Real Name
Dr. Thomas Elliot
Eye Color
Naturally Brown, Can change with contact lenses
Hair Color
Naturally Reddish Brown, Can change with dye
February 14th, 1900
Plastic Surgeon, Identity Theif
Bruce Wayne (formerly), Basil Karlo, Dr Jonathan Crane

Dr. Thomas Elliot a.k.a. Hush is a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne who starts a group of identity theifs who attack Gotham City. He is played by Ewan McGregor in The Return of the Knight (2014 film).

The Return of the Knight

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Hush was the main villain in the fourth Nolan Batman movie. He created a group of identity theifs called "The Facestealers". Hush wanted to get his revenge on Bruce Wayne by stealing his life and then killing him.

Physical Appearence

Hush's body is at the peak of human perfection. His hair is naturally reddish brown but he dyed it to impersonate Bruce Wayne. Hush usually wears red and black camoflauge armor under a brown trenchcoat. He wore bandages on his face to cover the unfinished plastic surgery to make his face look like Wayne.

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