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Trials is the first episode and season premiere of The Young Knight season 3.

Guest Stars

  • Callum Keith Rennie as FBI Special Agent Brian Cutter
  • Oleg Taktarov as Roman/The Swordfish
  • Marogot Kidder as Leslie Thompkins
  • Sebastian Stan as Sean Carver
  • Stephanie Jacobsen as Olivia
  • Philip Casnoff as Frank Edar
  • Keith David as Lucius Fox
  • ??? as Xavier
  • ??? as Oselvik
  • ??? as Messer
  • ??? as Carla
  • ??? as Brian
  • ??? as Roberts
  • ??? as Mr. Anders


Bruce (voice): Previously on The Young Knight

Bruce discovers a CD where he uncovers a meeting Gideon and Sconzeri made implicating themselves with Omicron; Bruce, Alfred, and Leo discuss about Omicron; Bruce goes on a rampage to stop every member of Omicron; Sconzeri commits suicide; a warehouse explodes which hold Omicron’s important project and Black Mask rumored still in there; Huntress disappears. Sconzeri is suddenly found shot where Det. Alder and Bourne is horrified to see Bruce could be the killer. Bruce is brought in as a suspect. Bruce and Julie who had many moments throughout last season made love the second time; Leo gets a internship job working for Gotham Times; Jason about to marry Anna until Victor stops it and he tells the truth about Anna; Jason stops the wedding and forces her to leave. As Victor about to reveal who would be replacing him as CEO of PowerCorp during a press conference, he suffers a major heart attack rendering him unconscious and Jason desperately wanting help. Julie discovers a letter written by an unknown female. Leo, Agent Cutter, and Det. Alder uncover Delbert Billings framed Bruce for Sconzeri’s murder. Realizing a way to help Bruce control his dark side, Cutter offers him a chance but tells him it could be risky. Bruce agrees to listen more about this. He soon tells Julie that he is leaving Gotham City; Julie confesses her love, but Bruce tells her (probably lying to her) that committing to love is the reason he is leaving. Bruce is soon leaving the outer city limits of Gotham to an unknown location.

(Cuts to a black background as we hear Bruce’s voice)

Bruce (voice): Now the Season Premiere…


  • Ext. Russia-Siberia Outside Border - Night

(Cuts to the middle of the border from Russia as we see it is raining, as we see the words “Russia-Siberia Border” and then “Three months later” on the screen. The camera pans around the area then towards a diner bar)

  • Ext. Diner Bar

(Shifts to the view of the bar as the rain continues to pour down)

  • Int. Diner

(Cuts inside as we see a waitress grabbing her tray from the back and starts walking towards a figure sitting all by himself)

(The camera zooms out a bit to see that only one customer by the seats and only one waitress and the bar owner relaxing near the counter)

(Shifts back to the waitress as she continues to walk to the lone customer)

Waitress: (Finally approaching, she grabs the plate of a half-eaten hamburger and a nearly-empty cup of soda from the customer; she soon speaks in a European accent) How was the meal?

(Camera views the figure only by his hands and his body as we see a black leather jacket and dark grey shirt; after a few more seconds the customer has still not talk)

Waitress: Okay, how about some homemade apple pie?

(The man continues not to utter one syllable)

Waitress: Okay. (Being patient, she grabs the tray now filled with the plates and heads back to the back)

(Shifts to the bar owner as he witness everything)

Bar owner: Anything?

Waitress: (Putting the dishes in the back and heads to her boss to respond) No.

Bar owner: It’s been what two hours and he still hasn’t talk.

Waitress: Maybe it’s how those Americans speak.

Bar owner: I doubt it. I been to America, most of them I met can speak words. (Looking at the customer) But not him, strange.

Waitress: I even try to let him taste some of the apple pie, but even that won’t convince him to speak.

Bar owner: Something will.

(Cuts off to the owner and the waitress)

  • Ext. Diner

(Cuts outside as we see two black Mercedes cars pulling up to the diner)

  • Int. Diner

(Cuts back inside as they witness the cars)

Waitress: Seems we got another customer.

Bar owner: (Have a bad feeling) Something is not right.

(Shifts to the lone customer as we can only see the back side as he views the activity outside)

(Shifts a few seconds later as we see unknown men opening the door, and then we see other men entering. One of them is bald and a scratch nears his eye. And then we see someone following him; the man following the bald one seems to be the leader. Camera views to see this man has dark hair, turtleneck shirt and a black leather trench coat)

Bar owner: Who are you?

Man: (Speaking in a Russian accent) It seems I’m a bit hungry. Get me something to eat, now!

Bar owner: Excuse me?!

Man: I said…

Bar owner: I understand what you meant, but who do you think you are coming here and ordering me like a dog.

(The man’s henchmen seems that it is a threat and about to pull out their weapons until the man tells them to stand down)

(The lone customer witnessing everything and ponders if he is going to do something)

Bar owner: No one don’t have to be jumpy, yet I can’t serve you any food for free.

Man: Do you know who I am?

Bar owner: I don’t care.

Man: You should. Roman or by my other name, “The Swordfish”.

Bar owner: (Suddenly swallowing in a surprised gasp realizing he know this man) I didn’t know, Mr. Roman.

Roman: Good. Now feed me now!

(We see the waitress getting terrified)

(And then out of the blue we hear a voice)

Voice: Hey!

(Everyone turned to see the voice came from the customer)

(The camera shift to reveal the face of the customer and to our amazement, it is Bruce Wayne. Showing a rugged look on his face, he has enough of Roman and his men harassing the owner)

Roman: I don’t know you punk, but if I was you I would sit back down and be like a normal customer and sit down and shut up.

Bruce: I’m not a dog nor is the owner. You are not going to command no one.

Roman: (Giggling and look to his men as if this strange man is threatening him) Do you have any idea who I am.

Bruce: I know you’re a spineless fool. All you half to do is pay.

Roman: You’re making fun of me.

Bruce: I don’t see a jester, but I do see a fool.

Roman: (He soon gets an serious face)

(Then the bald man shows up and speaks with his Russian accent)

Man: You stand back before we handle you.

Bruce: Me, how?

Man: (About to do something)

Roman: Oselvik! Enough!

Oselvik: (Listening to his boss)

Bruce: So I guess he’s the dog.

Oselvik: (Getting pissed off, he pulls out an M4-K and starts shooting towards Bruce)

Roman: Oselvik! No!

(As the gun fires, Bruce ducks and get out of the way; the waitress yells and heads out to the back; the owner ducts himself behind the bar counter)


Oselvik: (Calming himself down, he stops firing)

Roman: If you want to kill him, just do in a slow manner.

(Before Oselvik can respond, Bruce comes out of nowhere and spheres him to the ground)

Roman: (Getting out of the way, he stands back as he alert his other henchmen to step in)

(More of Roman’s men head to help their fallen comrade)

Bruce: (Getting back up only until he gets attack by the other goons)

(Bruce starts gets a huge punch by one, and then Bruce gets his punch and starts using some new moves he haven’t shown before. He uses these new skills and start knocking out, kicking each goon)

(We see Oselvik getting back up to his feet and when he sees Bruce finishing handling the others, he gets in to rumble)

(Right off the bat, Oselvik gives a huge sucker punch to Bruce)

Bruce: (Feeling the power of the punch, landing a huge blow to his jaw as it also busts his lip open; he feels his lip and sees the blood)

(Bruce then get his kick to Oselvik where he hits the counter hard)

Bruce: (Taunting him with “come on” gestures)

Oselvik: (Angry more than ever, he spears Bruce towards the window)

(The force pushes Bruce as he goes through a window shattering the glass and landing on the ground hard)

(Cuts off to that moment)

  • Ext. Diner

(Cuts back outside as we see Bruce still with that busted lip, but starting to see scratches around himself after being thrown through a window)

(Oselvik and some of the other men head outside to try to end the fight)

(As the rain continue to drop, we see Bruce trying to get back up until Oselvik starts kicking him to the ground and others starts kicking)

(We then see Roman observing the beating)

Roman: I warned you never mess with me, boy.

