Season Nine of The Young Knight is the ninth season of the series that chronicles young Bruce Wayne's troubled life as he tries to adjust what happened after his parents’ tragic murder and still adjusting being Batman. All these episodes now air on Wednesdays 7/8c.



After season eight, Bruce decides to let go off Batman and let him be at fault of supposedly killing Harvey Dent. However, he ends up getting shot by the return of the Black Mask. Now the Black Mask wants revenge. In the season opener, Black Mask blackmails Bruce into becoming Batman again to be his lackey and if not he will hurt the people close to Bruce starting with a close family friend.

As the season progresses, Bruce will struggle to bring his life back to together as his romantic life becomes more traumatic when Selina has to fight off against her own demons...and those very same demons will put Gotham through the ringer. Meanwhile, Bruce wants to mend his broken relationship with Leo while Leo has to find a way to be back with Vicki; however one will make the ultimate sacrifice to save their love. Gordon will do unethical skills to save Batman's reputation, even putting his own on the line. Alfred has decided to retire and will remain less involved in Bruce's life, but how long will Alfred stand in the sideline as he sees Gotham tearing itself apart.

With Bruce being Batman again, he has to face new foes and old. However, as there is one new cunning new enemy that will strike Batman emotionally and his name is Dr. Thomas Elliot aka Hush. And just to make it worse, Gotham is still torn over counting Batman as a hero or treat him as a villain; more than less, there are some figures who want to help Batman...and for Batman, he needs the help no matter the cost.

First time characters from the Batverse include new foes Mr. Freeze, Riddler, Cluemaster, Maxie Zeus, Hush, Scratch, and a new ally... Azarel. While old foes such as Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Clayface, the Black Mask, and Red Claw return. Other returning characters include Ragman, Commisioner Loeb, Mayor Hamilton Hill, Det. Arnold Flass, Philip Wayne, Ace the Bat-Hound.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Series recurring

  • Harvey Dent (Robert Buckley) (1/16)
  • Lucius Fox (Keith David) (10/16)
  • Leslie Thompkins (Marogot Kidder) (1/16)
  • Martha Wayne (Sarah Clarke) (1/16)
  • Thomas Wayne (Tate Donovan) (2/16)

Season recurring

  • Dr. Thomas Elliot/Hush (Paul Telfer)(10/16)
  • Agent Ivan Bishop (Thomas Kretschmann) (5/16)
  • Reginald aka Reggie, Alfred's potential successor and a new butler (Charlie Bewley)(15/16)
  • Phillip Wayne (Dylan Walsh) (2/16)
  • Det. Arnold Flass (Billy Zane) (14/16)
  • Mayor Hamilton Hill (Ron Rifkin) (3/16)
  • Det. Jackson Meyers (Wes Brown) (5/16)
  • Commissioner Gillian B. Loeb (Victor Garber) (7/16)
  • Unnamed role in episode 16 (Paul Blackthorne) -- WILL BE REVEALED IN SEASON TEN

