Season Seven of The Young Knight is the seventh season of the series that chronicles young Bruce Wayne's troubled life as he tries to adjust what happened after his parents’ tragic murder and the years before he became Batman. All these episodes now air on Wednesdays 7/8c.


Bruce returns from his mystic quest and must face against new adversaries who pose a threat to Gotham City. While he contends with his future, he decides to seek help with Henri Ducard. Bruce wants Ducard to be his mentor again and wants to shape be a better hero. With Ducard’s help, Bruce defends off against Vandal Savage, Dagger, and others. However, Bruce has no idea Ducard has a duplicitous side when Ducard suddenly offers Bruce an invitation to the League of Shadows.

Focused to complete his destiny, Bruce joins the league to contend with several dangerous tasks which will lead him to a deadly syndicate known as Omega and the true leader of the League of Shadows, Talia’s father, Ra’s Al Ghul. Leo creates his own Facebook-like site only for news, but discovers the consequences of exposing Gotham’s secrets and lies. Jason still trying to forget Project Titan, regains control of PowerCorp only to learn secrets of Omega. Talia is forced to have two relationships between Bruce and Jason, but realizing she needs to choose one; as well learning her father making his stay at Gotham. Vicki finds new ways in reporting while trying to find true love, Jim Gordon becomes a much more prominent figure for Gotham, Victor puts himself in peril he can’t get himself out of, and Alfred is there to sweep the dirt. Everyone in Gotham will discover secrets and surprising returns that will shock them all; criminals are still trying to surge back to take over the city.

First time characters are Ra's al Ghul, Vandal Savage, Dagger, Signalman, Roxy Rocket, Professor Milo, John J'onnz/Martian Manhunter, Daphne Pennyworth, Det. Arnold Flass, and Hamilton Hill

Main cast

Recurring cast

Series recurring

  • Det. Jim Gordon (Jim Flanagan) (14/22)
  • Megan Alder (Gina Torres) (1/22)
  • Lucius Fox (Keith David) (12/22)
  • Martha Wayne (Sarah Clarke) (2/22)
  • Thomas Wayne (Tate Donovan) (2/22)