(Bruce getting kicked and feeling the pain, but out of the blue he grabs one of the goons’ foot and pushes him away; Bruce flips back up to his feet as he uses his new fighting skills to handle the others; as Oselvik approaches to finish him off, Bruce dodges from another potential blow and then give Oselvik a few punches of his own. Landing a right and a left to Oselvik’s face, and then side sweep him to the ground; he grabs hold of a pistol and points to him)

(And just before Bruce can do anything, he notices a magnum gun pointing at him)

(We see it is Roman holding the gun)

Roman: Time to finish this.

Bruce: (Thinking this could be the end until…)

(A loud gunshot in the air pauses everyone; as the sound from a rifle belongs to the owner who holds onto his rifle and points it to Roman)

Bar owner: I don’t care who you are, you mess up my place and I want you to leave! Now! (Starting to prepping the rifle to fire)

Roman: (Thinking smart) Alright, you win this one old man. Let’s go.

(His goons starting to get back to the cars; Oselvik getting up as Bruce continuing pointing the gun towards him)

Oselvik: We’ll meet again. (He heads back to the driver side of the first car)

(Before Roman entering the passenger side, he speaks one last thing)

Roman: You know one day you may be some good use to me. (Being impressed by Bruce’s skills)

Bruce: (Still pointing the gun)

Roman: (Smirks and then heads back inside the car)

(Soon, the two cars pull out and zoom away)

(Shifts back to Bruce and the Bar owner)

Bruce: (Breaking the gun apart and drops it to the ground)

(Bruce soon walks towards the owner, who puts his rifle down knowing they won’t come back again)

Bruce: You know I might want to try that apple pie of yours. (Heading back inside)

Bar owner: (Intrigued that he wants it and that he finally talk. He soon heads back inside)

(The camera zooms above as we wonder is this new side of Bruce good or bad)

(Fades to the credits)
[Teaser ends]






[Act I]

  • Ext. Gotham City - Afternoon

(Cuts to the view of the city)

  • Ext. Gotham Times

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. 14th Floor - Hallway

(Cuts to the 14th floor as we see Leo exiting out of the elevator holding a few file boxes and then we see him heading to the file room)

  • Int. File room

(Cuts to the room as Leo drops the boxes down as he see him a bit tired)

Leo: (Sighing a relief)

Voice: Worked up so soon.

Leo: (Turns to see it’s a female he hopes not to see)

(Camera views a female with dark red hair and rosy cheeks; she holds onto a file)

Leo: What now Olivia?

Olivia: Come on Leo, it’s been months and the boss still hasn’t let you break a story.

Leo: Maybe because I’m an intern.

Olivia: Yeah, but sometimes interns have opportunities to prove to the editor-in-chief that maybe they should get an permanent job as a full time reporter.

Leo: I don’t know about full term.

Olivia: Listen, the basement is just one step to bigger things. I started down and look where I wine up.

Leo: Brag this, brag that. Don’t you have anything to do besides harassing me all the time.

Olivia: Well since you’re just the filing boy, there is nothing really important you can do. As for me, (waving a file) I got a new case and it involves the third death of a merchant this week.

Leo: Hope they find the creep.

Olivia: Me too. I just need to wait until I have a talk with my source.

Leo: What source?

Olivia: From the police.

Leo: (Wondering, then he sees someone shows up in the desk area)

Olivia: (Looking as well) Great, she made it!

Leo: Megan…I mean Det. Alder.

Olivia: You see me revealing my sources no. 101 if you want to be a reporter.

Leo: I’ll keep that in mind. Before you have her, I need to talk to her for a bit.

Olivia: Leo, listen…

Leo: Sorry.

(He sprints to the other side as he closes door; Olivia fails to reach him in time)

Olivia: Leo! Leo!

Leo: For a minute.

Olivia: (Getting frustrated)

(Cuts off to her)

  • Int. Desk area

(Cuts to see Leo heading towards Det. Alder)

Leo: Hey Megan!

Det. Alder: Leo, how you been?

Leo: Fine just getting use to this environment.

Det. Alder: Wait you work here?

Leo: Just an internship basis.

Det. Alder: Okay. Well I was just about to talk to one reporter…

Leo: Olivia.

Det. Alder: Yeah that’s her. You saw her.

Leo: Yeah, but she’ll be here in a minute or two.

Det. Alder: How’s Alfred?

Leo: I never had seen him since a month ago. This gig has been eating up all my time.

Det. Alder: It just that it has been what three months, and still no contact from Bruce. I understand the whole Omicron conspiracy was tough…

Leo: But being framed for murder, arrested, and almost tried also is rough, but I just can’t think about Bruce right now.

Det. Alder: I know you’re angry.

Leo: Yeah, I am! Never told me he was leaving in the first place. Alfred is so depressed; Julie moved on but still is holding anger.

Det. Alder: He’ll be back. This is home.

Leo: All the pain this city gave him, probably that is the reason he left the first place.

Det. Alder: I don’t give up on no one. I sure know Alfred hasn’t. You shouldn’t either.

Leo: Sorry, Megan. We have been friends for so long and for him to do this to not only me but to Alfred, Julie, you, and all the others who look up to him. My faith is dwindling.

(Olivia enters)

Olivia: Hope your conversation with the detective is going well and about to be over.

Leo: Yeah, it is. (To Megan) See you later, detective.

Det. Alder: You too, Leo.

(Leo heading out to continue his tiresome errands)

Olivia: You know him?

Det. Alder: Personally, yes, but I thought I was here for something more.

Olivia: Of course. This way.

(As they head to Olivia’s desk, we spot Leo just wondering maybe he is thinking about Bruce, but wonders how Alfred is doing)

(Cuts off to Leo)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts inside as we see Alfred depressed as he views the portrait painting of the Waynes)

Alfred: (Wondering where is Bruce)

Voice: Al, you need stop hurting yourself looking at that picture.

(As we see the figure placing a tray of hot tea on the coffee table, the voice is from a female and then we view up to see it’s none other than Leslie Tompkins)

Alfred: Less, I can’t stop myself. Now I understand how Master Bruce felt when he always look at the picture.

Leslie: That’s the thing, Tom and Martha died and Bruce misses them terribly and only those images are the only way to see them. Bruce is still alive.

Alfred: And you know that how? (Sitting on the couch)

Leslie: Al, Bruce is not dead. He is coming back.

Alfred: Not from this. Months after the whole conspiracy and being framed, Bruce probably needed a way to revert back to himself.

Leslie: Yes, I heard about him having a dark side.

Alfred: What Bruce done wasn’t the real Bruce. If it wasn’t for Gideon…

Leslie: I feel someone half to be blame for all of this and Gideon seems to be the scapegoat.

Alfred: Don’t defend him.

Leslie: I’m not.

Alfred: Gideon knew what he did was wrong. He misused Master Bruce’s trust and used him for Omicron not the company. Master Thomas trusted him and he would never let Gideon used his son like that.

Leslie: I know you’re extremely upset, but all of this wasn’t Gideon’s fault.

Alfred: (Wondering what she meant)

Leslie: Bruce had this dark side in him since his parents’ murder. Someway it recluse itself for a long time and it just needed a spark to try to break free.

