Robin the dark knight 2 by timdrakerobin

Tim Drake was an orphan who became Red Robin. Drake was the second person to figure out Batman's identity. He is the adopted son of Dick Grayson.


Early Life & Parent's Deaths As a child, Tim Drake was obsessed with the circus. His parents Jack and Jeanne took him to see the traveling circus when he was old enough. He witnessed the amazing performance of The Flying Graysons. A few weeks later he heard about the deaths of John and Mary. He was sad for Dick so he sent him an application to the boys home his father ran. Then Tim's parents died in a car crash. Tim was moved to the same orphanage home as Dick used to be in. He grew up there. He saw Dick grow up too, and leave. Then Tim was alone. His orphanage stopped being funded by Wayne Enterprises and he almost had to be transfered until Alfred Pennyworth opened up the Martha & Thomas Wayne Home for Children. Tim was moved there. One day when the group was on a field trip, Tim saw the Batman in action. He ran away and hid hoping they wouldn't kill him.

Adoption by the New Batman

A few years after living in the new orphanage, Tim was greeted by a man named John Blake. Blake said he would adopt Tim. After a few weeks Blake came to pick Tim up from the orphanage. He brought him to a cave under a waterfall. Tim was confused. Why would he be taking him there? When he got out of the car, he looked around and the platform he was standing on started to rise. A box was sitting on it. He opened it to see a karate uniform and a white belt. He turned around to ask Mr. Blake what it was. "It's a present for you. I would like to accept you into the academy." said Blake. "The what?" Tim replied. "The Bat-Academy, where you will train." said a new voice. A woman walked in. She had red hair, glasses and was extremely pale. "Aren't you-" "The commissioner's daughter, yes, and Johnny's girlfriend." said Barbara Gordon. John Blake went to stand with her. "We believe you have a talent." he said.

and then the training started, it was hard but Tim pulled threw. after about a month he was ready, ready for the next step. he was placed in front of him three cubes, one was red, one was yellow and one was green.

john asked him to pick one, so he did, he picked the red one. he turnd it over and saw a bird on it. " a red robin?" Tim asked " well i was gonna call you robin, but red robin sounds way cooler,"

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