Ben & Rook vs. Batman

The Batman meets two young heroes from another universe after one of their villains gets sent to his universe and has alligned with some of his own rogues.


Announcer: Hi I'm Ben Tennyson and right now me and my partner Rook are fighting one of my most psychotic enemies: Eon.

Ben and Rook are fighting together against the mad time traveler and at the moment Ben is as one of his older aliens: Diamondhead.

Ben: Come on Rook, we can take this joker down.

Rook: Yes Ben, but may I suggest fighting Eon as another alien? Perhaps Clockwork? His temporal powers will be more of a match for Eon than Diamondhead.

Ben: Good thinking partner.

Ben transforms into Eon now and intends to fight Eon with Clockwork's own time traveling powers.

Eon: Your alien form won't stop me this time Tennyson!

Ben: Dude, I have no idea what you're talking about. Anyway it's time to kick your butt.

Eon: No, not again! This time I am going to destroy you once and for all.

Ben then blasts Clockwork's green temporal energy beams against Eon's purple colored time beams. However Ben's power is much stronger than Eon's, so unfortunately for Eon, he takes the full treatment. Eon is engulfed in green energy.

Eon: No! Not again!

Eon seems to fade away into oblivion and both Ben and Rook are glad to see that. Ben then reverts to his human form.

Ben: Well that was easier than usual huh Rook? Come on let's get a smoothie. They're on me.

Rook: On you where?

Ben: It's an expression Rook. We've been over this.

Rook: Oh of course. Forgive me.

Ben: Forget about it Rook. Let's just get a smoothie and some chili fries. I'm starving.

Rook: Chili fries? (Disgusted sound)

Ben and Rook then go to get their smoothies and are unaware that Eon actually did not perish. He is passing through a vortex that Eon was flung into by Ben's time traveling powers as Clockwork. However Eon finally passes through the void and finds himself in a strange surrounding.

Eon: Where am I? Where did that whelp Ben Tennyson send me this time?

Eon walks through these new city streets, but he is suddenly almost ran over by a man's car.

Driver: Hey freak! Get out of the street! Some people are driving here!

Eon uses his powers to rapidly age the driver's car to dust. He is frightened, so he runs away screaming.

Eon: I see now. Tennyson foolishly sent me to another universe. A new universe to conquer and no Ben Tennyson to stop me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Bellwood again where Ben and Rook are enjoying their smoothies. Ben is also eating his chili fries which he is enjoying, but Rook is eating an alien meal that Ben's grandfather Max Tennyson made for him.

Rook: I still cannot understand how you can eat chili fries Ben.

Ben: I could say the same thing about those lunches that Grandpa Max makes for you.

Rook: But Magister Tennyson's meals are delicious. Your chili fries are, are...

Ben: Are what?

Rook: Nothing.

Soon both Ben and Rook are greeted by a very familiar face; Ben's old friend Professor Paradox.

Ben: Professor Paradox? What are you doing here? Come to tell me how I did a great job in finally getting rid of Eon?

Paradox: I'm afraid not Ben because you didn't destroy Eon. Your combined temporal energies tossed Eon through a time vortex and propelled him into another universe.

Ben: Say what?

Rook: As you would say Ben, "You messed up".

Ben: Thanks for explaining it Rook.

Rook: You are welcome.

Ben: That was sarcasm Rook.

Rook: Was that sarcasm?

Paradox: Anyway Ben because of your unintentional tossing Eon into another universe then you and Rook are going to have to go to that other universe and find him. Which as you know, I don't fancy you going to other universes. However this time I have no choice but to.

Ben: You know you were the one that sent Gwen, Kevin, and me to the Forge of Creation. Nobody is suppose to go there and before that you took us outside our universe and a took us to a place between all of them remember?

Paradox: Yes Ben, but I had to bend the laws of time for a few moments to do so. Now I have to do it again because the consequences are too great. You have to do this.

Ben: Okay then. Let's do it Paradox.

Paradox: Splendid Ben. We are about to pass through the void. So please keep all hands and feet inside the ride or you might be instantly ripped apart and splattered through out the multiverse.

Ben: Let's avoid that shall we?

Rook: Yes let us.

So then Professor Paradox encases Ben and Rook along with himself in a blue sphere and begin to cross dimensions. The ride through the void is short, but along the way, both Ben and Rook can see images from other universes. Ben can even see two that he recognizes. One is the universe where he met another version of himself. The other is where he met that kid Rex, who could create machines from his body.

Paradox: Brace yourselves gentlemen. We are about to cross over into the other universe.

A bright blue light engulfs an alleyway and they have arrived finally.

Ben: That was surreal.

Rook: Yes it was, I must admit.

Paradox: I'm afraid I have to leave you for now Ben. However once Eon is in your grip, I can return to bring him and you two back to our universe. So good luck Ben, Rook, you'll need it.

Paradox then vanishes in a whiff of blue energy.

Ben: Alright then Rook. Let's get started. The sooner we find Eon, we go home.

Rook: Agreed, but where should we start? We are in an unknown universe after all.

Ben: Let's just search the streets for now. Eon shouldn't have been in this universe too long, so finding him shouldn't be too hard right?

Rook: If you say so.

However of course before they intend to fully search for Eon, they decide to first learn exactly where they are.

Rook: The architecture of this city is very impressive, but also it's very...

Ben: Gothic?

Rook: Yes.

Ben: I know. This place is pretty creepy and it's not very cheery is it? It seems like the kind of place that a guy like Eon or even Argit would like to crawl around in. Let's find a sign Rook. It can tell us where we are.

So the two young Plumbers do look around for a street sign so they can learn the name of this city and they found one.

Rook: Here is one Ben. According to it, we are in a place called Gotham City. Hmm the name does match the style of architecture.

Ben: Sure does. We better find Eon fast though. I'm getting this weird feeling that we're being watched.

Rook: Yes Ben. I have been feeling it too.

They were indeed being watched as atop a building there is a shadowy figure that was watching them. The intentions of this stranger are not clear, but what ever it is, it has an eye on Ben and Rook. However since he has not made himself known to Ben and Rook though, the two Plumbers have no cause for alarm. As the pair make way through the city, they hear something.

Woman: Somebody please help me!

Ben: Come on Rook! Someone's in trouble.

Ben and Rook run to where they heard the scream and it's coming from a woman who is in the process of getting her purse stolen.

Rook: Put your hands up sir and let that woman go!

Thug: What's this? A kid and some clown in a weird mask?

Rook: I am not wearing a mask.

Ben: And I'm not just some kid.

Ben uses his Omnitrix and transforms into Spidermonkey and creates a giant web from his tail and traps the thug. He's stuck on the wall and the woman is safe, then Ben reverts back to his human form.