Alfred: And the conspiracy probably was the spark.

Leslie: Yeah.

Alfred: I miss him, Les. I want Master Bruce to come back home.

Leslie: He will. I wish I was here but being a psychologist for the FBI took me away. I should have done something to helped Bruce, but…

Alfred: It’s no one to blame…(Starting to think) unless Agent Cutter.

Leslie: Al?

Alfred: Cutter wanted to talk to Master Bruce while he was in Blackgate.

Leslie: And you think Cutter probably know where Bruce is.

Alfred: Makes sense.

Leslie: Okay. Well I have some contacts from the FBI. I’ll try and reach them so they can get in touch with Cutter.

Alfred: That’s wonderful, Leslie.

Leslie: I’m going to do it right now. (About to head out to the guest room)

Alfred: It’s been great having you here, Leslie.

Leslie: Ever since you reached me, of course. Bruce is my godson and like you I don’t want to see nothing bad happen to him.

Alfred: (Agreeing with her)

(Leslie heads out to get those contacts while we shift back to Alfred)

Alfred: (Looks at the Wayne portrait again and feel things will be alright once Master Bruce is home, but still pondered where is he)

(Cuts off to Alfred)

  • Ext. Town, Siberia

(Cuts to the view of the town as we see Bruce viewing over some fruit and veggies and starts buying some)

Bruce: (Soon walks towards a hotel where he probably have been staying)

(Cuts off to Bruce entering the hotel)

  • Int. Hotel – Room 423

(Cuts inside the hotel a minute later as Bruce enters his room and puts the purchased produce down at the small table; as he closes the door and then as he turns around he sees someone)

Bruce: What are you doing here?

(Shifts to see its Agent Cutter)

Cutter: Trying to help you. I’m your watcher remember.

Bruce: I don’t need to be watched.

Cutter: Remembered what you done for us. You are still working for us.

Bruce: Not again.

Cutter: Bruce, you been jumping around the world this past month after what happened to you, I would hope that you didn’t regret your decision to leave Gotham.

Bruce: I didn’t regret that decision. Leaving Gotham City was the best thing I ever did just along to help control my dark side.

Cutter: Yeah, you wanted to do this task for us and in return we wanted you to use those newfound skills…

Bruce: I already used those skills.

Cutter: Great.

Bruce: So why are you here not just to watch me from afar?

Cutter: Actually, I’m here to give you a task.

Bruce: It’s been what three so far.

Cutter: Who’s counting?

Bruce: What is this task?

Cutter: Get inside the Swordfish family.

Bruce: Wait what?!

Cutter: Swordfish or his other name…

Bruce: (Realizing who he is talking about) Roman.

(Cuts off to a surprised Bruce)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to the city)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to the building)

  • Int. CEO office

(Cuts inside as we see Jason sitting in the chair and realizing he has been the acting CEO since his father is in the hospital still in the coma from the heart attack)

(Roberts enters)

Roberts: Mr. Powers…

Jason: Jason, call me Jason.

Roberts: Jason, the director of Janice Systems was wondering when would you schedule a next project meeting.

Jason: I don’t know.

Roberts: And then there is the meeting with the APEX.

Jason: Okay.

Roberts: And then there is the Halo Demo.

Jason: Yeah, yeah…wait. Halo Demo? What Halo Demo?

Roberts: The auction of the Halo project. The assistant director of the Pentagon himself is escorting the process.

Jason: I heard that a company would help the demo.

Roberts: Yes, but I wanted to inform you that the government chose Wayne Industries to help host the demo and auction.

Jason: Good.

Roberts: Sir, you don’t want to snap.

Jason: No, I’m not my father. How is my father by the way? Any change?

Roberts: No sir, Mr. Powers is still in a comatose state.

Jason: Is that it.

Roberts: (Looking at his blackberry) I think so.

Jason: You can go.

Roberts: Yes sir. (Heading out)

(Shifts back to Jason)

Jason: (Praying his father wake up)

(Cuts off to Jason)

  • Int. Siberian hotel – Room 432

(Shifts back to the hotel room where we saw Bruce, and then we notice Agent Cutter going over the new task)

Cutter: So you heard about him.

Bruce: More like seen him. I got the wounds to prove it going head to head with a bald guy who is working for Roman.

Cutter: Ah, Oselvik. The right hand man in Roman’s organization. He’s a brute.

Bruce: So this Roman is like the crime boss of Russia.

Cutter: One of the many crime bosses, but has been one of the most prominent. We had been trying to capture him for decades.

Bruce: What’s up with Swordfish?

Cutter: He is called that because of how he eliminates his enemies just like a swordfish.

Bruce: Wonderful, and what you want me to do… stop him.

Cutter: (Laughing a bit) You barely made it alive the first time facing against him. You by yourself to stop him are not enough.

Bruce: So what you want me to do?

Cutter: Join his organization.

Bruce: You want me to do what?

Cutter: Join. Roman always recruits new members in his gang and since you told me he was impressed by your skills.

Bruce: I can’t.

Cutter: Bruce.

Bruce: No.

Cutter: Remember Bruce, you made the choice to leave Gotham, to help us, and now you must appreciate your commitments.

Bruce: (Understanding he put himself into this situation and Cutter is right that he made the choice) Alright, I’m in.

Cutter: (Knowing Bruce is doing the right thing)

Bruce: (Trying to understand if this won’t lead to any danger, but question Cutter’s intent)

(Cuts off to Bruce doubting if this was the right thing to do)

  • Ext. Russian Steel Mill

(Cuts to a steel mill)

  • Int. Mill

(Cuts inside as we see it is sort of the headquarters for Roman and his Swordfish family)

(We see Roman going over some of his missions for his men to carry out; then among his men are few females, one of them is a blonde female)

(Soon Oselvik arrives with a cell phone in his hand)

Oselvik: Sir, it’s him.

Roman: Really.

Oselvik: (Shaking his head)

Roman: (Grabbing the phone) Hello, Roman here. (Listening) Ah yes… (Listening) So you want me to… (Listening) Uhuhuh. (Listening) Understood. (He soon hangs up the phone)

Oselvik: What does he want now?

Roman: Our goal.

Oselvik: (Wondering)

Roman: Get Halo. (He soon smirks off)

(Oselvik is intrigued as Roman is understands it must be done)

(Cuts off to Roman smirking)

(Fades out) [Act I ends]


[Act II]

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to the view of the city)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of Rave)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts inside as we see Julie working the station prepping the drinks before the opening; then we see Leo appearing)

Leo: Making smoothies.

Julie: (Seeing Leo) Hey! (Fixing the drinks) Just getting ready in 30 mins.

Leo: Have you got any contacts to some bands to perform.

Julie: Not yet. I half to wait until Mira gets back.

Leo: What you mean?

Julie: She’s on a vacation and won’t be back until a few weeks.

Leo: You know I could help you, but I got other stuff to do.

Julie: Oh yeah, how is working as a reporter.

Leo: Intern. Only an intern.

Julie: How long can you be an intern?

Leo: I really don’t know, but…

Julie: But you dreamed of being a reporter. Now you got this great opportunity.

Leo: I’ll try just along I get away from Olivia.

Julie: Who?

Leo: She’s one of the top reporters at the Times.

Julie: Swaying her.

Leo: (A bit confused, but later understanding that meant) Nooooo! We’re just co-workers.

Julie: Okay, but what happened to Lindsey, you really never got back on the dating market.

Leo: I rather stay single. It was my fault I drove Lindsey away, but learning that I am going to understand what should and shouldn’t do when it comes to love.

Julie: You loved her?

Leo: (Pausing for a sec)

Julie: Sorry Leo, I didn’t mean to…

Leo: No, that’s okay. Getting on a different subject, how’s Rave been doing?