Season recurring

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Season 7

Title Written by Air Date Production code
"Liberties" **Season Premiere** Talix September 25, 2019 701
Bruce returns after taking Dr. Fate’s mystic quest, but only to discover everyone in Gotham City and the whole world is turned to stone after the aftermath of Project Titan. With the help from the Clark Kent, Dr. Fate, and John J'onnz (Phil Morris); they all unite to reverse the effects of Titan before everyone is cast forever. Meanwhile, as Bruce saves Gotham, he starts to get flashbacks from his quest that either proves a hint or a curse.
"Grow" Talix October 2, 2019 702
Bruce tries to rekindle flames with Talia not realizing Jason has fallen for her; they are soon forced to put their feelings out in the open when Talia gets abducted by a renegade psychopath who escaped Arkham seeking to continue his Phoenix chemical plant experiments. Meanwhile, Det. Gordon is forced to work with Vicki when she uncovers a plot to kill the mayor; Leo decides to make his own news website.
"Signal" Talix October 9, 2019 703
A low leveled mobster (Michael Blaiklock), wanting to join Carmine Falcone’s mob family, decides to use signals and motifs against the city. With Lucius and Det. Gordon’s help, Bruce tries to stop him. Meanwhile, Leo sneaks into Wayne Industries to find a key competent that can help establish his website.
"Venture" Talix October 16, 2019 704
Bruce decides to head back to Paris and seek the guidance and help from Henri Ducard. Ducard realizes if he wants Bruce to join, Bruce half to stop a rising mobster who is using Gotham City influences to cause trouble in Paris. Meanwhile, Jason uncovers new secrets from his father.
"Savage" Talix October 23, 2019 705
Continuing to gain trust with Ducard, Bruce tries to complete another task as he faces off against a warlord in North Africa only to the name of Vandal Savage (Val Kilmer). Realizing Savage is much tougher than he thought, Bruce seeks Clark's help. Meanwhile, Talia is still conflicted over her feelings between Bruce and Jason; Vicki tries to convince Leo to stop the site before trouble comes ahead.
"Proposal" Talix October 30, 2019 706
Victor tries to partner with Carmine in order to see who could take down the criminal underworld, but faces trouble when rumors of the Red Dragons finding their leader, Rupert Thorne (Tom Wilkinson). Meanwhile, Leo is shock to see a rival news website is willingly to take him on to see who could get the Thorne story.
"Dagger" Talix November 6, 2019 707
Talia helps Bruce when he has to stop a maniacal criminal known as Dagger (Erik Palladino), but their feelings get in the way of completing the task. Meanwhile, Jason heads out of town for a meeting and places his father back in charge of PowerCorp.
"Outcry" Talix November 13, 2019 708
After a scandalous report damages Gotham City and Leo’s site is to blame, everyone goes on an uproar and wants Leo’s site to go down before anything bad happens. However, things go out of control when Leo’s life hangs in the balance when some out of control citizens wants justice their way. Meanwhile, Victor uses Bruce and Jason’s friendship to an advantage to force Talia to work with him to create trouble against Carmine.
"Diabolical" Talix November 20, 2019 709
Carmine Falcone seeks revenge against Victor and Talia by kidnapping them; Bruce learns of this and tries to help Talia only to realize Jason is helping as well, and their feelings for her cause angst in the search for her. Victor escapes and decides to fight fire with fire. Meanwhile, Leo continues to deal with the consequences of his website and Alfred has doubts about Ducard, when he decides to show up and pay Bruce a visit.
"Confrontation" Talix November 27, 2019 710
Alfred’s mistrust of Ducard continues as he feels something about Henri is not right and insist Bruce to investigate it. Bruce tries to doubt Alfred’s concerns, but a series of events starts to doubt his doubts when he does start investigating Ducard’s past and realizes he might be a pawn to something worse leading him to a dangerous confrontation with Ducard. Meanwhile, Talia leaves in order to not deal with Bruce and Jason; Jason’s search of his father’s past leads him to a series of notes from an organization known as Omega. Victor is given a tempting offer from a disgraced politician.
"Apprentice" Talix January 22, 2020 711
Agreeing with Ducard, Bruce joins the League of Shadows. And during one of his tasks in his orientation is to stop a defected apprentice (Matt Gordon), who decides to use his teachings for darkness. Meanwhile, Victor attempting to do good decides to run for mayor; Vicki and another reporter work together to find why Victor is really running for mayor; Jason seeks Leo's help with decoding the Omega notes.
"Grace" Talix January 29, 2020 712
Bruce, continuing to learn the Shadows' ways, is soon needed by Alfred--who left to go to England for a family emergency-- to keep an eye out for Alfred's niece, Daphne (Kristen Bell) who has arrived to stay for the weekend. With Bruce still busy with the Shadows, he offers Vicki a chance to babysit Daphne. Vicki decides to bring Daphne to one of her source's domain, yet Vicki and Daphne end up getting in trouble when Vicki's source is dead and his killer is after them. Meanwhile, Leo continues helping Jason with the decoding of the notes and stumbles upon a new clue.
