The bat of Monte Cristo is an elseworld mini-series that retells the famous story the count of Monte Criso with Batman characters.


Bruce Wayne as Edmond Dantès 

Selina Kyle as Mercédès

Dick Grayson as Fernand Mondego

Jason Todd as Danglers

Tim Drake as Gérard de Villefort

Harvey Dent as Caderousse

Alfred Pennyworth as Monsieur Morrel



Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham to marry his fiance Selina Kyle but one of his old friends named Dick Grayson is jealous since he also loves Selina. Dick gets help from Jason Todd, who accuses Bruce of stealing a gem that he stole, and Tim Drake, who serves as the prosecutor, but while in prison Bruce holds on to hope.


Six years later Bruce's hope is completely gone and he can do nothing but think, he realizes Dick loves Selina, Jason would be financially benefited from turning in a "criminal" and Tim would obviously get money out of locking Bruce behind bars. That night Bruce leaves a few pillows in his place so he can escape. He steals a boat and starts his journey to find the island of Monte Cristo which supposedly has buried treasure on it.


Bruce finds the treasure and a bat mask, he returns to Gotham and takes up the name the bat of Monte Cristo. The first thing Bruce does is reward some of his friends, such as Harvey Dent, who acted as Bruce's lawyer but now is living on the street, and Alfred Pennyworth, who is a kind old man and one of Bruce's old friends.

Dick's destruction

Bruce pays a criminal named Carmine Falcone to kidnap Dick so he can rescue him, once he does Dick, now a count, invites Bruce to his pary. When the day comes the bat yells out that Dick framed Bruce, at first no one believes him but Bruce gives his testimony. All eyes are on Dick so he snaps and accidentally yells he did it. With his reputation destroyed Dick jumps off a bridge.

Hell to your doorstep

With his biggest rival out of the picture Bruce targets Jason next. He buys Jasons land and with it his fortune, Jason attempts to attack Bruce but is arrested. The last of his enemies Bruce takes revenge on is Tim, he holds Tim in court and wins when he reveals Tim withheald evidence. With all of his foes defeated Bruce thinks about what he has done and starts feeling guilty. Bruce requests to see his old cell, he looks around before closing the door.

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