Julie: Some hiccups, but I got it back up.

Leo: From Jason?

Julie: No, he’s busy with controlling PowerCorp while his father still lies in a coma.

Leo: (Thinking if not Jason, maybe…) Bruce?!

Julie: (Trying to ignore that comment)

Leo: It’s been three months. I know you’re angry.

Julie: I’m not angry, Leo. I’m pissed.

Leo: I’m angry too, but maybe Bruce left because of the pain Gotham cause.

Julie: I know that, but he told me straight up as I try to acclaim my love for him, he told me that is the reason he’s leaving.

Leo: Not true.

Julie: He never contacted Alfred, you, me, Jason, and everyone else who cares about him.

Leo: (Listening)

Julie: I don’t know where Bruce and I are going to go in the future if he ever comes back. But I know now, I’m moved on.

Leo: Define moved on?

Julie: Another rich boy.

Leo: Excuse me?

Julie: The person whose been helping me recently with Rave is Mike...

Leo: Mike Gowan, the new millionaire kid on the block.

Julie: Yeah.

Leo: How did you two…

Julie: Met. A long story. In fact, he’s away now and is about to come back tomorrow. We’re going to get lunch; I will love if you come as well.

Leo: (Thinking)

Julie: I know you missed hanging out with a billionaire, this case a millionaire.

Leo: (Smiling) Okay, I accept the invite. Thanks.

Julie: No problem.

(Leo turns around to head out)

Julie: (Getting back to fixing the drinks)

(Suddenly Leo stops and turns back around)

Leo: About Bruce; he’s going to come back.

Julie: (Listening)

Leo: (Smiles as he waves bye; and starts leaving)

(Cuts off to Julie as she thinks about that last comment)

  • Ext. Gotham Memorial

(Cuts to the view of the hospital)

  • Int. Victor’s room

(Cuts inside as we see Victor still comatose lying in his bed)

(As a nurse is about to leave, Jason enters)

Jason: (Seeing his father)

(Shifts to see Victor, and then back to Jason)

Jason: Dad, you have to come back. Running PowerCorp in your absence is crazy and I don’t want to be acting CEO. I hope your replacement is someone more experienced.

(We then hear a familiar voice)

Voice: I feel sorry.

Jason: (Turns around to see who said that) You. What do you want?

(Shifts to see its Sean Carver)

Sean: I want to help ease your pain.

Jason: What?!

Sean: Let me be acting CEO.

Jason: I might be complaining about the position my father put myself into, but I have no choice.

Sean: Yet you don’t want to be acting CEO if I not mistaking.

Jason: Leave me alone.

Sean: I want to help.

Jason: Help…you can help by leaving.

Sean: Just you wait. Unlike Bruce, I won’t be leaving you alone without a friend by your side. (Heading out)

Jason: (A bit angry and faltered because of Sean’s appearance, but tries to ignore and refer his attention back to his father)

(We see Jason leaning over to hold his father’s hand as he continues to pray his father to wake up)

(Cuts off to them)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to the hallway as we see Sean looking at Jason)

Sean: Don’t count me out yet, Jason boy. I’m here to stay.

(Cuts off as Sean leaves off screen as Jason consoling his father in the background)

  • Ext. Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside to the foyer as we see Alfred looking at the dust wanting to clean it up, but has lost the spirit to)

Alfred: (Thinking)

(Leslie appears)

Leslie: It’s strange that these tables are filled with dust.

Alfred: I just want to know if Master Bruce is alright. He’s all I have left of the Waynes.

Leslie: (Understanding Alfred’s pain)

Alfred: (Don’t want to even talk anymore)

Leslie: (Wanting to repair this) Listen, I got a contact from my FBI friend. I got Cutter’s burn contact.

Alfred: A what?

Leslie: It’s a contact number an agent gets when they are undercover.

Alfred: So you mean Cutter is undercover.

Leslie: It seems so, but that’s not like Cutter.

Alfred: Hmm.

Leslie: I mean Cutter is more of the controller appointing field agents to do the undercover works.

Alfred: So let’s not wait any longer. Call him.

Leslie: Alright.

(Leslie starting to call Cutter)

(Cuts off to her)

  • Int. Siberian Hotel – Room 423

(Cuts inside the same Siberian hotel room then inside the room as we see Cutter working on his laptop until he gets a call from his burnt phone. He answers it.)

Cutter: Hello?

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to the foyer as we see Leslie on the other line)

Leslie: Brian, it’s me.

  • Int. Hotel room

(Cuts back to Cutter)

Cutter: Dr. Thompkins, why are you calling me?

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Leslie)

Leslie: I requested a favor from a friend of mines to get your contact.

  • Int. Hotel room

(Cuts back to Cutter)

Cutter: I don’t care about that, why are you calling?

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Leslie)

Leslie: I need to know if you knew where Bruce is.

  • Int. Hotel room

(Cuts back to Cutter)

Cutter: I don’t know.

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Leslie)

Leslie: You half to know. I heard you talked to him just before he was released from the police. What you told him?

  • Int. Hotel room

(Cuts back to Cutter)

Cutter: It’s not your concern doctor.

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Leslie)

Leslie: Well, it is my concern. Bruce is my godson, and I swear to his parents I will protect him as well as Alfred.

  • Int. Hotel room

(Cuts back to Cutter)

Cutter: That’s sweet, but if this is not an emergency I would suggest you end this conversation now.

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Leslie)

Leslie: Brian, please! You know where he is? Where is he?

  • Int. Hotel room

(Cuts back to Cutter)

Cutter: Goodbye doctor. (He soon hangs up)

  • Int. Wayne Manor – Foyer

(Cuts back to Leslie)

Leslie: (Hearing the other line end) Brian!? Brian!

Alfred: (Seeing what is going on) What happened?

Leslie: He hanged up.

Alfred: Now that’s the Cutter I know.

Leslie: (Looking at Alfred)

Alfred: What now?

Leslie: I don’t know.

(Cuts off to Alfred and Leslie)

  • Ext. Moscow - Russia

(Cuts to a view of the city)

  • Ext. Russian Steel Mill

(Cuts to a steel mill)

  • Int. Mill

(Cuts inside the Swordfish family headquarters)

(Nearby the door, we see Bruce entering probably broke in and as he tries to sneak to get a closer look, he gets caught)

Voice: Hold it there!

Bruce: (Stopping and speaking to himself) Great.

(As Bruce turns, we get to see the person who stopped him is a female)

Female: What are you here?

Bruce: Hmm. A Russian-American I suspect.

Female: (Confused) How you know?

Bruce: I know and I know you’re not part Roman’s gang...

Female: The name’s Carla.

Bruce: Carla. Nice undercover name too.

Carla: (Piecing the puzzle) Cutter put you up to this did he?

Bruce: He told me another FBI agent was in this case. He never told me that agent was a female.

Carla: Surprised?!

Bruce: A bit, but at least I know someone will be my side.

Carla: What you mean?

(Then out of the blue, Bruce walks towards the center)

Carla: Bruce! Bruce! (Following him)

(A few seconds later Bruce appears right in front of Roman and his men)

Roman: (Seeing the same man who he saw earlier) You! You got some balls to be here.

(Oselvik and Messer looking at Bruce as well; Carla appears in time right next to Bruce)

Bruce: Nice to see you, Roman.

Roman: You were safer when we left you alone the last time.

Bruce: Let’s just say I came here to accept the offer.

Roman: Offer?

Bruce: Remember, you might need me for my skills.

Roman: (Pondering as he rubs his chin)

Oselvik: Boss?

