019 619
Leo gets an temp job at a crisis center and soon embroils himself in a dangerous situation when he finds out a girl is missing and that the only clue leads to a website. Needing help, he contacts Oliver to try and find her while Leo communicates with the girl by email on the website. Meanwhile, Talia searching for Bruce finds clues that leads to Doctor Fate; Victor tries to do his best to stop Project Titan, but without the microchip its useless and then proposes a deal with a Falcone to help find it for him.
"Distracted" Talix April 26, 2019 620
Alfred gains suspicious of his old friend, Anton, when he continues to deny any involvements what happened back at the military compound. However, realizing his friend is getting deep to the plan, Anton seeks help from General Maddox, who in turns tries to distract the others by hiring a hit on Victor Powers and Alfred. Realizing they are in trouble, Leo and Oliver have to stop the mysterious assassin (Chris Olivero). Meanwhile, Jason wants Talia’s help bad even when he declares he has feelings for her; forcing her to make a decision.
"Animal" Talix May 3, 2019 621
Oliver continues patrolling the streets of Gotham and realizing he have to return home soon. He gets into danger when he faces off against a vicious brute named Irrick (John DeSantis), who somehow has a settle to score against Green Arrow. Trying to stop him, Ollie seeks help from Clark Kent (Tom Welling) when Irrick is more Oliver could handle. Meanwhile, Jason finds out about the hit on his father and calls off the deal with Anton and Gen. Maddox, but when he discovers Talia’s life could be in danger Jason has to relent or Talia dies.
"Endgame" **Season Finale** Talix May 10, 2019 622
Jason is forced to go through Project Titan as it reaches to the final stages, but just as Anton and Gen. Maddox are about to begin, they discover Talia has stolen the microchip. Gen. Maddox orders a manhunt to find her and treat her as an enemy of state. Jason tries to help her, but Anton forces him to continue. Vicky gets aware of the situation and is soon caught in the middle of the ensuring battle. Realizing Talia and Vicky are in trouble, Leo and Oliver try to help while Victor fill them in about everything; Alfred gaining the knowledge of his friend being the traitor, he faces off against Anton; while Jason tries to stop Gen. Maddox. However, just as things try to go back to normal all hell breaks loose. Meanwhile, in his mystic quest, Bruce reaches to a whole new path, but has tortured images of his past he has to go through if he half to escape.


  • This is the third season Clark Kent/Superman has appeared in the series. First being in season 3's Partners, and second in season 5's League. In this season he appears in Animal.
  • This is the first time Green Arrow and Doctor Fate have appeared; and are the only two non-Batverse allies to appear in more than three episodes in a single season.
  • General Maddox and Sir Anton Rivers are the main villains of season six. They are the sixth and seventh non-Batverse villains to serve as the "big bads" following Gideon Dobson (s2), Anna Davison (s2), the Los Diablos (s3), the Domino Guards (s4), and Simon Duke (s5).
  • This is the first season Sara Mason (Julie Madison) does not appear as a series regular, but dubbed as "special guest star" in episode 1 Darkness. Darkness would be Sara's sixth and final season opener appearance.
  • Endgame, the sixth season's finale, is the first finale without Julie; and third without Det. Megan Alder (even though Megan left in season 3 episode 22 Relinquish, Megan appeared in season 3 finale Revelations in flashbacks)
  • Talia al Ghul is the third major Batman love interest after Julie Madison and Vicky Vale to have been upgraded as series regular. Talia is the first recurring character to be bumped into series status.
  • Jim Gordon has been promoted to detective by the end of episode 2 Reckoning.
  • Anarky, Alberto Falcone, and Mario Falcone make their full appearances.
  • This is the first time Thomas Wayne and Philip Wayne have been seen together, but only in flashbacks as young children. (episode 11 Legacy)
  • Spellbinder/Delbert Billings makes his fourth appearance in episode 7 Hooked and so far the only Batman main rogue villain to appear in multiple seasons.
  • Bruce's doppelganger could be the TYK version of Owlman without the suit. There are many owl references in episode 10 Conscience and Legacy.
  • Ian/Bruce does not appear in episode 17 Outsider and episode 18 Control. Outsider was the first episode in the series Bruce didn't appear, yet only seen in pictures.
  • In Endgame cliffhangers: Talia tries to run but gets help from Jason as they both knock out most of the rogue military men. Alfred and Anton faced off in a one-on-one fight with Alfred winning. Victor calls out someone, yet receives a note signed "". Oliver witnesses Gen. Maddox sacrificing herself only to activate the Titan device. Leo and Lucius are trying crack a mysterious code while Vicki is back in her office working on a report until the device begins creating a huge flash wall of light engulfing everyone in the planet. And it reveals everything is turned to stone.
  • In the final scene of the season, Bruce is still in his Mystic Quest about to end. He reaches to a door only to hear Doctor Fate's voice and then his mother's and then his father's. Bruce sees something inside the door and it shows a Bat-like object. As Bruce touches it, he is engulf in a white light.

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