Episode guide

Season 9

Title Written by Air Date Production code
"Bullseye" **Season Premiere** Talix October 6, 2021 901
Bruce is suddenly taken hostage by the return of the Black Mask (Richard Burgi). And Black Mask is willingly going to get revenge by using Bruce's close family friends as bargaining chips to do his bidding. How can Bruce find a way to stop Black Mask and save his friends in time? Meanwhile, Gordon tries to settle an uneasy mob who wants to hunt down Batman for killing Dent; Leo searches for Vicki while he struggles to help Lucius find a missing Bruce until they get capture by Black Mask.
"Initiative" Talix October 13, 2021 902
Bruce still trying to find some normalcy is surprised when his new butler, Reggie, informs him that Catwoman has been captured by the Red Claw (Lauren Graham). Seeking to save her, Bruce has to become Batman once again while seeking Lucius's help; however, they all still struggling after what happened being tortured by Black Mask. Meanwhile, Vicki seeks refuge to Alfred while Leo is requested by a mysterious FBI agent to help him find leads of a mysterious killing.
"Cold" Talix October 20, 2021 903
One of Bruce's oldest childhood friends, Dr. Thomas Elliot, invites Bruce to come see a summit by Dr. Victor Fries (Gabriel Mann). However, Elliot doesn't tell Bruce that Fries is also sidelining as a hunter whose using his cryogenic tools to steal females' heart. Unfortunately, Selina still traumatized after stopping Red Claw is now one of Fries' latest targets. Meanwhile, Gordon is surprised when Leo seeks his help to help a shady FBI Agent Bishop who is using strange methods in trying to lead several unsolved murders to a recent murder that wasn't related to Fries.
"Enigma" Talix October 27, 2021 904
After Bruce fires Edward E. Nigma (Matt Lauria), a low level Wayne Enterprises tech, from threatening Lucius's life, Nigma decides to get revenge as he decides to use his love of riddles as puzzles for Batman and the GCPD to solve while he mainly centers his vengeance on Wayne Enterprises. Meanwhile, Leo is about to make peace with Vicki until Vicki kisses another man pushing Leo off the edge as he does something that lands him to jail. Alfred continues to train Reggie the secrets of being the Wayne butler, but gets stunned when Philip Wayne returns to stir up trouble.
"Paradise" Talix November 3, 2021 905
Philip wants to be nice for his nephew, but Bruce suspects his uncle could be doing something shady and seeks Reggie's help to spy for him. However, Philip and Reggie both get kidnapped by a unknown force. Bruce, Alfred, and Lucius try to find them which soon lead them to Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley). Bruce discovers Ivy is withholding them inside a Garden of Eden-like labyrinth. Meanwhile, as Bruce continues to deal with his uncle, he tries to find a way to talk to Leo even using Vicki to help.
"Clue" Talix November 10, 2021 906
Gordon is forced by his commissioner to investigate a crime of burglaries which leads Gordon to a mischievous man name Arthur Brown (James Lesure) who goes by the name Cluemaster. When the mayor's granddaugther is kidnapped and Cluemaster puts out clues for Gordon and the GCPD to solve; Gordon seeks Batman's help to find the girl and stop Cluemaster before someone gets hurt. Meanwhile, Selina meets with Dr. Elliot for the first time and suspects he is shady. Leo and Vicki go to counseling where Dr. Rivers forces them to reveal their deep dark secrets.
"Signature" Talix November 17, 2021 907
When another murder wines up in the Gotham Docs, Batman and Det. Gordon are forced to work with Agent Bishop when the murder's M.O matches the others issuing a common signature. However, they realize the search for the killer is much harder then they realize until another body shows up, but this time they notice something odd than before. Meanwhile, Selina is eager to go back being Catwoman, but is restricted by Bruce fearing she could harm herself again; Leo and Vicki continue revealing their personal inner demons where Leo soon uncovers a long forgotten memory which him, Bruce, and Dr. Elliot where young kids; and Leo discovered something shocking about Elliot.
"Hush" Talix November 24, 2021 908
When Leo learns of a shocking revelation between Elliot and the unsolved murders which all have one thing in common--each body surgically altered. Leo seeks Bruce's help while repairing their friendship in the process. Soon Bruce and Leo go undercover and try to investigate Elliot's past and soon learn more shocking details that even shock Bruce. Meanwhile, Selina decides to hang out with Vicki while Alfred continues his training; Det. Gordon makes a tough decision when it comes to continuing the manhunt for Batman or issue a manhunt for the mysterious serial killer. However, everyone will be shocked when the masked killer reveals himself and puts someone close to Bruce in mortal danger.
"Fright" Talix March 16, 2022 909