Messer: What you want us to do to him?

(Roman still pondering)

Roman: Do nothing! Do nothing!

(Everyone don’t know what he will do)

Roman: I do need you.

Bruce: (Relieved he’s been accepted in)

(Carla is surprise and worries about Bruce’s safety)

Roman: Except…

Bruce: Except what?

Roman: I smell American in you. Good. Because I need someone to lead the way for the job.

Bruce: What job?

Roman: I’ll let you know in time until then get ready and come with us.

Bruce: To where?

Roman: To where our job is going to take place…Gotham City.

(Oselvik and Messer smile as they look to Bruce)

Carla: (Still surprised)

Bruce: (Stunned that he has to go back to Gotham but this time do a job for the Russian mob. He has no idea what to do now)

(Cuts off to a stunned Bruce)

(Fades out) [Act II ends]


[Act III]

  • Ext. Gotham City – Afternoon (Next Day)

(Cuts to the view of the city, the next day)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to see the view of the company)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside to a hallway as we see Jason walking out of the CEO’s office)

(As Jason walks to the elevators, one of them opens to reveal several men walking out along with a silver case)

Jason: (Intrigued)

(One of the men approaches Jason)

Man: Jason Powers?

Jason: Yes. And you are?

Man: Frank Edar…

Jason: Assistant director of the Pentagon. It’s an honor to meet you.

(They shake hands)

Frank: I’m here to meet the CEO of Wayne Industries, and I heard PowerCorp was in the running.

Jason: Well, I’m honor the company was in running, but I’m even gladder Wayne Industries is the host.

Frank: Good. I’ll hope to see you at the Gotham Auction House.

Jason: I wouldn’t miss it in the world.

Frank: Very good. (About to head out)

Jason: Just wondering, what is Project Halo?

Frank: It’s a classified project.

Jason: Okay.

Frank: Good day. See you at the auction. (He heads off screen)

Jason: (A bit depressed, but wanting to know more information; he heads out)

(Cuts off to Jason leaving)

Ext. Café - Patio (Cuts to the view of the café patio as we see Julie and Leo sitting down)

Julie: (Drinking coffee)

Leo: Did I even mention I love the way you did your hair.

(Camera viewing Julie’s brunette hair)

Leo: Why the change?

Julie: I want to be a new me. I don’t want to be the person who survived a car accident, attacked in her business, and nearly die other times.

Leo: It has been a strange year for you.

Julie: Yeah, now this is a clean slate. For me.

Leo: (About to comment about that, but think about Mike) So where is this Mike Gowan?

Julie: (Wondering as well until she sees him) Right there.

(Shifts to see Mike with his sandy blonde spike hair, wearing a business suit, and no tie)

Mike: (Sitting as he hugs Julie and sees Leo as he shakes his hand) You must be Leo Foster?

Leo: (Shaking Mike’s hand) And you must be Mike Gowan.

Julie: (Smiling) So since we got both of our first and last names through. Let’s order.

Mike: That’s fine by me. (Signaling the waiter) Waiter!

(Leo and Julie look at each other a bit)

Waiter: (Approaching the table)

Mike: I will like to have a cheeseburger. Julie likes the berry salad you guys make…

Leo: (Confused)

Julie: (A bit blush)

Mike: And Leo, you’re going to have…

Leo: I’m going to have a tuna wrap.

Waiter: (Getting the orders, she leaves)

Julie: So…

Mike: So Leo, I heard you were a reporter.

Leo: Intern.

Mike: Good. Trying to be there official or not?

Leo: I want to, but I don’t if I can.

Mike: One thing you should know Leo, your dreams will never die. If your dream is to be a reporter, it’s going to happen.

Leo: Thanks.

Julie: (To Mike) So where you been?

Mike: I had a business meeting with a Venezuelan discussing over energy diffusion.

Leo: That seems cool.

Mike: I know right! (Smiling and giggling a bit) For me I hope I could help expand energy diffusion for better use in fuel, electricity, and mineral digging.

Leo: Well like you said, if that’s your dream. It’s going to happen.

Mike: (Impressed as he smiles) I like you Leo.

Leo: I’m wondering that too.

Julie: (Upset about Leo’s behavior) Leo?!

Leo: (Seeing Julie)

Julie: (Giving a “What are you doing” look)

Leo: (Just don’t care)

Julie: Mike is it okay if you leave us alone for a minute.

Mike: Sure, I need to contact a business partner to check on stuff anyway. I’ll be back. (Mike stands up and heads off screen)

Julie: (To Leo) What’s wrong?!

Leo: He’s wrong.

Julie: Leo…

Leo: Don’t Leo me. And what’s with that thing when he knew what you like to order.

Julie: It’s nothing.

Leo: Oh, it’s nothing alright.

Julie: Okay you can turn down the sarcasm.

Leo: Julie, I understand you like the guy, but I just want you to be careful.

Julie: I will be careful. I just need to know if you like Mike.

Leo: I’ll try.

Julie: Just try better for me.

Leo: Okay. I’ll try better.

Julie: Good.

Leo: Good.

(Mike returning)

Mike: Did I miss anything?

Julie: You haven’t. Right Leo?

Leo: (About to say something, but gets a phone call. He answers it)

(As he listens to who is calling him, the server appears with their food giving them their food)

Leo: (Hangs up)

Julie: Leo?

Leo: Can I have a rain check.

Mike: Sure. Why? You’re leaving?

Leo: Yeah, I need head back to the paper. Sorry I couldn’t stay, but…

Mike: I understand.

Leo: I’ll see you later, and Julie I see you soon.

Julie: See ya.

(Leo heads out)

Mike: He’s a nice guy.

Julie: I know.

Mike: So when I can meet the infamous Bruce Wayne?

Julie: That’s the question I want to answer to, when.

Mike: You’re okay. I know you and Bruce were friends, but were you two closer than friends.

Julie: I thought so too, guess not.

Mike: (Trying to understand, yet he feels he don’t want to know)

Julie: (A bit depressed)

(Cuts off as Mike starts eating, and Julie wonders if Bruce will come back)

  • Ext. Gotham Docks

(Cuts to the docks as we see a barge coming through)

(We see Roman, his men: Oselvik and Messer, Carla, and Bruce walking out)

(Shifts to see a man waiting for them)

Roman: You must be Xavier.

Xavier: Correct. My boss sends his regards. He’s has to do another business.

Roman: Good. Where’s the base.

Xavier: This way.

(Xavier leads Roman and the others to the base; we see Bruce confused)

Bruce: (To Carla covertly) There’s another person in the gang.

Carla: If our estimations are correct, Roman will lead us to the one who hired him to obtain the Halo.

Bruce: Halo?

Carla: That’s what Roman’s contact told him to find. That’s our job.

Bruce: Great, and its here in Gotham.

Carla: I told Cutter about it.

Bruce: Guess he neglected to tell me about what Roman was after and where he was going to find it.

Carla: Cutter probably guessed if he would have said Gotham, you would've been hesitant to say no.

Bruce: It’s too late. I’m back now, I just don’t know how long.

(They try to catch up with the others, but Oselvik glance and ponder what those two are up to)

(Cuts off as they depart the docks)

  • Ext. Gotham Times

(Cuts to the building)

  • Int. File Room

(Cuts inside the room as we see Leo entering)

Leo: (Seeing Olivia) What’s up? Why you need me here after all, I’m just an intern.

Olivia: I wanted to leave you alone, but I didn’t want you.

Leo: Who did?

(A figure appearing behind Leo; Leo turns around)

Leo: Lucius!?

Lucius: I need to talk to you alone.

Olivia: Fine by me.

(Olivia heads out)

Leo: What’s up Lucius?