Woman: Oh thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ben: Don't mention it ma'am. It's just another day for us superheroes.

The woman then kisses both Rook and Ben on the cheek, then plans to go back home.

Ben: Why can't the girls in our world do that when I save them?

Rook: Maybe because they don't want too?

Ben: That was a rhetorical question Rook.

Rook: And yet, you did not get an answer. Shall we proceed?

Ben: Yeah we better. I'll take to the skies as Astrodactyl and search the city from above. You continue to search on foot. Try to see if you can find any leads on any strange happenings. Besides us of course.

Rook: Agreed.

So Ben does indeed transform into Astrodactyl and takes to the skies, but once again this shadowy figure got a look at Ben and Rook.

Figure: An alien shape shifter? This evening just got interesting.

However this mysterious person isn't the only one or ones spying on Ben and Rook. Atop another building are two masked men in strange outfits.

Deadshot: Alright Firefly I have our target in my sights. Let's make this a clean kill.

Firefly: I don't get it Deadshot. Why does our boss want us to kill some flying space chicken?

Deadshot: I don't know and I don't care. As long as the money is good, I'll blow the hairs off a little girl for cash.

Firefly: Right. Bring it down and we can finish him off.

Deadshot: I know what I'm doing Firefly.

Deadshot takes aim at Ben with a bazooka and it fires a net at Ben which traps him instantly. Ben begins falling to his apparent doom, but luckily he landed on a building. The jolt also returned him to his human form.

Ben: What's the deal? Who the heck shot at me?

Deadshot: I'm assuming that it was me kid. You were just some flying freak a moment ago. Now you're a kid?

Ben: Let me go and I'll show you what for.

Firefly: Ha! No thanks kid. Our employer wants you dead and Deadshot and I are men of our word.

Ben: Oh yeah? Then just who is your boss then dude? I want a name.

Firefly: Listen to the kid trying to sound all scary Deadshot. Thinks he's the Bat.

Voice: No that would be me Firefly.

A small bat themed projectile is aimed at Deadshot's wrist mounted canons. Both assassins turn to see a man dressed in an interesting bat themed costume.

Deadshot: Batman!

Firefly: Smoke 'im!

Ben is in awe of what he is seeing and whoever this Batman is, he is pummeling both Deadshot and Firefly. Firefly takes to the air with his jet-pack and aims his flamethrower at the Batman, but he resists with his large bat wing like cape. It is flame proof it seems, but then Batman aims another projectile at Firefly, but aims at his jet-pack. The jetpack is hit and begins to go haywire, so he is forced to abandon it. However Firefly still has his flamethrower, however the Batman tosses a projectile at it that causes the barrel of the flamethrower to freeze, then explode. Firefly is then knocked out from the resulting shock, but Deadshot is not out.

Deadshot: You're not taking me in Batman! Not this time!

Batman: We'll see about that Deadshot.

Ben: Hmm Batman huh? Nice name and really nice costume.

Deadshot fires at Batman with his wrist cannons, but the Batman dodges every single move gracefully. However Deadshot gets the idea of firing at Ben so he can escape from Batman easily. Deadshot aims and begins to fire at Ben, but the Batman slides on the ground towards Ben's location and shields Ben with his cape, which is also bullet proof.

Ben: Dude! Why are these guys after me?

Batman: You tell me kid. I've been following you and your friend ever since you just appeared in Gotham.

Ben: You have? Wait that doesn't matter right now. Cut me loose. I have an idea that will take care of that Deadshot guy.

So then Batman slices the net that holds Ben with something he calls a Batarang. Ben is loose and while still under Batman's cape, he transforms into Lodestar. An alien that can create magnetic fields. He gets out from behind Batman's cape then stands up. Deadshot fires at Ben, but Lodestar creates his magnetic fields which stop the bullets in their tracks. Deadshot ceases fire and then Ben as Lodestar releases the bullets from the field. Deadshot then attempts to run away, but the Batman tosses a Batarang at Deadshot's head which knocks him out. Ben then reverts back to human form. Ben then soon gets a transmission of his Omnitrix from Rook.

Rook: Ben! Ben! Are you all right?!

Ben: I'm fine partner.

Rook: That is good. I saw you fall out of the sky and I feared I may not be able to get to you in time.

Ben: Relax Rook. It'll take more than a fall on a building to stop Ben Tennyson. You should know that.

Rook: Yes I probably should have.

Ben: Anyway you're not going to believe what I found Rook. Some guy in a costume saved me...

Ben turns around to see that the Batman is gone, which he hates because he never got a chance to thank him. Ben just stands atop the building alone, but soon in another place is Eon, who has made some new friends in this universe.

Eon: Blast it! I thought Deadshot and Firefly would have taken down Tennyson for sure. It appears I over estimated their abilities.

Eon is not alone however, as with him are four more of Gotham City's worst criminals: Two-Face, Joker, Poison Ivy, and finally the Penguin. Eon must have made an alliance with these four.

Joker: Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Eon old boy. I doubt it was that brat you're trying to kill. It was the Batman. His pointy ears are always spoiling our fun.

Eon: Who is this Batman you speak of?

Penguin: He is a masked vigilante who makes it his business to ruin all of our not so legal business ventures.

Eon: Is he dangerous?

Two-Face: Most definitely Eon. If you want to kill that Tennyson kid, then the Batman will need to be taken out first.

Penguin: Which as luck would have it Eon, I have procured the services of three more colleagues of ours that can accomplish such a strenuous activity.

Penguin snaps his fingers and three hulking brutes enter the hideout and of what Eon can see, he is very impressed.

Back in the heart of Gotham City is Ben and Rook again who did meet back up.

Rook: I am so relieved that you are okay Ben. I saw what happened and regret not being able to get there in time.

Ben: Don't sweat it Rook. I'm okay, but that's not the best of it. I was rescued by a guy in this bat costume. He took down those Deadshot and Firefly guys like they were nothing. I just wish I could thank him.

Rook: Did he have a name?

Ben: Yeah. Those guys called him Batman.

Rook: Batman? While I was searching on foot, I heard that name. He is this masked vigilante to fights the city's worst criminals and sends them to this place called Arkham Asylum.

Ben: An asylum? Whoah this Bat-Dude's bad guys must be out of their gourds?

Rook: Gourds?

Ben: It's another Earth expression.

Rook: I see? Perhaps this Batman can aid us in hunting down and defeating Eon yes?

Ben: Great idea Rook, but how do we contact him?

Rook: I heard of this signal atop the police headquarters building. The city's police use it to summon him.

Ben: Then let's go Rook.

Voice: You're not going anywhere child.