"Homage" Talix February 5, 2020 713
The mayoral race is full speed when Victor notices his opponent Hamilton Hill tries to play dirty in their recent debates. In attempt to tip the voting scales in his favor, Victor masterminds a plot to fake kidnap Hill. However, the plan goes horribly wrong when Victor's hired kidnapper, Stu (Matthew Rhys) betrays him and takes control of the situation. Meanwhile, Bruce is surprised when he gets a message from Talia. Jason continues his investigation trying to know who is Omega.
"Infiltrated" Talix February 12, 2020 714
Bruce finds Talia in Blüdhaven where she has been in a deep undercover stint trying to locate a man known as the Immortal One, who has been keeping a underground base that has been the headquarters of the Omega. Bruce joins her quest to find the Immortal One; as they re-establish their intense feelings, the one thing that could harm their undercover work is none other Talia's father, Ra's, who makes a inopportune appearance. Meanwhile, the mayoral race continues. Hill tries to get even on Victor, yet Victor feels he sees City Hall; Vicki seeks unexpected help when she discovers the story of a mini-massacre.
"Rocket" Talix February 19, 2020 715
A former stunt double, Roxanne Sutton (Kaylee DeFer), who goes by the name "Roxy Rocket" decides to go on a criminal spree using a powerful speeding machine. When Leo gets swindled to be Roxy's unwittingly accomplice, Bruce tries to do his best to outsmart the feminine fatale and save Leo in the process. Meanwhile, Jason learns of Talia's sudden return, but Talia is preoccupied by her father's sudden interest in Wayne Industries; as Victor tries to focus on his potential life as Gotham's new mayor, he soon uncovers a hidden threat.
"Redrum" Talix February 26, 2020 716
Gotham City is stunned when they learn of the shocking murder of Victor Powers just a month before the elections. Jason is left emotionless not knowing what just happened. Bruce, Leo, and Vicki work together to piece out the clues of how Victor died. Talia wants to be there for Jason, yet her father tries to make her think of Bruce. As Jason tries to grieve for his father's death, he is shocked when he discovers who is truly the killer. Meanwhile, Ducard returns and meets up with his true master, the true leader of the League of Shadows.
"Coup" Talix April 1, 2020 717
As the city still mourn over Victor's death, Hill is clearly favorite to be the new mayor. Jason, still in pain, tries to relent his frustration over the mastermind, who hired his father's killer, Omega. Meanwhile, Bruce tries to console Jason, yet gets another task by Ducard; Leo explores his feelings for Vicki and decides to admit his love for her.
"Muse" Talix April 8, 2020 718
Det. Gordon who always has been good has lately been doing bad things. When he gets targeted by his own kind, Bruce seeks Lucius' help. Their deduction leads them to a object Gordon received as a muse, but it is actually something created by a shady Professor Milo (Balthazar Getty). Meanwhile, Leo and Vicki tries to go out on a date with no interruptions; Jason seeking vengeance for his father's death goes after a person of interest who could finally revealed the mastermind behind Omega. Talia is in a difficult situation on who she has fallen deep in love, yet realizes she still has to follow her father's rules.
"Retro" Talix April 15, 2020 719
When Bruce watches one of Alfred's old taped shows, "The Gray Ghost". Bruce doses off and wakes up in a alternate reality set in the 1920's. Bruce sees Leo as a bartender, Jason as a bar owner out for revenge, Vicki as a reporter, Talia as a vixen, and other surprises. Bruce tries to see why he's in this world and soon discovers he is the Gray Ghost out to avenge Victor Powers' murder.
"Universal" Talix April 22, 2020 720
Lady Shiva (Moon Bloodgood) returns but this time goes after Talia. Talia wondering why is she going after her until she realizes she needs help. She requests Bruce and Bruce seeks Ducard's help as well to stop Shiva. However, Bruce will discover the true reason why Shiva reappeared. Meanwhile, Jason discovers a important key of evidence thanks to his late father that can help him smoke out the mastermind behind Omega; Leo and Vicki try to do their best not to put their relationship in focus while solving the mystery behind Omega.
"Omega" Talix April 29, 2020 721
Shocked to see the mastermind behind the Omega syndicate is none other than Henri Ducard. Bruce takes things personal when he goes after Ducard, yet is compromised when Alfred is kidnapped by the League of Shadows. With Leo and Vicki's help, Bruce realizes the true "Immortal One" is none other than Ra's al Ghul. Talia is torn when her feelings for Bruce is endanger after Bruce believes Talia set him up all along. Jason seeking revenge against Ra's, but has to save Leo and Vicki when they end up in trouble.
"Masked" **Season Finale** Talix May 6, 2020 722
With Ducard gone and Alfred saved, Bruce focuses his attention to Ra's who decides to play mind games with Bruce. Still torn, Talia makes a heartbreaking decision that could either help her father or help the one person she truly loves, Bruce. Jason upset over Talia's choice try to disregard Bruce's request and go after Ra's himself. Meanwhile, Leo makes a heartwarming decision about his relationship with Vicki; Bruce realizes more than ever if Gotham can be saved, he must become a symbol protector to do it.