Lucius: I had been tracking barges coming in and out of Gotham that are important for Wayne Industries.

Leo: Okay?!

Lucius: I think Bruce was on the barge I just tracked coming into Gotham.

Leo: Bruce is back!

Lucius: I think so.

Leo: (Stunned and shocked)

(Cuts off to Leo)

  • Ext. Legacy Apartments

(Cuts to the building)

  • Int. Penthouse

(Cuts inside the penthouse as we see Sean drinking some hot coffee)

Sean: (finishing his drink) Glad you came.

(Shifts to see Jason)

Jason: This is only one thing. Nothing else. I know your family has history with the Pentagon. I wonder if you knew anything about Halo?

Sean: Ha! You’re talking about this evening’s auction.

Jason: I know that Halo is an object and is going to be selling off to businessmen and venture investors.

Sean: But you don’t why and what’s Halo’s importance.

Jason: That’s why…and I can’t believe I’m doing this…I need you to help understand Halo.

Sean: Halo is classified, but I know a bit.

Jason: Tell me.

Sean: Halo is a platinum banded ring.

Jason: A ring? And its’ classified why?

Sean: Because deep embedded in the ring is a code or a list. It’s a list of military weapons and the suppliers.

Jason: (Trying to understand)

Sean: That means it contains viable information, codes that unlock those weapons. Just so happens if it falls into the wrong hands.

Jason: It could be catastrophic to the U.S.

Sean: Indeed.

Jason: Why buy the ring in the first place?

Sean: To be the legal investor into funding the project and thanks to being the host, Wayne Industries could be the distributor of those weapons to the armed forces.

Jason: I need to buy that ring.

Sean: Not if I beat you to it.

Jason: We’ll see about that. (He heads out)

Sean: (Smirking)

(Cuts off to Sean)

  • Ext. Gotham City - Night

(Pan to the view of the city as the hours gone through to the night)

  • Ext. Gotham Auction House

(Cuts to the view of the auction house)

  • Int. Gallery Room

(Cuts inside as we see rich businessmen, investors, and other influent people chatting and drinking cocktails)

(A female alert to them the auction will start in 10 minutes)

(We shift to see Jason in a tuxedo walking he spots Sean waving)

Jason: (Trying not to wave as he grabs a cocktail and focus his attention elsewhere)

(A man appears)

Man: Jason.

Jason: Mr. Curran.

Mr. Curran: I’m so sorry about Victor. Has he waked yet?

Jason: No. The doctors just said he has the power to wake up; it’s not in their control.

Mr. Curran: But when he do, tell him we miss him and hope he has a great, speedy recovery.

Man#2: (Hearing the conversation) I know. First being shot at his own home and now that near fatal heart attack.

Mr. Curran: I know.

Jason: (Trying not to talk about it; he walks away)

(Cuts off to Jason)

(Ten minutes later the auction is about to begin as the guests sits down)

(The female host announces the CEO of Wayne Industries appearing)

(The CEO appears as he begins his beginning speech to thank the Pentagon for having Wayne Industries to host the auction)

(As the camera spot Jason, Sean, Edar, Mr. Curran, several Wayne Industries and PowerCorp members, and others in the crowd, the CEO finish his speech as the crowd applauds; the auctioneer appears in front the stand)

Mr. Anders: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the Halo auction. And before we begin, let’s please security bring in the Halo ring.

(We guards appearing with the silver case. They put the case down, but as they open it, they hold a small clear box that shows the ring. The box is then removed as the Halo ring is shown on top a plastic holder)

(Other who may not be able to see it up close is seeing it on screen behind the auctioneer)

Mr. Anders: Now as everyone view the spectacular platinum band, let the auction begin!

(Shift to see the band)

Mr. Anders: We will start bidding at a million.

(Soon a hand rises up)

Mr. Anders: The first bid a million.

(Another hand rises)

Mr. Anders: I have one point five million!

(Another hand rises)

Mr. Anders: I have two million! Two million.

(Jason raises his hand as he announces)

Jason: Four million.

Mr. Anders: I have four million now! Four million. Is that it?

(Soon Sean raises his hand)

Mr. Anders: Four point five million!

(We see Edar smiling)

(Jason raises his hand again)

Mr. Anders: Five million!

(Sean raises his hand)

Sean: Ten million.

Mr. Anders: I have ten million! Ten million!

(Another hand rises)

Mr. Anders: Ten point five million! Going once! (Waiting a bit) Twice!

Jason: Fifty million!

(People start gasping because of that announcement)

Mr. Anders: I have fifty million!

Sean: (Raising his hand)

Mr. Anders: I have fifty point five million!

Jason: (Thinking he has to beat out Sean) A 100 million!

(Everyone gasp now)

Mr. Anders: I have 100 million! 100 million.

Sean: (Don’t know what to do)

Mr. Anders: 100 million going forward. No more takers. Going once…twice…

(Seeing if anyone else is going to bid in)

Mr. Anders: Sold for 100 million dollars. Mr. Powers, congratulations.

Jason: (Standing up)

(Everyone starts clapping)

(As a guard puts the ring back in the case and closes it, he brings it towards Jason)

Frank: Congratulations, Mr. Powers, make sure Halo is in good hands.

(Sean a bit disappointed, but don’t care anymore)

Voice: It will be in good hands alright.

(Everyone turn rapidly to the back as we see Roman and his men bursting the doors)

Mr. Curran: Who are you? You have no right being here!

Roman: (Pulls out his magnum gun) I got every right and the only thing I want is that ring.

Jason: Never.

Roman: Boys.

(Oselvik and Messer forces Jason, as Xavier gains the possession of the case. He gives it to Roman as they leave)

Frank: (Worrying about the ring)

(The others are still shell shock)

  • Int. Gallery room

(Cuts back to the gallery room as Jason is being forced out by Roman’s thugs, and then out of the blue Jason gets the upper hand)

(Jason grabs hold of a gun as he knocks Messer out; and then pistol whipped Oselvik; both men are knocked out cold)

(As Jason pulls out his gun to try to aim at Roman, Jason aims the gun just as out of the blue Bruce aims a gun at him)

Jason: (Stunned and confused) Bruce!?

Bruce: (Realizing he’s in a difficult position)

(Cuts off the standoff between Bruce and Jason)

(Fades out) [Act III ends]


[Act IV]

  • Int. Gotham Auction House - Gallery room

(Cuts back to the auction house’s gallery room where we left off as we see a surprising standoff between Bruce and Jason)

Jason: Bruce, what are you doing?

Bruce: I have to do this.

Jason: You can’t kill anyone. Bruce, I know you.

Bruce: I changed.

Jason: So what these past three months, you spent training with these creeps.

Bruce: You don’t understand.

Jason: Enlighten me.

Bruce: I have no choice.

Jason: Everyone has a choice. I thought last time you made your decision clear since you didn’t kill Gideon and Sconzeri.

Bruce: (Understanding that)

Jason: Bruce!

Bruce: Don’t make me do this.

(We see Roman opening the case to get hold of the Halo ring)

Roman: The ring is now in my possession.

Voice: Hold it right there!

Roman: (Stepping back as he turns around to see Carla aiming a gun at his face)

Carla: It’s over Roman.

Roman: I should have known.

Carla: The ring now!

Roman: You want the ring.

Carla: (Waiting for the Halo ring)

Roman: Here you go… (About to give her the ring, until he pulls out his magnum gun and fires)

(The bullet pierces Carla in her stomach as she falls to the ground; blood dropping in the ground; she screams)

Carla: Ughhh!

Roman: (Smirking)

(Bruce look to see Carla is injured)

Bruce: No!