Ben and Rook turn to see who said that and soon Rook is attacked by this mud monster who extends his arm and slams Rook into the side of a wall. Ben sees his comrade is down, so he tries to avenge him, however a monstrous reptilian creature leaps down in front of Ben and grabs Ben by his Omnitrix arm.

Killer Croc: He's a tiny one isn't he? I was hoping for a meal, not a bed time snack!

Bane: Calm yourself amigo. The Penguin wants this young man dead, not digested.

Clayface: What's so special about this kid anyway Bane?

Batman: I was about to ask the same question Clayface. It seems he can't keep himself out of trouble around here.

Ben: Dude you don't know the half of it.

Killer Croc: Batman! I will feast on your bones!

Croc then tosses Ben at Batman, who leaps of his perch and quickly saves Ben.

Ben: Thanks again for saving me.

Batman: Don't mention it kid. Now maybe you can enlighten me as to why all of Gotham's worst are after you?

Ben: I'm not too sure, but I can take these jokers. See to Rook Bat-Dude. It's hero time!

Ben transforms into Humongosaur and goes to attack Killer Croc head on. However Killer Croc proves to be an able opponent. As he blocks Ben's assault and slashes Ben in his stomach.

Batman: Rook? Are you all right?

Rook: Yes I am. You must be the Batman I heard about.

Batman: Later. Your friend needs help and you better be well enough to fight.

Rook: Gladly.

Rook gets his Proto-Tool out and opens fire on Clayface, but his clay like body protects him from Rook's laser blast.

Rook: That is going to present a problem.

Batman: Don't worry, I have something that can take care of him.

Clayface: Not this time Batman.

Clayface extends his clay appendage at Batman and forces him on a wall, but soon Clayface begins drowning Batman in his clay. Rook tries to intervene, but Bane grabs Rook by his head and tosses him away.

Bane: I am afraid not amigo. The Batman cannot intervene here.

Ben: What's going on anyway? Why are all you freaks so interested in killing me? Who hired you?

Bane: That is none of your business child.

Bane then presses this dial on his wrist and soon this chemical is pumping through a tube connected to his skull. All of Bane's muscles begin to grow to grotesque proportions and Ben is in complete shock. Bane then charges at Ben, who barely manages to defend himself against Bane.

Bane: Clayface! Get over here and help me kill this muchacho!

Clayface: As soon as I kill Batman.

Croc: I'll help Bane. The kid looks much more filling than what he did before. I'm famished.

Bane: Then help yourself cocodrilo.

Ben: Oh man!

Clayface continues to drown the Batman in his clay death trap, however the Batman has a contingency. There's this small exploding sound and soon Clayface's arm is turned to dust. Clayface detaches himself from his arm so he doesn't fully dehydrate.

Clayface: What did you do to me?

Batman: Flash dehydrant Clayface and I have plenty more.

Batman attaches one to his grapnel and launches it deep into Clayface's body. He is dehydrated and reduced to mere dust in the wind.

Batman: He'll be all right. Just out of water.

Rook: Impressive I must admit.

Ben: Less impressing, more helping!

Batman: Rook aim for that tube connected to Bane's skull now! It will disrupt the venom flow!

Rook: Understood.

Rook's Proto-Tool can also transform into a sword, which he then leaps into the air and then jumps onto Bane's back. He uses his weapon to sever the tube from Bane's head, which is reducing him back to normal stature. Then Ben gets payback by punching Bane square in the jaw and flinging him backwards into a wall. Killer Croc then attempts to take all three of them on. However the Batman has another gadget that acts as a very powerful taser and takes Killer Croc out with one hit. Ben then reverts back to his human form.

Ben: Nice work Bat-Dude. You took him down with hardly a scrape.

Rook: Yes most impressive. Your equipment is first rate. Well for Earth based tech.

Batman: Whatever. Now maybe you two can finally answer my question. Who are you? Why were Killer Croc, Bane, Clayface, Firefly, and Deadshot after you?

Ben: Got me man? Who isn't trying to kill me is a better question.

Batman grabs Ben by his shirt collar and lifts him into the air.

Batman: Losing my patience. Tell me now!

Ben: I swear man, I have no idea why they're after me! Rook and I just came to your town and then boom they start trying to kill me.

Batman: Why? Why you and why now? Talk!

Rook: I think I may have the answer for you.

Batman: Well?

Rook: It is difficult to explain, but here I go. We are not native to your city, your world, or even your universe.

Batman: What?

Ben: It's true. Rook and I are from another universe. We were sent here because I may have been responsible for sending one of my bad guys here.

Batman: You did what?! You're the reason these criminals are out on my streets? Explain to me why I shouldn't lock you up.

Rook: Because we are to help and make up for Ben's mistake.

Ben: Did you have to say it like that Rook?

Rook: You were the one who blasted Eon with your Chronosapien powers or was that another rhetorical question?

Batman lets Ben go.

Ben: Thanks and like Rook said, we're here to help. I know I messed up, but we're going to fix it.

Batman: Fine then you two are coming with me.

The Batman pulls out a remote from his utility belt and soon Ben and Rook hear something.

Ben: What's that?

The three of them are soon greeted by the Batman's mode of transportation: the Batmobile.

Ben: Whoah! Nice ride!

Rook: Yes indeed.

The hatch to the car opens up and then the Batman leaps in.

Batman: You two. Get in. Now!

So Ben and Rook do jump in with Rook in the passenger seat and Ben in a single third seat in the back.

Ben: Nice leather seats.

Batman then closes the hatch to his car and intends to take Ben and Rook to his secret lair: the Batcave.

Eon again with his new comrades is enraged again that his new forces could not kill Ben Tennyson or his partner Rook.

Penguin: Another over sight my friend. We shall triumph the next time.

Eon: No. This time I shall engage Ben Tennyson and this Batman myself and this time I shall be the winner.

Eon teleports away leaving the rogues to themselves.

Penguin: At last. I had given up all hope that, that pompous wind bag would leave. Now my friends, we can enact my master plan.

Poison Ivy: Exactly what would that be Penguin darling?

Penguin: It is quite simple my radiant rose. The four of us are some of the most prosperous businessmen and women in Gotham City. Yet the Batman has always ruined our ordeals. Now is the time to make profit in other lands and more specifically other realities. Realities with no Batman to ruin our plans.

Joker: No Batman Pengy? That's not very fun, not at all. However a chance to put a smile on all the faces of the multiverse intrigues me.

Two-Face: The same for us Penguin. We are two minds here and they both find your idea suitable. However how do you intend to pull off such a huge score?

Penguin: Always twice thinking it aye Harvey? Anyway though, I procured a device from LexCorp that will allow us to siphon off Eon's extraordinary power and use it for our own means. The multiverse will be ours and we will not just be ordinary criminals. We will be gods!