  • This season feature several guest characters who have appeared in previous seasons returning for this season.
    • Clark Kent/Superman appeared in seasons 3, 5, and 6. In this season he appears Liberties and Savage
    • Dr. Fate appeared in season 6. In this season he appears in Liberties
    • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow appeared in season 6. In this season he returns in Liberties
    • Henri Ducard appeared in season 5. In this season he returns in 12 episodes
    • Carmine Falcone appeared in seasons 5 and 6. In this season he returns in Signal, Proposal, Outcry, and Diabolical
    • Rupert Thorne appeared in season 1. In this season he returns in Proposal
    • Anna Davison appeared in season 2. In this season she returns in Redrum
    • Lady Shiva appeared in season 3. In this season she returns in Universal
    • Philip Wayne appeared in season 4 and 6. In this season he returns in Masked
    • Megan Alder was in the main cast for seasons 1, 2, and 3; she reappears in season 5 as a guest. In this season she returns as a guest again in Masked
  • Ra's al Ghul is the main antagonist of the season.
  • Even though this is the first Ra's al Ghul makes his first appearance in this series this season, he were first mentioned back in season two episodes Aftershock and Sin
  • This is the first time Blüdhaven has appeared in the series. (In the comics, it is the homeplace for Nightwing)
  • Throughout the season, Ducard referred to the League of Shadows and Ra's mentions when he will be resurrected, the League of Shadows will be the League of Assassins
  • This is the first full season Julie has not be seen.
  • This is the last season for Victor Powers (Paul Johansson). He dies in Redrum. This is the fifth and final time Victor has faced death. In the previous five times, he has faced death but escaped: he was shot (s1 Excalibur/s2 Aftershock); he was poisoned (s2 Paradox); he had a heart attack (s2 Crossroads); he almost got caught in a car bomb (s3 Revelations)
    • It is revealed Anna Davison killed Victor in the orders of Ra's al Ghul; Anna was a member of the Omega. Jason kills Anna, but realizes Ra's is the true mastermind.
    • The circumstances of Victor's death is familiar to how the Waynes lost their lives due to a hired kill.
  • This is the final season for Jason Powers (Matt Barr) as a series regular. He will depart and move away from Gotham knowing that he has no life. He decides to sell off PowerCorp to Wayne Industries. (Masked)
  • This is the final season for Talia al Ghul (Allison Miller) as a series regular. She will sacrifice herself killing her father. (Masked)
  • In the final scenes of Masked, Bruce and Ra's battled over the Lazarus Pit underneath Gotham Cliffs. Talia kisses Bruce and tells him she loved him; she then stabs her father and throw her and Ra's into the pit. Bruce helps out a injured Jason and both escape. Leo and Vicki commits into a serious relationship. Jason decides its best to leave Gotham. He decides to sell over rights of PowerCorp to Wayne Industries becoming Wayne Enterprises. Bruce and Jason gives off a proper goodbye. Bruce realizes the police isn't enough. He decides to renew his night hero disguise and shaped more into a symbol for justice. With the help with Alfred and Lucius, Bruce creates his other identity.

Bruce finally becomes Batman.

  • In the last scene of the season, Batman observes Gotham from afar. He overhears a police disturbance and soon he leaps off the edge of the building to use his cape to glide into action...

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