Season Eight of The Young Knight is the eighth season of the series that chronicles young Bruce Wayne's troubled life as he tries to adjust what happened after his parents’ tragic murder and adjusting being Batman. All these episodes now air on Wednesdays 7/8c.


As Bruce continues to adjust being Batman, it has polarized Gotham City--putting the people who wants him to be their savior against the others who want to crucify him. As Bruce begins his reputation as the Caped Crusader, another wants to end it as in the new District Attorney Harvey Dent. With new enemies wanting to take on the new hero, can Bruce handle his dual roles while handling a new relationship with a certain, catty female know as Selena Kyle. As for Leo and Vicky, their romance continues to bloom even in (wedding bells?); Alfred decides to search for his replacement while contemplating on retiring; Det. Gordon is going to be torn when he decides to become Batman's new BFF. Danger awaits for Batman as the city will either seek his help for salvation or brace for a deadly revolution.

First time characters from the Batverse include Two-Face, Poison Ivy, the Ventriloquist and Scarface, Clayface, Richard Dragon, Ragman, Victor Zsasz, Red Claw, and Ace the Bat-Hound.

Returning characters include Roland Daggett, Lady Shiva, Professor Milo, Hamilton Hill, Det. Arnold Flass, and Zatanna.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Series recurring

  • Lucius Fox (Keith David) (10/24)
  • Martha Wayne (Sarah Clarke) (1/24)
  • Thomas Wayne (Tate Donovan) (1/24)