Every single one of them in this room squeal at that notion, but there is still their only real obstacle to ascending to this new level and it's still the Batman. Who by the way still has his new companions in his car with him.

Ben: So spill Batman, where are we going?

Rook: Yes I am most intrigued by what our destination is.

Batman: You'll know when we get there. However first put these on.

He is referring to a pair of blindfolds.

Ben: Why?

Batman: Because I don't just take anyone into my place of business, nor do I need to let people know where it is or how to get there, unless it's someone I trust.

Ben: You don't trust us? Why?

Batman: You were the one who brought a maniac into my world remember?

Ben: Yeah...but you're the one wearing a mask.

Batman: Just put them on now!

Ben: What ever you say dude.

Batman: Don't call me that.

Both Rook and Ben put on their blindfolds, however Ben is tempted to take a small peak, but Batman simply glares at him, so Ben lowers his blindfold again. They are coming up ever closer to the entrance to the Batcave. The secret door to his lair opens and the Batman pulls into the cave. The hatch to his car then opens.

Batman: You can take those off now.

Ben: Finally. Oh man! This is quite the set up you got here. I don't think the Plumber facility underneath my grandpa's store has anything on your pad.

Rook: I must admit that your dwelling is most impressive.

Batman: What kind of plumbers have a secret base in their store?

Ben: In our world there are plumbers and then there are the Plumbers. The Plumbers are intergalactic police officers who monitor alien activity on Earth.

Rook: Yes and Ben and I happen to be members. With your skill Batman, I think you could be an excellent Plumber.

Batman: No thanks. I prefer to work alone. Now let's get down to business.

Batman escorts Ben and Rook to his computer and as they walk, Ben wants to explore the cave a bit more. However they meet at the computer to discuss Eon, which then Rook gets out his Plumbers badge which acts as a flash drive. All information on Eon is being downloaded now.

Batman: Fascinating. Your Eon friend has time traveling powers and can traverse to other dimensions. However according to this, Eon is suppose to be another version of Ben from a parallel world.

Ben: Yeah that's what Professor Paradox says. Can you believe it? An evil twin?

Batman: I've had some experience with evil doppelgangers. Even the parallel world kind.

Ben: You too?

Voice: Yes indeed young man. Sir if you're going to have company over, would you please alert me first? I would have made more sandwiches and poured some more tea.

Ben: Who are you?

Alfred: My name is Alfred Pennyworth young sir. I've been in the employ of the Batman since he was in diapers.

Ben: Whoah wait a minute? Does that mean your his butler and that Batman is like rich?

Rook: It seems logical to be honest. A set-up like this would take large sums of currency. So either the Batman is insanely wealthy or someone is funding his campaign on his war on crime.

Batman: Not bad kid. You'd make a first rate detective.

Rook: Oh, thank you.

As Rook and Batman talk about Eon, Ben wants to look around the cave and there is something that catches his eye. There is a case with what looks like a children's superhero costume in it.

Ben: Um so Alfred right? What's with this costume in the case? Was Batman a superhero since he was a kid like me?

Alfred: Master Bruce doesn't like it when this is brought up, but I feel compelled to answer. This costume was once worn by Batman's young partner who went by Robin. His real name was Jason Todd and in his career he was killed by a criminal called the Joker. He was beaten with a crowbar and then the Joker left him there locked in a warehouse and blew it up. To this day Master Bruce has never been able to forgive himself even after Master Jason's return.

Ben: He lost his partner? I couldn't even begin to understand if that ever happened to me. Before Rook I worked with my cousin Gwen and my best friend Kevin. They're all special to me and what do you mean his return? People don't come back from the dead. Do they?

Rook: Ben! We may have found a lead on where to find Eon.

Ben: On my way.

He returns to the Batcomputer with Rook and Batman.

Ben: Okay then. What do you got?

Batman: This. The Batcomputer has been detecting anomalies in the time space continuum. I've even contacted the Justice League Watchtower and made even more discoveries.

Ben: Justice League? I thought you preferred to work alone Batman.

Batman: I do. Go ahead Cyborg we're listening.

Cyborg: It's all very strange Batman. I'm getting massive spikes here on our computers. There are time space anomalies popping up and the epicenter is Gotham City.

Rook: Yes we know. We have also already come to the conclusion of who is responsible.

Cyborg: And who might that be?

Ben: Eon.

Cyborg: Who?

Batman: It's a long story Cyborg. Keep monitoring all the disturbances. I'm going to check them out.

Cyborg: Need help?

Batman: No. I think the three of us can handle this. However have the rest of the Justice League on standby in case of an emergency.

Cyborg: Understood Batman. Cyborg over and out.

Batman: Let's not waste any more time. let's go.

Ben: Lead the way.

The three of them get back into the Batmobile and they begin to head back towards the city.

Ben: So where we headed Batman?

Batman: Downtown Gotham. That's where the anomaly is at its strongest.

Ben: It's Eon all right. It has to be a trap. His flunkies couldn't kill me, so he's luring us out, so he can finish us off himself.

Batman: Obviously, but let's see who walks into a trap and by whom.

Batman drives even faster towards the heart of his town and intends to take down Eon by any cost. The Batmobile has made it into the city, but they were being watched by the Joker.

Joker: Clown Prince to Puffin Man. Do you copy? The bat has entered the belfry.

Penguin: Yes Joker I do and don't call me Puffin Man!

Joker: Fine then. Clown Prince to Stupid Trick Umbrella Man. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Penguin: Anyway Joker. Keep your eyes on the Batman and his two new young companions. Once they have defeated Eon and they will, then give us the signal. We are already moving in with the device.

Joker: As you wish Pengy. This plan of yours is a real killer. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Penguin: I don't know why I am willingly working with that psychotic harlequin.

Poison Ivy: Isn't that Joker's girlfriend Penguin?

Penguin: That's besides the point Miss Ivy. My plan will soon come to fruition and no one will stop us this time.

As the trio makes way to Gotham City, Ben has to ask Batman about some thing.

Ben: Hey Batman. Alfred told me about the costume in that case in your cave. I have to know, did something bad happen to you to make you well you.

Batman: First let me ask you some thing Ben. Why did you become a hero? Was it out of guilt, revenge, or did you know in your heart that it was the right thing to do?

Ben: I did it because I found the Omnitrix, but before that I had always wanted to help people in some way. Although I have to admit that being a superhero is not what I first had in mind. It's hard work, but you know what? I don't regret it and I never will.

Batman: I envy you Ben. My parents were taken from me. That's why I risk my life for people I never met, cared about, or even spoke to. This madness and danger I put myself through to make sure what happened to me will not happen to others. Is that what you wanted to hear?

Ben: I...I don't know.