Jason: (Wondering what now)

Bruce: (About to stop)

Roman: No! Kill him and you will be rewarded.

Bruce: (Trying to listen to the orders)

Jason: (Still aiming his gun at Bruce)

(Cuts off to Bruce seeing Carla shot, but has a gun to his friend’s face)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts to see a car driving fast)

  • Int. Car

(Cuts inside the Ford Escape as we see Lucius driving and Leo on the other side)

Leo: Are you sure he’s back?

Lucius: I double checked the satellite. Bruce is back in the city.

Leo: Okay so where is he?

Lucius: Has he returned to the manor.

Leo: I called Alfred. He’s eccentric, but Alfred hasn’t yet saw Bruce.

Lucius: If he’s here, where can he be?

Leo: (Answering his phone) Hello? (Listening) Det. Alder! (Listening)

Lucius: (Wondering what is going on)

Leo: Alright, let me know okay. (He hangs up)

Lucius: What was that?

Leo: Megan said she and Det. Bourne is heading to the auction house because of a shooting.

Lucius: And why would she call you?

Leo: Well, Jason is there and if I’m not mistaken she said someone said someone that fit Bruce’s description is also there.

Lucius: Was he shot?

Leo: I really don’t know.

Lucius: Let’s find out.

Leo: (Wondering if they are alright)

(Cuts off to Leo)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts back to the street as the car zooms to the direction of the auction house)

  • Int. Gotham Auction House – Gallery Room

(Cuts to the room as we see Bruce and Jason still in a heated standoff and then Roman holding Halo and Carla injured)

Jason: What are you going to do Bruce?

Bruce: (Realizing he has to make a decision)

Jason: (Pondering if Bruce is really going to shoot his own friend)

Bruce: (Thinking he’s going to shoot, but he winks at Jason)

Jason: (Reading Bruce’s look, and thinking he has a plan; Jason nods a wink back)

Roman: The ring is mines. So shoot him and let’s go! NOW!

Bruce: (Waiting for the moment)

Roman: I said now! (Aiming his magnum pistol to Bruce) I said…

Bruce: (Looking at Jason) Now!!

(As Bruce ducts down, Jason fires his gun at Roman)

(The bullet hits Roman’s hand as he drops his gun; Bruce gets back up and side kick Roman to the floor)

(Roman feeling the pain a bit grabs hold of his magnum with his left hand, gets up, and about to shoot)

Jason: (Realizing he might half to shoot him again)

Bruce: (Looking at Roman)

Roman: I still win…

(Before Jason can shoot, Roman is seen getting shot three times from the back)

(Roman collapses to the floor dead)

(Bruce and Jason look to see it was Carla still injured fired her gun at Roman)

Carla: (Smiles)

(Bruce running to Carla)

Bruce: You didn’t have to do that.

Carla: He was armed and dangerous. I had no choice.

Bruce: (Smiling) I understand.

(As they hear police sirens approaching the place, Bruce looks to Jason)

Jason: Is she going to be okay?

Bruce: I don’t know. What about us?

Jason: (Uncertain) I don’t know.

Bruce: (Feeling he understands his pain)

(Cuts off as we zoom out to see people from the auction room exting to the gallery to see the chaos as on the other side, police enters the building to survey the damage and everything else)

(Fades out) [Act IV ends]


[Act V]

  • Ext. Gotham City - Night

(Cuts to the view of the city hours after the aftermath at the auction house)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor)

  • Int. Foyer

(Cuts inside as Bruce enters)

Bruce: (Seeing the place since he departed three months ago)

Voice: Master Bruce!

Bruce: (Looks at the study room as he sees Alfred)

Alfred: (About to cry; he runs to Bruce and embraces him with a hug)

Bruce: I missed you Alfred.

Alfred: Oh Master Bruce, I have ton of words to tell you, but to start off I have missed you so much.

(Then we see Leslie appearing)

Leslie: Bruce. (Smiling) Welcome back.

Bruce: (Seeing her) Leslie! What are you doing here?

Leslie: Alfred needed someone to help heal after your departure. He gave me a call, and I never look back.

Alfred: Are you alright?

Bruce: I am.

Alfred: You’re sure, Master Bruce?

Bruce: Yes, Alfred, I’m alright.

Alfred: Please, Master Bruce, do not ever leave again.

(Alfred hugs him again)

(Cuts off to the embrace)

  • Ext. Backyard Patio

(Cuts outside as Bruce sitting down seeing the night sky and the clear, full moon)

Bruce: (Seeing the moon)

Leslie: It’s always nice when there’s a full moon.

Bruce: More like bad luck.

Leslie: What you mean?

Bruce: I never wanted to come back here.

Leslie: But you did.

Bruce: I had no choice.

Leslie: Because of Cutter.

Bruce: How you know about him? Alfred told you?

Leslie: He did, but I already knew about Cutter because the past few years I been a psychologist for the FBI.

Bruce: No wonder all this time I been trying to contact you, you never came.

Leslie: I wanted to but I couldn’t then. When I heard you left and never contacted your friends, I was worried.

Bruce: And you wanted Cutter to tell you where I was.

Leslie: Where were you?

Bruce: Somewhere I hope I won’t go back too. But I really don’t know if I want to stay here.

Leslie: I feel your pain.

Bruce: Do you?

Leslie: Your heart, your trust, was misused in a very bad way. You shut off everything and everybody you put your heart into. Leaving Cutter the only one you can trust.

Bruce: He was there in the right time.

Leslie: What would happened if he wasn’t there? Would you've still left Gotham and never came back? Would you have done something worse?

Bruce: (Standing up) I really don’t know. I left because I wanted to control my dark side. I wanted to make sure that side of me won’t exist again.

Leslie: It’s been three months. Have you control it?

Bruce: I had a lot of help. And yes now I’m in control.

Leslie: Make sure you’re in control for now on; if something happens that will cause you to lose control…

Bruce: I’m going to make sure I won’t lose myself again. It was hard putting myself back together, if I lose control…

Leslie: You won’t. I promise I will be by your side helping you along the way, but I needed back to D.C.

Bruce: You will be back.

Leslie: I won’t be far. Just call.

Bruce: Thanks.

(They hug)

Leslie: (Waving bye as she leaves)

(Shifts to see Alfred appearing)

Alfred: She’s leaving.

Bruce: Yeah.

Alfred: What about you?

Bruce: What you mean?

Alfred: Are you heading out this for good? Or you here to stay, Master Bruce?

Bruce: I really don’t know Alfred. I’ll sleep tonight and I see by tomorrow.

Alfred: Since you’re going to stay probably a night, what about seeing your friends.

Bruce: I saw Leo, but he left. He didn’t want to talk to me. Lucius on the other hand was glad I was back.

Alfred: What about Master Jason? Ms. Julie?

Bruce: Jason, I don’t know after pointing a gun at him. It could be a while until he erased that image. As for… (Thinking about Julie)

Alfred: Ms. Madison has been heartbroken since you left Master Bruce. Maybe at least she sees you; she can heal that broken heart.

Bruce: (Thinking about her and realize before he left, Julie was one of the last people as well as Alfred to see them before he left. He needs to know if she is okay now and want to explain his reason for leaving her heartbroken)

(As Alfred heads back inside, Bruce decides to do his best to start repairing his relationships, starting with Julie. Then the song “Apologies” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals is playing in the background)

  • Int. Gotham Auction House – Gallery Room

(Cuts to the room as we see Agent Cutter surveying the room and then we see another FBI agent appearing)

FBI Agent: Sir, Carla will be fine. The bullet just missed her important organs.

Cutter: Wish her well.