Still shocked over Leo's death, everyone doesn't know what is real or not. Bruce goes back to a side he thought he controlled, but seeing his emotions about to go overdrive he tries to seek help and then a odd man gives a serum to help him be fearless. Bruce takes it, but is stunned when he discovers the odd man is actually Dr. Jonathan Crane (John Di Lance) in disguise. When Crane's fear serum starts affecting Bruce, Bruce begins to see old faces...such as Leo and Harvey who blame for their deaths. Meanwhile, Selina feeling she wants to help Bruce seeks out Alfred and Lucius, but they see themselves completely motionless because of Leo's murder. Vicki doesn't want to do anything and feels maybe she could of done something to prevented Leo's death.
"Zeus" Talix March 23, 2022 910
While Bruce continues to feel no reason in being Batman again after Leo's death, Gordon risks his life when he seeks Batman's help to stop a mobster named Maximilian "Maxie" Zeus (Sean Bean) who wants to turn Gotham City into a corrupted Olympus. Meanwhile, Vicki goes to Alfred for support, but starts having nightmares about her doomed marriage and that she and Leo will never get peace.
"Redemption" Talix March 30, 2022 911
In attempt to honor Leo's name, Bruce tries his best to be Batman again, but is losing confidence especially since his ex-friend Thomas Elliot aka Hush is still out there responsible for killing Leo. When a group of young mobsters wanting to reboot the Red Dragon organization, Bruce wants to stop them, but discovers Alfred seeks out an old friend to help Rory Regan aka Ragman (Josh Kalender). Meanwhile, Vicki decides to go back to reporting and do it for her husband; and her first story to find the true story of Dr. Thomas Elliot. Det. Gordon knows he is risking his career pushing his attention on stopping Hush than stopping Batman in the behest of the Chief of Detectives.
"Unrequited" Talix April 6, 2022 912
Still upset over her lost love, Vicki continues wanting to know more about Leo's killer, Hush's true story and what can be a way to stop him. However, Vicki is shocked to see Leo...alive. She is soon shocked to learn it is her ex, Matthew Hagen (Jared Padalecki), who decides to play on her emotions and try desperately to make her his queen once again. Bruce decides to give Lucius total control of Wayne Enterprises as Bruce is getting the determination to hunt Hush down and get revenge.
"Azrael" Talix April 13, 2022 913
Batman's hunt for Hush is postponed when Bruce discovers Lucius was almost killed by a bomb. Not believing it was Hush, Batman deduces that the bomb was created by a smart assassin named Nicholas Scratch (Mark Pellegrino). Batman with the help from Alfred heads to Switzerland to track down Scratch, but as he does that Batman crosses path with a unknown figure, Jean-Paul Valley (Todd Williams) who goes by the name Azarel. Realizing they have an common enemy, Batman and Azarel must team up to stop Scratch while trying to be allies in the process. Meanwhile back in Gotham, Selina and Vicki team up to investigate more of Elliot's past and learn shocking stuff that involved Bruce, Leo, and Elliot when they were kids.
  • This is a backdoor pilot to a potential spin-off titled Azrael.
"Deadlock" Talix April 20, 2022 914
Back in Gotham, Batman restarts his quest to find Hush; however, Hush begins to taunt Batman. When Batman goes back as Bruce, he soon discovers this is all part of Hush's plan as Bruce discovers Leo's murder was in fact part of Hush's plan to tore Bruce down emotionally and physically. However, Bruce senses Elliot is the same ways so he tries to figure out how to impact Elliot emotionally and physically. Meanwhile, Gordon and Flass are endanger when they go deep undercover in the Criminal Underworld to smoke out anything that leads to the masked killer, Hush.
"Obsession" Talix April 27, 2022 915
Bruce's obsession into stopping Hush leads him to do some unethical things including using Batman and use mobsters' help to find Hush. However, Alfred and Selina question Bruce's true motives when Bruce is literally push to his ultimate limit to stop the one person that is equal to him in every way. Meanwhile, Vicki continue her pursuit to track down Elliot, however by doing that she puts herself in harm's way. Gordon is obsessed in trying to do what he feels is right even when he is ordered to hunt down Batman.
"Pyramid" **Season Finale** Talix May 4, 2022 916
Batman continues his hunt to finally stop Hush leading to one of the most anticipating showdowns in Gotham City. However, Hush has some last minute aces that puts not only Bruce in trouble but as well everyone in Gotham. Selina risks her life to help Bruce stop Hush, but ends up facing her own demons when she sees a ghost from her past. Vicki risks her own life to stop Hush from harming anyone else; Det. Gordon risks his career when he makes a sacrifice that could either help or hinder Batman's chances to finally stop Leo's murderer.