Batman: Drop it then Ben. We need to keep our heads in the game and not worry about our pasts. We need to focus on the here and now.

Ben: You're right. I'm sorry I brought it up. We're partners now and we need to trust each other if we're going to take down Eon.

Batman: You're right. We take down Eon and we can meet for lunch when this is all over.

That last part of Batman's sentence had a bit of sarcasm, which Ben managed to understand, however Rook did not. However soon the trio of heroes finally have made it to the center of town and they can see Eon in the flesh.

Eon: Ben Tennyson and his alien partner Rook Blonko and you must be this Batman I've heard so much about. Your reputation is impressive to say the least, but now your time is up.

Ben: No way Eon. Today I'm going to clean your clock.

Eon blasts Ben with his energy beams, but Ben quickly turned into Feedback and used his ability to absorb and re-channel energy to his advantage. Eon is then attacked by his own energy powers, which gives Rook and Batman the chance needed to trap Eon. Eon is trapped by a bola from Batman and a net from Rook's Proto-Tool. Although Eon uses his powers to free himself and then constructs an energy sword from thin air.

Ben: Okay. Got any ideas?

Batman: I have one Ben. Your alien form.

Ben: Feedback?

Batman: Whatever. How much energy can Feedback's body hold?

Ben: Not sure. Why? You got a plan?

Batman: If you can drain enough of his powers then we might be able to physically contain him. However you might have to suck him until he's nearly dry.

Ben: On it.

Ben as Feedback then leaps strait into the air, absorbing all of Eon's energy blasts, and then finally manages to plant his tail and two antennae to begin draining Eon dry. Eon screams in pain as a result of having his near limitless power being absorbed. From a distance the Joker can see what is going on, but he isn't alone. The Penguin and the rest of his team arrives on the scene.

Penguin: My friends, this may serve our purposes more so than I ever hoped. Prepare the machine Two-Face or do you need your coin to decide?

Two-Face: No. We can do this without the need of our coin Penguin.

Penguin: Good. Now begin.

As Ben continues to drain Eon dry, soon what look like cables are launched at Ben and that energy he drained is being drained. Batman and Rook turn to see who is responsible.

Batman: Penguin, Joker, Two-Face, and poison Ivy. Figures you four would get involved in this.

Penguin: Yes indeed Batman. You know us far too well. Some might call it an obsession wouldn't they?

Batman: I call it bringing four dangerous thugs like yourself to justice Penguin. What are you doing to the kid?

Penguin: My own small contribution to this device I purchased from LexCorp. You see this siphoning machine is draining the fantastic powers that Eon possess. Those powers are being used to power our inter dimensional portal. We intended to drain them from Eon originally, but you solved that problem for us Batman. I feel I must thank you.

Eon: You were going to betray me?!

Penguin: Of course. I am a commander, not a common thug to be used by you Eon. Drain the boy of all his energy Two-Face!

Batman: Ben let go of Eon now and get out of there! Hurry!

Ben does just that and the resulting drain of his energies reverts him back to human form. However the cables reattach themselves to Eon and the rest of his energies are being drained.

Eon: No! No! You will all pay for this.......

Penguin: Oh now, I wouldn't say that my friend.

The rest of Eon, even what was left of his physical form is drained into the machine and it is ready.

Penguin: Finally. Well now heroes, I must bid you adieu. Joker would you be so kind?

Joker: Bye-bye Batsy and kid. Isn't this almost poetic Bats? This'll be the second one of your kids that I kill.

Joker aims a bazooka at a building right behind the trio and unfortunately, they don't have enough time to react and it seems that they finally met their match.

Penguin: First rate marksmanship Joker. Now let's go.

The villains power up their machine and the first universe they plan to visit ever so happens to be Ben and Rook's universe. At the pile of rubble again, it really does seem that the heroes have perished, but looks can be deceiving. A huge blue light appears and Ben, Rook, and Batman were in the middle of it.

Batman: What happened? We were history.

Paradox: Not quite Batman. Not quite.

Ben: Professor Paradox? Why are you here?

Batman: This is that Paradox person that you mentioned before Ben?

Paradox: I am indeed Batman. I rescued you all at the right moment because I need your help. Penguin and his gang are in our universe and their machine is causing tears in the fabric of reality. I had to fix them first, but I managed to save the three of you at the right moment and put you into suspended animation.

Ben: How long?

Paradox: Three months to say the least.

Ben: Three months?! It felt like three seconds!

Batman: Time travel Ben. It gives me a headache as well. So what's the plan now professor?

Paradox: I need to take the three of you back to our universe Batman. The Plumber facility was the first to fall in their invasion and all of Bellwood is now under their control. They used Plumber technology to take control and are currently in the process of taking the whole country.

Batman: Then let's go. We can't waste anymore time.

Ben: Batman's right. Take us to the Plumber facility first Paradox. Once we free Grandpa Max then he and Rook can begin rounding up all the Plumbers. Then Batman and I can find Penguin and his gang.

Batman: Understood. Now let's go.

Paradox: As you wish. The three of you are now our only hope. No pressure of course.

Paradox then takes the three heroes through the nexus between the two universes and as Ben instructed, they are in the Plumber facility. Paradox did not arrive with them.

Ben: All right we're here. Let's stick to the plan and we'll be out of here in no time.

Rook: Understood.

Batman stops Ben for a moment.

Batman: Wait Ben. First we need some recon. I don't know my way around here and since you and Rook have been gone, it's possible that Penguin and his gang changed up the place.

Rook: He does have a point Ben.

Ben: You're right Batman. I'll look around first. You and Rook wait right here.

Batman: Understood. Do you have any alien forms that can turn you invisible?

Ben: I just might.

Ben transforms into ChamAlien, which is an alien that can turn invisible, but can also scale walls.

Batman: All right then. We'll wait here just as you said Ben, but Ben, try not to be a hero. Recon first. Rescuing the hostages can come later.

Ben: Got it.

Ben becomes invisible and begins climbing all over the walls now and he begins his search of the facility. As instructed by Batman though, Ben doesn't engage any of the thugs that he sees roaming around in the facility. He can see the Plumbers in the holding cells and amazingly they are still alive. However Ben can also see that the inmates are armed with the most advanced Plumber gear, so Ben needs to be careful. Although as Ben scales the walls, there seems to be someone who has his eye on him. Soon this person aims at Ben's foot, which makes him fall to the ground and he reverts back to human form.

Deadshot: Hey kid. Remember me?

Ben: Deadshot right? How did you get here?

Deadshot: Penguin took pity on me and brought me over to help keep this place well guarded from you hero scum.

Liam: (Clucking sound) And he's not alone! (Clucking sound)

Ben: Deadshot and Liam? Wow now that's a pair I wasn't expecting.

