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Created By

seth mcfalene


seth mcfarlene jeff bennet kath soucie steve blum tim curry fred tasticore keith david robert enlund frank welker dee bradley baker corey burton

No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes

currently 20


Running Time

11 to 20 mnutes


Original Channel





  • batman (voiced by seth mcfarlene)
  • robin (voiced by kath soucie)
  • james gorden (voiced by jeff bennet)
  • harvey bullock (voiced by seth mcfarlene)


  • the joker (voiced by steve blum)
  • bane (voiced by fred tasticore)
  • scarecrow (voiced by robert englund)
  • zebra man (voiced by keith david)
  • riddler (voiced by tim curry)
  • kgbeast (voiced by corey burton)


  • ace the bat hound (voiced by frank welker)
  • bud and lou (voiced by dee bradey baker)


name villain plot
batman begins the joker bud and lou batman explains his origins to robin meanwhile the joker robs a bank
caped fear scarecrow scarecrow wants revenge on warden sharp for firing him batman must stop scarcrow
riddle my diddle riddler  the riddler locks batman out of wayne manor batman must get in and stop him
cold blood murder kgbeast kgbeast tries to assinate batman can batman keep himself safe
zebra man zebra man batman goes on vacation but zebra man a dangoes bad guy breaks out of jail robin must stop him
the jokes on harvey the joker bud and lou when harvey bullock feels like hes going to be jokers next victim asks batman for help can batman stop joker and his two henchmen
death of batman riddler batman is almost killed by riddler he desides to lay low but riddler is taking over gothem can batman reveal he is alive
the crime with no culprit the joker bud lou and zebra man batman tracks down zebra man and joker at the bank once he arrives the bank manager tells him there has been no crime  can batman find the two villains
the day off kgbeast batman has a day off and goes to hawiwi but kgbeast has other plans
the last laugh joker bud and lou when joker feels depressed so bud and lou take him on a crime spree
japan  scarecrow batman goes to japan but scarecrow stalks him
the darkest hour kgbeast and zebra man gothems most deadly criminals kgbeast and zebra man team up to kill batman
its a trap riddler riddler returns and batman must stop him
something werid joker bud and lou joker finds out his origins
24 minutes scarecrow batman tracks down scarecrow but gots 24 minutes before scarecrow sends fear gas
alone riddler batman is alone is wen riddler traps him in a maze
inglourius bats adolf hitler and hans landa when batman travels back in time he meets hitler (voiced by muarice lamarche) and hans landa (voiced by rob pualson)
joking around joker bud and lou joker kidnaps batman and robin needs to rescue him
knightfall part 1 bane joker kgbeast zebra man riddler scarecrow bud and lou bane comes back ad teams up with the other villains
knightfall part 2 bane joker kgbeast zebra man riddler scarecrow bud and lou

batman fights all of his enemies

(note this the season final)

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