  • This season and next season will tie to have the shortest amount of episodes in a season, 16.
  • The season's main antagonist is Dr. Thomas Elliot/Hush.
  • This is the last season for Tyler Hoechlin (Leo Foster) as a series regular. He is the third longest series regular after Ian Somerhalder (Bruce Wayne) who serves as the first longest and John Cleese (Alfred) who serves as the second longest.
    • Leo dies in episode 8 Hush, but does appear in episode 9 Fright in his funeral; episode 12, who was actually Matthew Hagen/Clayface in disguise; and in episode 16 (season finale) as a ghost who first seen Vicki and then Bruce.
    • Leo will return to season 10 in three episodes.
    • He is the fourth and so far last series regular to die: Victor Powers (s7), Talia al Ghul (s7), and Harvey Dent (s8).
  • In the season premiere, Bullseye, Black Mask had captured Bruce Wayne and soon revealed he had had captured Leslie Tompkins; and used his men to capture Leo, Lucius, and Alfred. Black Mask also mentioned that he would've captured Julie, Det. Alder, and Jason, but he couldn't find them; and that if Victor didn't die he would've captured him too. (This is the first time since the season five episode Committed and the first season premiere since season 3's Trials that all of the original cast were mentioned at the same time)
  • This is the fifth season that Det. Alder hasn't appear, but has been mentioned in Bullseye
  • The third season that Julie Madison hasn't appear, but has been mentioned in Bullseye and Fright
  • This is the second season without Jason Powers, but he has been mentioned in Bullseye and Hush.
  • Black Mask and Scarecrow were last seen in season 2.
  • Two-Face, Red Claw, Poison Ivy, and Clayface were last seen in season 8.
  • This is the first time where Hush, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Maxie Zeus, Cluemaster all made appearances in the series.
  • Azarel will be the first spin-off of The Young Knight series. The thirteenth episode of season 9 served as the backdoor pilot for the spin-off. The first season (scheduled with 13 episodes) will air coincide with The Young Knight's tenth season. There is potential to have a crossover between both shows.
  • In the season nine finale, Pyramid here are the tidbits and cliffhangers:
    • Batman and Hush faced off in a heated battle, but Catwoman reappears and helps him fend off agaisnt Hush. However, they both are getting outmatched until Det. Gordon appears and as well Agent Walsh. They both shoot Hush fatally. Before Hush dies, he warns Batman and quietly to Bruce as well that there is another enemy waiting for him.
    • Lucius sits down in the Wayne Industries COO office, but the worker is replacing the title on his door from COO to CEO. Lucius observes the change and thinks about Bruce's well being.
    • Vicki sees the ghost of Leo. He tells her that he always loved her and will do anything to make their marriage happy. Vicki is already happy and when she didn't see Leo anymore, she tells herself that she is pregnant hoping Leo is smiling down.
    • Selina kisses Bruce, but tells him she was born a thief and she will always be a thief. And then when she promises him that she'll meet him in secret place tomorrow, she leaves Wayne Manor. When she is on the road, she is soon stop by Det. Flass. Selina wonders what is going on and the Det. Flass confesses that she is under arrest. He soon cuffs her and Selina is confused until Det. Flass tells her that she is the Cat who has been burglarizing Gotham for months. He takes her away as she feels upset that she won't meet with Bruce.
    • Reggie is ready to be the primary butler, but Alfred tells him to hold on just a bit. Just because he finished training doesn't mean he is the no. 1 butler. Alfred will remain no. 1 and Reggie will be no. 2. Reggie reluctantly accepts. As Alfred heads to the kitchen, Reggie sees his phone and when he sees a text it reads..."Does the old man know?" Reggie replies, "No." Soon Reggie plays face and resumes his role as no. 2 butler.
    • Det. Gordon views the GCPD Major Crimes Unit for the last time and then in a shocking twist, he takes out his shield and gun and place both of them on his desk. He makes a heartbreaking decision and quits his job leaving Batman without any police knowledge. Gordon walks away deeply upset.
    • Meanwhile, Bruce is at his secret location...his private airport. He hops aboard his jet and when he sits a stewardess tells him out of curiosity where is he going. Bruce tells her away from Gotham. Gotham only gives him pain, and he needs to move on. He feels its time. As she heads out, he soon sees Leo's ghost. Bruce is ecstatic but depress at the same time that he's not real. Leo is depressed too, but tells Bruce that he is always his best friend. They may have reached a bump in their relationship, but throughout the years they are still the closest friends. Bruce misses him and tells him that he has his justice. Leo is happy too, but tells Bruce that he is scare what's up there. Bruce tells him to let his mom and dad know they'll be keeping an eye on him while he's up there. Leo smiles and tells him that friends for life. Bruce smiles and he soon hears the captain telling him that is he the only one or is there another. When Bruce returns to the spot he saw Leo, Leo already disappeared. Bruce looks upset, but accepts that was the last time he saw his best buddy. He soon looks at the time waiting for Selina, but then realizes what he heard from her that she's always a criminal. He feels she's going back her old ways and regrettably tells the captain to go ahead. The captain agrees and begins to the take the jet in the air.
    • Parts of the second to last scene, we see Vicki grabbing her stomach smiling that a part of Leo will still be here; then we see we see Selina rotting in a holding cell wondering did Bruce leave her; then to see Gordon back home playing with his children knowing he will be doing a lot of that for now on while looking at the sky realizing he could be making a mistake; then we see Alfred fixing food while Reggie looks on; then we head back to the jet where we see Bruce taking a nap.
    • Final scene of the season: Bruce suddenly wakes up and then seeks the stewardess. However, she is not responding. He checks up front to see if she is tending to the captain but then Bruce is shocked to see the captain is not there and that the plane is on auto pilot. Bruce confused of what just happened is soon shocked when he discovers where the jet is taking him. He widens his eyes to see something shocking...(END OF THE SEASON)

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