Deadshot: Yeah now me and Chicken Man are going to scramble you kid.

Ben: Gulp.

However they don't get their chance as both Rook and Batman come to Ben's aid. They heard the laser blast and came to investigate for themselves.

Deadshot: Batman? Why am I not surprised?

Liam: (Clucking sound) Who?

Deadshot: Doesn't matter. Just kill him.

They fire their weapons at the three heroes, which makes them have to dodge.

Batman: Ben! Stick to the plan kid! Find your grandfather! Rook and I will deal with these two.

Ben: Got it.

However this time Ben transforms into Big Chill, which not only allows him to fly, but he can go intangible as well. He takes flight through the facility to find his grandfather.

Deadshot: No you don't kid.

However Rook uses his Proto-Tool and fires it at Deadshot's weapon, then he uses his weapon to fire a net and it traps Deadshot. Liam attempts to run away, but Batman tosses a bola at Liam's legs which then causes him to trip and fall.

Rook: They are down. Should we proceed to follow Ben?

Batman: Yes. He could use our help. This place is more dangerous than we both thought.

However they are soon stopped by a stray laser blast that was aimed at their feet. Rook and Batman turn to see who shot it. There are two people there and both Batman and Rook recognize them.

Rook: Sixsix!

Batman: Deathstroke!

Rook: Is he an enemy of yours?

Batman: Occasionally. He's dangerous.

Rook: So is Sixsix.

Batman: So you're Penguin's lapdog Deathstroke?

Deathstroke: No. Joker hired me because he knows you hero types have that uncanny ability to escape death. Not that I'm surprised mind you. You have great skills Batman and you waste them on petty vigilantism. You'd go far if you ever decided to drop the hero act and become a merc like me.

Batman: No thanks Slade. So are we going to do this or not?

Deathstroke: By all means. Take down the alien sidekick Sixsix. The bat is mine!

So then Deathstroke and Batman engage each other in hand to hand combat, with Deathstroke using his twin swords to fight as well. Batman uses his wrist gauntlets as a defense mechanism to block them. Both combatants are pretty even, however Deathstroke does manage to one up Batman a few times. Sixsix is fighting Rook in the air with his jet-pack and firing endless laser shots at Rook. Who ducks to find some cover.

Rook: Please hurry Ben. Batman and I could use your help.

Ben continues his trek through the base and as expected, he is under fire by alien thugs. However Ben's form can go intangible, so the shots just go right through him. However he also passes through them and the thugs are soon frozen solid. Ben ventures onward and he finally finds his grandfather, who luckily is still alive. Ben reverts back to his human form and releases Max.

Max: Ben?! Where've you been son? You and Rook have been missing for three months.

Ben: It's a long story grandpa. Come on. We have to meet back up with Rook. Oh and some other really cool dude.

Max: Lead the way.

As Max and Ben head back towards Batman and Rook, the two of them are getting a bit desperate in their fights with Deathstroke and Sixsix. Deathstroke delivers a powerful kick, which sends Batman into a wall. Rook goes to see if Batman is okay.

Batman: This is a losing battle Rook. We need a new strategy.

Rook: Perhaps we could as Ben would say, "Switch dance partners"?

Batman: Not a bad idea.

Batman uses his grapnel to capture Sixsix and with his superior strength, the Batman takes Sixsix and slams him to the ground near Deathstroke. Which catches him off guard and gives Rook the chance to capture him in a net from his Proto-Tool. Then finally to make sure Deathstroke doesn't go anywhere, the Batman takes Deathstroke's head and slams it into the wall which knocks him out.

Rook: Well done.

Batman: You too.

Ben and Max finally meet back up with Batman and Rook.

Ben: Sixsix? What was he doing here and who's the other guy?

Rook: He is called Deathstroke Ben. The Joker hired these two to keep us off their tracks. It appears that Joker thought the three of us did not perish.

Ben: You mean that clown right? Wow he's smarter and more dangerous than he looks.

Batman: You've never seen evil until you face the Joker, Ben. Just pray that some day you never have too.

Max: So Ben? You want to introduce me to your friend here?

Ben: Sorry grandpa. Grandpa Max this is Batman. Batman this is Grandpa Max.

Batman: Pleasure I'm sure.

Max: I'm sure.

Ben: Too bad we didn't arrive sooner. I would have looked forward to kicking Sixsix's butt.

Batman: Oh well Ben. Since your grandfather is free, let's go on with the rest of the plan.

Ben: Right sorry. Max you and Rook need to start freeing all the Plumbers. Once they're free then we can take on Penguin's crew in force.

Max: Penguin? Is he the little guy in the tuxedo and umbrella?

Batman: Yes. You saw him?

Max: Along with some others. A clown, a woman with red hair, and a guy with a scarred face.

Batman: Joker, Two-Face, and Poison Ivy. We need intelligence. We need to know who exactly Penguin brought to your universe Ben besides Deadshot and Deathstroke.

Max: I'll show you some security footage.

Max take the three of them to the main computer and Batman can see that Penguin brought a lot more than what was first shown.

Max: I take it Batman, that they're not friends of yours?

Batman: Far from it.

Ben: So who are they?

Batman: Of what I can make out, I see: Bane again, Clayface who must have been re-hydrated, Killer Croc, Catman, Killer Moth, Mr. Freeze, and Lady Shiva. All of them are dangerous.

Ben: Care to enlighten us a bit? Rook and I already met Bane, Clayface, and Killer Croc, but who are the others?

Batman: Mr. Freeze was once a scientist named Dr. Victor Fries. He was trying to find a cure to a disease that afflicted his wife. However an accident in his cryogenics lab turned him into Mr. Freeze. Freeze can now only exist in a sub-zero environment or else he will die. He has a weapon that generates intense cold and his suit doubles his strength. He's not all bad, but has done bad things in order to save his wife. Lady Shiva is an assassin like Deathstroke, but she kills her enemies with here bare hands. Killer Moth and Catman are what you'd call Batman copycats. They have many tools similar to mine, but use their skills and weapons for committing crimes, not justice.

Ben: Okay so they're really bad, but we still stick with the plan.

Batman: Right, but where do we start? It'll take too long to search your city.

Ben: Don't worry Batman. I don't think they're in Bellwood. I think they're somewhere else.

Max: Undertown.

Ben: Yup. While Max and Rook free the Plumbers, Batman and I will snoop around in Undertown. Once I give the signal grandpa then you, Rook, and the Plumbers will take the place by storm.

Rook: Very well.

Max: Sure thing son.

Batman: Undertown? What is that?

Ben: It's an underground city of aliens under Bellwood.

Batman: Does your city know?

Ben: They didn't at first, but now they do. There are even tours for humans to get a good look at alien life.