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Season 8

Title Written by Air Date Production code
"Crusader" **Season Premiere** Talix September 30, 2020 801
Three months have bypassed and Gotham City continues to get adjusted with the recent captures of criminals thanks to the mysterious Bat figure. However, thanks to the recently elected District Attorney Harvey Dent; he is offering a hunt to find the Bat and bring him to justice. However, a Arkham inmate, Zsasz (Robert Knepper) escapes and tries to take on the new vigilante himself. Meanwhile, Bruce decides to mix things up in Wayne Enterprises and promotes Fox as COO; Leo and Vicki enjoy their romantic time, but wine up getting into the crosshairs with Zsasz.
"Vigilante" Talix October 7, 2020 802
While Batman continues to track Zsasz down after their last encounter, Batman comes under duress when the GCPD orders Batman to stand down or they will shoot him. Meantime, a different vigilante appears and tries to steal a valuable object from a high tech giant. Meanwhile, Leo decides to really make Vicki happy and try to ask a question, yet Vicki gets requested by Gordon to help him track down the new vigilante who they discover likes cats.
"Quarrel" Talix October 14, 2020 803
Dent tries to mix things up doing several public speaking events urging the citizens to have their opinion on the Batman situation. As the city begins to be torn by either acceptance or denial towards Batman, the GCPD want to be neutral; Bruce starts to get discourage, yet is inspired by the appearance of Selina Kyle. Meanwhile, Vicki is stunned over Leo's marriage proposal.
"Manic" Talix October 21, 2020 804
Zatanna (Shantel VanSanten) returns to Gotham in a quest to get revenge on a old friend who betrayed her. When she casts a hex that brings paranoid illusions, she accidentally hits Bruce with the spell. Now cursed, Bruce tries to do his best to reverse the process with the help from Leo and Lucius, yet it becomes more problematic when Bruce gets angry and decides to take it out on Alfred, Harvey, and Selina.
"Celebrity" Talix October 28, 2020 805
Sterling Silversmith (Peter Weller) is hosting his annual Silver Gala and all the upper elite is invited including Bruce, Harvey, and Lucius. Bruce invites Selina as his date and the both share intimate moments as the gala continues. However, the mysterious Cat thief makes her return when she decides to steal Silversmith's billion dollar silver cheetah statue. Just as she is about to leave, she crosses path with Batman for the first time. Meanwhile, Harvey continues his anti-Batman agenda; Gordon visits Alfred in the hospital after the events of last week and Alfred confesses to Gordon a revelation about his future.
"Poison" Talix November 4, 2020 806
When several officers are found poisoned to death, the police scramble to find the person responsible. Gordon needing help seeks Batman to help him find the culprit. Batman and Gordon along with the assistance from Lucius discover the one who is masterminded this was a former Gotham Universality botanist, Dr. Pamela Isley (Hilarie Burton) who becomes Poison Ivy. However, trying to stop Ivy leads to Gordon being another officer infected and has only hours to live while Batman half to seek a antidote. Meanwhile, Leo finally gets Vicki's answer; Alfred starts to doubt about retiring and not upset Bruce.
"Exposed" Talix November 11, 2020 807
A geeky photographer Cory (Ross McCall) takes a picture of one of Batman's captures and then when he follows Batman all the way to Wayne Manor. Cory takes a hazy picture of Batman unmasked. Thinking he found "gold", Cory tries to head to Dent. When Leo learns from Vicki that a man has taken a picture from a unmasked Batman, Leo warns Bruce. Bruce and Leo try to find Cory before Cory gives the picture to the DA; however, Cory gets in the crosshairs with Roland Daggett and Professor Milo.
"Claw" Talix November 18, 2020 808
Selina takes a opportunity to seek Bruce's advice and become a social worker. When one of her clients is a cat enthusiast, Selina discovers her client is in trouble from a mysterious cult led by their leader, Red Claw (Lauren Graham). Selina decides the best way to help her new friend is to seek out her 'Catwoman' disguise, yet runs into problems when Batman finds her. Meanwhile, Gordon gets a surprising visit from Harvey Dent.
"Pandemonium" Talix November 25, 2020 809
Harvey gets kidnapped by a new criminal gang known as the Spades, who decides to have him for hostage for Batman's capture. The city goes into chaos when the police and others want to capture Batman and free their DA. However, things go further out of control when Daggett releases a group of vicious dogs brainwashed to kill Batman. Batman must find a way to stop the dogs and the ongoing outcry while getting a surprising help in the form of Catwoman. Meanwhile, Leo and Vicki continue their marriage plans, but decide to postpone while the city is becoming erratic; Alfred stuns Bruce and quits on him taking a offer he received from his family in Wales.
"Ventriloquist" Talix January 13, 2021 810
After weeks since the uproar in Gotham, Mayor Hill, Commissioner Loeb, and Gordon try to help install peace to the city. Bruce still heartbroken over Alfred's decision to leave discovers a peculiar man, Arnold Wesker (Sean Gunn) is committing crimes with a dummy gangster named Scarface. Bruce becomes Batman to stop him, yet Wesker is not a easy man to stop putting Batman in peril. Meantime, after Bruce revealed to be Batman, Selena struggles to accept she almost killed him; Harvey seeks a psychologist to help over his ordeal.
"Fearnaught" Talix January 20, 2021 811
Still getting use to his ordeal, Harvey continues his vigorous pursuit to stop Batman even though Batman have saved him numerous times. Bruce trying not to risk his life, uses his childhood as advantage to help stop Harvey before bad things start to happen. However, a Batman loyalist decides to stop Dent once and for all. Meanwhile, Leo and Vicki confirm their engagement; Bruce continues to reach to Alfred.
"Dragon" Talix January 27, 2021 812
