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Trial and Error is a story written by Sport Shouting based around Harvey Dent


Harvey Dent has just incarcerated mob boss Rafael Santini. Two of his moles in th GCPD, Howard Branden and Michael Wuertz , are asked by him to take Harvey Dent and torture him. To complete this goal, they drive the van that would head to Harvey's house to an abandoned indoor water park that Santini is using as a headquarters. Rigging the location with explosives, half of Harvey's face is blown off and Batman is only minutes late to the scene.

Harvey awakens at Gotham General Hospital. The only thing next to him is a coin and a doctor. The doctor is revealed to be Chucky Berks in disguise. Berks, a counterfeiter and murderer for Santini, explains life is like a coin. It revolved around luck and fairness. Harvey is amazed by Berks' theory, promptly kills him and checks himself out of the hospital now calling himself "Two-Face".

Resigning from his job as Gotham's district attorney, he decides to use his coin to "convict" criminals. He starts by going after the corrupt cops through Santini himself. He discovers Branden and Wuertz were the corrupt cops and flips a coin for both of their lives, both resulting in their deaths. Batman learns of this and decides to try to help Harvey.

Leaving an anonymous message to Sergeant James Gordon  , Gordon's units go for Dent. But, Harvey decides to destroy two more people before going on hiatus- Commissioner Loeb and the Batman. Dent takes Loeb before Gordon can get to him to attract Batman. Successfully completing his goal, he gets them both in his new lair for their "trials". Flipping the coin on Loeb, his life is spared. Batman is attempting to wiggle out of his being tied up. When Dent flips for Batman, he escapes and tackles Harvey Dent. Knocking him out with a sleeping agent (as seen in The Dark Knight Rises ). Loeb places Dent in Arkham Asylum .

In an post-credits scene, Dent is approached by corrupt Arkham employee Jonathan Crane


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