Batman: Is that suppose to make me feel better? I wouldn't be comfortable if a secret city of aliens was under Gotham City. Especially if any of those aliens posed any threats to my city's safety.

Max: We have more important things to worry about remember?

Batman: You're right. First things first. How do we get to Undertown?

Ben: I know the way Batman. Just follow me. We'll meet up later right grandpa?

Max: Right. Now go.

So then Ben and Batman head to the streets of Bellwood and now Max and Rook begin setting all the Plumbers free. Which Penguin and his new gang are settling in nicely.

Penguin: Undertown. What an amazing place to be sure. All these lovely aliens and the alien muscle we managed to obtain since being in this universe.

Mr. Freeze: Yes Penguin, but when will you keep your part of our bargain? You promised to give me the alien equipment I need to finally find a cure for my wife and to cure me as well.

Penguin: All in good time my cold hearted colleague I assure you. Once this whole world is ours, then I shall keep my promise.

Catman: Ha! Even with the Batman and that kid squashed, it hasn't been easy doing so. We've been here three months and we only barely managed to conquer a city.

Penguin: I know Catman, I know. My efforts in taking this world as our oyster has gone slower than I thought. However rest assured, I have a contingency to fix my error.

Catman: It had better Penguin. You know us cats like to dine on helpless little birds like yourself.

Penguin: Is that a threat Mr. Blake?

Catman: It's a promise.

Lady Shiva: Enough Catman. Cobblepot is paying us all too well for our services. So lay off or I'll scratch out your eyes.

Catman: Bring it lady!

Catman and Shiva attempt to battle, but Mr. Freeze stops them by firing his freeze gun in between them.

Mr. Freeze: Enough, both of you! I am not doing this for money nor power. I want my Nora cured and a cure for myself so we can be together. You two will end this petty squabble or I shall put you both on ice permanently.

Penguin: Well said Victor. Well said. Now come. Let us join up with Joker and Killer Moth shall we? We have much to discuss.

Ben and Batman have finally made it to Undertown and from what they see, it looks like Penguin turned it into a police state. There are small groups of alien thugs marching up and down the streets.

Batman: So this is Undertown? I was expecting it to look more advanced.

Ben: No kidding. It's just a bunch of business stands and apartment buildings.

Batman: Back to business though. This place is huge. We're going to need someone that can tell us where to find Penguin and his gang. Also I fear we should stay together this time. There seems to be Penguin's alien thugs roaming the city.

Ben: Just what I was thinking. I also might know where to find a snitch here in Undertown. Follow me.

Batman: Lead the way kid.

As Ben and Batman roam the streets, Batman instructs that they stick close to the shadows. As they walk, they can see the horrible conditions here. Ben wants to intervene.

Batman: Ben, what are you doing?

Ben: Helping them. We can't just let them stay the way they are.

Batman: We have to Ben. It's for their own safety.

Ben: What?

Batman: I don't like it anymore than you do Ben, but you need to keep your emotions in check. If we let them go, we don't know if they'll be safe or get into any danger and we risk losing innocents. If they stay where they are, then we know they're safe. Once Penguin and his forces have been defeated, then we rescue them.

Ben: Okay Batman. I don't like it, but you're right. Let's get going then. I don't want to lay my eyes on this anymore.

Batman and Ben continue their pursuit, leaving the hostages where they are for now. So far there has been no resistance, which is good. Penguin clearly believes that Ben, Rook, and Batman are dead, so he didn't bother to beef up security. They're coming up closer to their destination. Batman and Ben enter strait through the front door.

Ben: Argit! Where are you? I know you're here. It's me Ben Tennyson.

Argit: Benny! Thank goodness you're finally here. Who's your friend? Is he one of those costumed weirdos that have taken over Undertown?

Ben: No. Batman here is a friend. We need information on those costumed weirdos.

Argit: Okay Benny, I'll help, but what's in it for me?

Ben: The fact that Penguin and his gang won't muscle in on your territory and it'll get all those other aliens out of those horrible cages.

Argit: Yeah I don't think so Benny. You know I don't work for free.

Batman walks over towards Argit, grabs him, then tosses him against a wall. He then grabs Argit by his collar.

Batman: Listen to me scum. You're going to help us or else I'll give you to Penguin myself. He'll be upset that he couldn't hold all of Undertown hostage.

Argit: You, you won't do that would you?

Batman: Try me.

Argit: Who, who are you?

Batman: I'm your worst nightmare punk. Talk or I break you.

Ben: I'd do it Argit. My buddy Batman here isn't as nice or patient as me.

Argit: So what is this, the good cop, bad cop routine?

Batman: No. It's talk or I'll break you in two.

Ben: Argit?

Argit: Fine! Fine! Just stop please!

Batman drops Argit onto the floor.

Batman: Now talk Argit or you'll regret it and I'm a man of my word.

Argit: Okay, okay. Drop the tough guy act. I heard there's suppose to be a large gathering of all the thugs in Undertown. That Penguin guy is bringing them all together. That's all I know, I swear.

Batman: Thank you. Let's go Ben.

Ben: You got it.

Argit: Benny that dude was crazy.

Ben: Uh-uh. You've only seen his nice side Argit. Wait 'til he gets angry.

Ben and Batman leave Argit behind and intend to find Penguin himself.

Batman: So now where do we start? We know what's going on, but not where.

Ben: I have a good idea where and it's time to call in the troops. Grandpa Max meet us in Undertown in about ten minutes.

Max: Copy that. Rook and I freed all the Plumbers and we'll be there.

Ben: Good. Let's go Batman.

Batman and Rook head to the center square of Undertown, because that is where Penguin brought his forces and gathered all the thugs, scum, and criminal mastermind of Bellwood and Beyond.

Penguin: Ladies and gentlemen and I use the term loosely, welcome all to my gathering of Undertown and Bellwood's worst. You all have been given a rare opportunity this day. You have the honor of working alongside myself and my eleven selected colleagues to embark on a quest that will make us all kings!

The crowd roars.

Penguin: Because of me, your only threat to our operations has been destroyed. That is right as Ben Tennyson and his alien partner have been eliminated.

Two-Face: The bird loves to hear himself speak doesn't he?

Killer Moth: Yeah he does and it's annoying as heck.

Bane: Silencio compadres. If not for Penguin, none of us would be here.

Penguin: Join us my crooked comrades and together we shall rule the multiverse together.

The crowd continues to cheer and all scream Penguin's name over and over again. However soon the ground begins to rumble and soon a large almost yellow armored alien jumps out of the ground. It was Ben as Armodrillo, which he then reverts back to human form.

Ben: Did you all miss me?

Zombozo: Tennyson?!

Sunder: I thought Penguin said he was dead.