Bruce gets an unexpected call from Lady Shiva as she request him to help their own acquaintance, Richard Dragon (Freddie Prinze, Jr.), who needs Bruce's help and skills to help him find a Spade gang member responsible for killing his family. Meanwhile, Gordon requests that Harvey protects himself because of how he is splintering the city apart; Vicky tries to enjoy a nice vacation, but is interrupted when Bruce needs her help.
"Charisma" Talix February 3, 2021 813
Leo and Vicki is preparing for their wedding and while they handle their own private parties for bride and groom; Vicki's old friend and ex-fiance, Matthew Hagen (Jared Padalecki) returns to wish her well, but Matthew grows jealous over Leo; Matthew decides that he wants her back. So Hagen uses his ability to kidnapped Leo and takes Leo's place. Bruce feels something is not right and investigate to discover Hagen's background--a connection with Daggett and shape-shifting clay. Meanwhile, Alfred returns, but decides to search for his replacement when he is finally ready to step down.
"Ragman" Talix February 10, 2021 814
Another Batman loyalist, Rory Regan (Josh Kalender), decides to help Batman so Regan becomes a masked figure known as Ragman to help stop crime. However, Daggett decides to use Ragman for his own nefarious purposes even threatening Rory by harming Rory's sick father if he doesn't kill Batman and Harvey Dent. Meanwhile, the engagement party/recital dinner for Leo and Vicki is going well until Bruce is forced to leave when he stumbles upon Ragman.
"Waste" Talix February 17, 2021 815
Alfred's cousin, Charlie, arrives to see the wonders of Gotham, but when he becomes a pawn in a recent plot by the Spades; Alfred seeks Bruce's help to save Charlie and stop the Spades. Meanwhile, Selina gets caught stealing putting her life in turmoil, but convinces Gordon to save her.
"Gloom" Talix March 3, 2021 816
Leo and Vicki's wedding day has arrived. As Leo and Vicki get getting cold feet before seeing each other in the altar; Gotham will be surprised when one of the Spades plant a bomb while Harvey may get a chance to stop Batman. Meanwhile, Bruce confess his true feelings towards Selina, yet has to risk breaking Leo's promise and become Batman while missing out the wedding upsetting Leo.
"Hostile" Talix April 7, 2021 817
After the aftermath of the wedding, Leo is still unconscious after being shot; Vicki is upset and doesn't want to talk to anyone and is waiting for Leo to wake up. Bruce furious over what happened goes on a warpath and tries to find the Spades responsible, but is stunned when it leads him to an unexpected enemy. Meanwhile, Gordon tries to ease the disorder from the wedding; Harvey gets a call from Daggett.
"Tangled" Talix April 14, 2021 818
Harvey continues to see Daggett as Daggett proposes a proposition to help Daggett gain more power in Gotham as he will finally help Harvey capture Batman and unmask him personally. Harvey reluctantly agrees but wonders what is really Dent's endgame. Meanwhile, Leo doesn't want to talk to Bruce; Selina tries to handle Bruce's declaration of love and ponders if she loves him.
"Persona" Talix April 21, 2021 819
While Harvey tries to save face and continue his duties as DA, his pact with Daggett has unforeseen consequences for Dent if he doesn't follow Daggett's word. As for Daggett he hires a expert marksman, David Cain (Jeffrey Nordling) to finally kill Batman. Batman does his best to handle the skilled Cain and might need help from Lady Shiva; Vicki tries to convince Leo to talk to Bruce, but Leo feels Bruce has been dishonest to him.
"Screwed" Talix April 28, 2021 820
After Cain confessed to Batman about Dent's involvement in Daggett's latest scheme, Bruce tries to reason with Harvey about Daggett's duplicitous nature, but Harvey feels Batman must be stopped at any cost. However, Daggett shows his true nature by betraying Harvey and ends up capturing both Batman and Dent. Daggett sends a new hired gun to dispose of them, but as Batman prevents it; Dent gets severely injured and runs away. Meanwhile, Vicki requests Alfred's help to get to Leo, who suddenly feels shunned since the events from the wedding.
"Dualities" Talix May 5, 2021 821
Batman seeks Gordon and Lucius' help when Harvey apparently has not been seen since the capture yesterday. Batman fears Harvey wants revenge against Daggett who had double-crossed him. Batman searches for Daggett until he learns Daggett too hasn't been seen since the capture. Batman races against time to find Harvey before he does something he regrets. Meanwhile, Selina helps out Bruce, but Bruce warns her not to be involved; Selina ignores his warning and does help, yet gets in trouble.
"Unstable" Talix May 12, 2021 822
Harvey has become a monster almost killing Daggett, but still wants revenge against Daggett and everything he stood for. Dent buys a gun and decides to become a vigilante himself by killing every person who have supported Daggett. When police finds out another vigilante is taking out his own justice this time killing, Commissioner Loeb orders a hunt. Meanwhile, Bruce and Selina work together to stop Dent yet try to talk to each other about their personal feelings toward each other; Vicki helps out another reporter in finding more answers about the recent situation; Leo continues to be more isolated and ignores Vicki and Alfred's plea to stop.
"Rampage" **Season Finale Hour 1** Talix May 19, 2021 823
Gotham is in turmoil when a new foe surfaces; Harvey Dent continues his one-man vendetta against the Criminal Underworld prompting Batman and Gordon to do whatever it takes to stop the madman. Meanwhile, Leo does something he regrets upsetting Vicki; Selina risks her life to save Bruce when he gets trapped during Harvey's rampage to destroy all the criminals.
"Fault" **Season Finale Hour 2** Talix May 19, 2021 824
Batman and Dent continue their battle and when Dent finally unmask Batman revealing to be Bruce Wayne, his own friend, Dent has no choice but to kill his best friend. Selina tries to help, but is forced by Bruce to stand her ground. Selina ignores and admits her true feelings towards Bruce. However, it could come too late when Dent decides to finally end Batman. Meanwhile, Bruce and Leo have a huge fallout; Vicki makes a heartbreaking decision towards her and Leo's future; Gordon risks his career when he supports Batman's decision that will shock Gotham forever.