Psyphon: Apparently he didn't, but with us all here now, we can destroy him together!

Ben: Don't count on it Psyphon. I'm not alone you know.

The Batman leaps out of the whole that Ben dug as Armodrillo.

Batman: It's over Penguin. Surrender now.

Joker: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I knew it! You can't get rid of my Batsy that easily can you?

Batman: You're right Joker. Hiring Deathstroke and Sixsix to keep us off your trail was a brilliant move. However you should have known that we'd have stopped them.

Joker: Of course I knew that Bats. I was just hoping that he'd keep you distracted longer than I hoped.

Penguin: It doesn't matter anymore Joker. There's two of them and a hundred of us.

Ben: Count again Penguin.

With a snap of his fingers the Plumbers begin descending into Undertown firing laser blasts at the criminals.

Batman: You're outmatched Penguin. Give up now!

Penguin: We've not begun to fight Batman. Attack!

Soon then an all out battle between the Plumbers and the scum of Undertown goes underway. Batman's rogues soon begin piling up on the Dark Knight and Ben, who then transforms into Ampfibian and soon begins zapping all the rogues. Rook gets in on the battle by attacking Bane directly by aiming at his weak spots. Bane although pumps himself with his compound Venom, but remembers Batman's suggestion earlier and slices the tube to Bane's skull. Batman takes on Two-Face in a short fist fight and soon Zombozo uses a purple laser whip to grab Batman's arm.

Zombozo: Care to give me a hand? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Batman grabs the whip, pulls in Zombozo, and punches him square in the jaw.

Joker: What a rank amateur and he's stealing my act. What do you say Batsy? One last dance?

Batman: After you.

Joker has two knives he hid in his sleeves and uses them to attack Batman. Batman dodges the blows and manages to knock one of them out of Joker's hand, however Joker manages to slash Batman's chest with the other. Firefly and Killer Moth are in the air taking aim at the Plumbers with their weapons. Firefly has his flamethrower repaired and a new jet-pack, but also Killer Moth is firing with something he calls a Cocoon Gun, which emits a sticky substance that is trapping all the Plumbers in his goop. Ben then comes in as Astrodactyl and uses his green energy whips on his arms to capture them both. He swings them around and around and around until he finally slams them into a wall. The Cocoon Gun explodes and traps both Firefly and Killer Moth.

Ben: Thanks for sticking around you two. I'll be back to chip you off the wall once your boss is taken down.

Firefly: Brilliant. So how many times has this happened to you Moth?

Killer Moth: A few Firefly. A few.

Ben gets back in the battle, but he transforms into Humongosaur and soon begins ramming the bad guys. Sunder comes in on his glider and begins swinging his axe, but Ben punches him square in the face, grabs the glider, and tosses it into Killer Croc's chest. He soon faces Poison Ivy, who summons giant vines from the ground to attack Ben and the Plumbers. Ben grabs one of the giant vines, ties it like a lasso, and uses it to capture a few of the bad guys, then slams them into Poison Ivy, which takes her out. Slowly but surely, all of the thugs in Undertown, including Batman's rogues are being rounded up. Penguin sees this as a good opportunity to finally make his escape. Ben sees Penguin make the get away, so he goes after him. Batman and Joker are still fighting each other.

Joker: Come on Batsy! Do me in! We both know you want too. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Batman: No. Never. Not even you Joker.

Joker: Come on Bats please. The whole no killing rule is so boring, but that is what I love about you. No matter how much I tempt you, you won't do it. We're destined to do this forever and that's why you're so much fun.

Batman manages to slap the other knife out of Joker's hand then pummels Joker in the face profusely. Then finally he grabs Joker by his collar and slams him to the ground.

Rook: Batman? Are you okay?

Batman: I'm fine. Where's Ben?

Rook: I do believe he went after the Penguin in that direction.

Batman: Good. I'm going after him. Take charge here Rook.

Batman chases quickly after Penguin and Ben, as even with Penguin's silly stature, he is dangerous.

Ben: Give up Penguin! Your gang is defeated. You're going back to your universe in chains.

Penguin: Young man I am afraid you're wrong.

Penguin then points his umbrella at Ben.

Ben: An umbrella? What's that going to do?

Penguin: I'll show you.

Penguin attaches what looks like a missile and he fires it directly at Ben. Ben doesn't have any time to reach and gets the full treatment. The blast turns Ben human again and this gives Penguin to point his umbrella strait at Ben's head.

Penguin: Ben Tennyson. The boy with the Omnitrix and the so called savior of the galaxy several times. I find that unlikely. From what I heard about you, you're an impulsive child rather than a hero.

Ben: If you're going to kill me, then do it already.

Penguin: As you wish.

A Batarang hits Penguin's umbrella and slices it in two pieces. Then the Batman jumps in the air and takes down the Penguin with one single shot.

Ben: Thanks, but did you really need to cut it that close?

Batman: Sorry.

Rook: Ben you are unharmed and you too Batman?

Ben: Yeah we are. Thanks partner.

Rook: Good news. All the lowlifes have been rounded up and so have your rogues Batman. Including Deadshot and Deathstroke. They can then be safely returned back to your universe.

Batman: Thank you Rook, but how do I get back home?

Paradox: I can help with that Batman. As of now your rogues are now all being sent back to your universe. They will all be exactly where they were before they all met Eon and will retain no memory of this event.

Batman: Thank you Paradox, but what will happen to Eon?

Paradox: Once the machine of Penguin's is destroyed, Eon will be freed as well. Although I'm sure that we shan't hear the last of him. Once you are ready Batman, then I shall return you back to your universe.

Batman: What about me? Will my memory be erased?

Paradox: I see no reason why it should. Unless you wish it?

Batman: No, no. However I will say this. Ben it was actually an honor to work with you. At times you are childish, arrogant, and don't take your job or that Omnitrix seriously.

Ben: Thanks I guess?

Batman: You didn't let me finish. However deep down you're a hero and still just a kid. I envy that about you. I stopped being a kid when I was eight years old.

Ben: Thanks Batman. I want to say that it was an honor to work with you too. You really kick butt. Think we'll do it again?

Batman: For the sake of both our universes, I hope not. But who knows? It might happen again.

Ben and Batman then shake hands and Batman finally bids farewell to his new friends of this universe.

Ben: Okay then Rook, let's start with setting all the hostage free and getting all the Plumber gear back under lock and key. Then a smoothie. They're on me.

Rook: On you where?

Ben: No not on me, on me. Oh never mind. Let's just go.



  • Ben and Rook meet the Batman.
  • Batman meets Ben Tennyson and his alien partner Rook Blonko.
  • Ben and Rook get to see the Batcave.
  • Ben learns from Alfred about the death of Batman's second partner Jason Todd.
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