  • This is longest season by episodes breaking seasons 2 and 3's 23 with 24.
  • Zatanna was last seen in season five.
  • The main antagonists of the season are Roland Daggett and Harvey Dent.
  • This is the first full season Bruce Wayne has become Batman.
  • This is the first season without Jason Powers and Victor Powers. However, Jason was mentioned in Crusader and Fearnaught.
  • Lucius Fox was previously the Chief Technician for the last seven seasons; this is the first season Lucius has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer.
  • Bruce has admitted his secret identity to Selina; Alfred, Leo, and Lucius already knew about the secret; Harvey find out himself in the season finale; only Vicki and Gordon doesn't know about the secret.
  • This is the second full season Julie Madison hasn't been seen or mentioned.
  • Leo and Vicky's wedding is the only wedding that have went throughout without either them pulling off; Bruce and Julie's wedding in Commitment (s5) was only a dream created by Simon for Bruce; Jason and Anna's wedding was stopped in Crossroads (s2).
  • In the season finale, Fault, there was alot of events:
    • Batman and Harvey Dent faced off; Harvey learns of Batman's secret identity being Bruce Wayne
    • Selina admits her feelings for Bruce; Bruce and Selina then kiss.
    • Bruce and Leo have a nasty fight; Leo tells Bruce that he's tire being Bruce's shadow friend and needs his own privacy; he tells Bruce their friendship is over; Bruce tries to reason with him, but Leo punches Bruce telling him, "We're done!"
    • Vicky doesn't like Leo's new attitude since after the wedding and how he treated her, Bruce, and Alfred, so she makes a heartbreaking decision and not only request a restraining order, but as well as a annulment paper
    • Bruce and Harvey square off again, but this time Bruce has the upper hand; but Harvey tells Bruce that Batman is dead, Harvey takes a gun as he flips his coin and shoots himself. Bruce is too late to stop him.
    • Bruce dons Batman one last time as he requests a secret meeting with Gordon. Batman tells Gordon to tell the city that "Batman killed the innocent Harvey Dent"; Gordon doesn't want to, but Batman convinces Gordon to have the police hunt Batman down. Before Gordon can argue, Batman disappears.
  • Final cliffhangers of the season:
    • Leo walks in the new apartment he and Vicky recently rented, but discovers she is gone; **Selina thinks about her beau, but then sees something shocking her pet Isis is injured. She tries to save her, but then a figure appears and knocks Selina unconscious; it is discovered Red Claw is the one responsible.
    • Alfred writes a letter for Bruce and then looks at a man. He walks to the man and tells him, "Take care of Bruce." The man shakes his head; Alfred then walks away (possibly for good?)
    • Gordon informs his fellow officers to hunt Batman down and have him pay for killing Dent, but Gordon deep down is upset he is telling a lie.
    • Bruce looks over his parents' grave and tells them, "I failed. I suppose to save Gotham, end up I could be ruining it. But I know now, I can't do it again. Batman is dead."
    • Bruce takes his Batman suit and burn it. Before Bruce can walk away, he then hears a old voice telling him, "So Batman is no more." Bruce turns around wondering who is that. Then a figure walks close to him telling him, "It's too bad, I really need Batman." Bruce wonder who is the person? The person finally reveal and its...the Black Mask, "Nice to see you Bruce." Before Bruce can interact, Black Mask pulls out a gun and fire. (End of the season)

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