(The song continues)

FBI Agent: Roman is dead. His men locked away, but the benefactor who hired them is still on the loose.

Cutter: What about the Halo?

FBI Agent: During the removal of the guests and clean up of the crime scene, the Halo ring is missing sir.

Cutter: We have to find it. If that falls in the wrong hands…

FBI Agent: I understand. (He heads out)

Cutter: (Wondering where is Halo and then thinks if Bruce will be okay knowing the so-called benefactor is still out there)

(Cuts off to Cutter)

  • Ext. Blackgate Prison

(Cuts to the view of the prison)

  • Int. Xavier’s cell

(Cuts inside as we see Xavier in his cell a bit depressed, but then hears a familiar voice; the song continues)

Voice: Was it successful?

Xavier: No. I failed.

(Camera shifts to see the voice came from none other than Frank Edar)

Frank: Roman is neutralized.

Xavier: Correct.

Frank: Halo?

(The song continues)

Xavier: Not in the possession.

Frank: Don’t worry. I will get you out, but I want that ring.

Xavier: (Looking at his boss)

Frank: If I half to pay off those Russians, I need that ring.

Xavier: I will retrieve it back.

Frank: You better. Until then, I’m going to stay in Gotham until Halo is safely back into my hands.

(Frank leaves as Xavier ponders his plot to get the ring back to his boss)

(Cuts off to Xavier as the song continues)

  • Ext. Gotham Times

(Cuts to the building)

  • Int. Office hub

(Cuts to Olivia’s desk, as Olivia is working on her latest story, she spots Leo)

Olivia: Is everything okay Leo?

Leo: Everything is fine.

Olivia: I know I been a pest to you these past few months, and I’m sorry.

(The song continues)

Leo: You don’t half to be. Someone told me if this being a reporter really is my dream, it will come.

Olivia: Whoever say that was right. It will come. Not right now.

Leo: Listen, I was wondering if you have a story to do.

Olivia: I was doing that Merchant death, but I’ll give it to Jared. Why?

Leo: Right now, I may not be a reporter, but here… (Giving Olivia a folder)

(The song continues)

Olivia: (Intrigued; she opens to see it’s a picture and then we see it’s a picture of Bruce Wayne exiting out of a barge) Leo! (Amazed to see the photo) Where did you get this?

Leo: Reporter 101 never reveal your sources. (He smiles as he heads out)

Olivia: (Listening to him) There’s hope for him yet. (She smiles as she realizes the return of Bruce Wayne will be a great headline for tomorrow’s news)

(Cuts off to Olivia)

  • Ext. Gotham Memorial

(Cuts to the view of the hospital)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside the hallway)

Jason: (Seeing Brian) Anything?

Brian: No sir.

Jason: Thanks, Brian.

(Jason soon enters the room; the song continues)

(Cuts off to Jason)

  • Int. Victor’s Room

(Cuts inside as the room as Victor still lying unconscious in the bed)

(Jason entering the room as he closes the door)

(He approaches to his father’s side, as he holds his father’s right hand)

Jason: Dad, these past few days to these past few months have been interesting to say the least.

(Victor still not awaken)

(The song continues)

Jason: I need you to come back, father. Please! I need you. I never wanted to be like this. But ever since the wedding from hell, you were there to protect me. And I should I have been there by your side to protect you. I failed as your son…I’m sorry…but I really don’t know who is the CEO of PowerCorp.

(Jason just half to wait until a miracle happens)

(However, from out of the blue, we hear a familiar voice)

Voice: (Fainted-like tone) You.

Jason: (Knowing that voice, he sees his father)

(Shifts to see Victor semi-awake)

Victor: You. It was always you.

Jason: Dad.

Victor: I'm glad to…to see you.

Jason: (Smiling that his father is alright) I’m really glad you’re awake.

Victor: You can’t...kill Victor Powers.

Jason: (Smirking)

(The song continues)

(Cuts off as Jason consoling his father)

  • Ext. Legacy Apartments

(Cuts to the apartments)

  • Int. Penthouse

(Cuts inside the penthouse)

(Shifts to see the Halo ring up close, and as we zoom out we notice it was Sean who found the ring)

Sean: Now the fun really begins. (Smiling)

(Cuts off to Sean as he sees the ring and knows what could happen; the song continues)

  • Ext. Rave

(Cuts to the view of the warehouse hangout)

  • Int. Bar

(Cuts to the bar as we see Julie sitting near the barstand juggling with the bills, and then she sees a letter addressed to her name with the same signature)

Julie: (Seeing this is the second letter she received from the mysterious writer; she tries to hide it away)

(Shifts to see Bruce appearing near the entrance holding a batch of purple and white daises)

(Before Bruce can acknowledge Julie, he hears another male’s voice)

(The song continues)

Bruce: (Surprised he sees another man entering)

(Shifts to see its Mike coming from the back holding a bag of Chinese food)

Mike: I got takeout!

Julie: (Trying to dismiss the letter, she sees Mike and the food) Oh wow! That’s wonderful!

Mike: (Smiling as he puts the down the bag)

Julie: (A bit depressed about the letter)

(The song continues)

Mike: You’re okay?

Julie: Yeah.

Mike: (Heading to her) You know I like you right.

Julie: (Smiling) I know.

(Then Mike kisses Julie)

Mike: (His eyes close) I like that.

Julie: (Wondering about something, she turns to see the entrance thinking she saw something)

Mike: (Getting around the bar to prepare the food) Are you sure you’re okay?

Julie: Yeah. (Trying to downplay it) Yeah.

Mike: (Don’t what got into her, takes the takeout boxes out and starting preparing their dinner)

(The song continues)

Julie: (Thinking she might have saw someone, shrug it out of her way and looks to see what Mike got)

(Shifts near the entrance out of Julie’s view, Bruce standing near a pillar wall)

Bruce: (Totally depressed after what he just saw; he has no words to describe it as he drops the flowers and walks away)

(The flowers is seen in slow motion falling as the song reaches to its end)

(Cuts off as the flowers drop to the ground in slow motion and the song “Apologies” ends)

[Act V ends]


Featured music

  • "Apologies" - Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


  • Trials are opportunities to test something out; tests; difficult or annoying experiences.
    • In the episode, Bruce is facing a trial: continuing his self-exile only to join a Russian gang and return to Gotham.
    • Jason and Leo both face the hardships of their respective jobs; Jason doubting his acting CEO role while thinking about his father's health. Leo focuses on his internship, but is pushed to do things a reporter should do.
    • Julie embracing a new life; trying to let go of her painful past and explore refreshing new things; like dating someone new.
    • Victor still comatose and is fighting to awake.


  • Antagonists: Roman/The Swordfish, Oselvik, Messer, Xavier, and Frank Edar
  • This episode was formally titled Return in the series' early developmental stages, but changed to Trials based on the decisions several main characters made in the season 2 finale.
  • This episode is set three months after Crossroads. First time a time gap is used between seasons. Season 2's premiere, Aftershock began directly after Season 1's finale, Excalibur.
  • Leslie Thompkins makes her return to the series in this episode. Her last appearance happened back in Comer in season one. Leslie wasn't mentioned or seen throughout season two. Leslie mentions her absence was partly due to being stucked at her work as a FBI psychologist.
  • It appears Bruce done something during his three month exile working with Agent Cutter. It seems Cutter's proposal from Crossroads came to fruition. Now in return, Bruce is forced to join a Russian mob.
  • Jason has been the interim CEO for PowerCorps the past three months while Victor continued to lie in a comatose state.
  • Within the three months, Julie had moved on from her damaged relationship with Bruce; and found solace from Mike Gowan.
  • Mike Gowan is a new regular; making him the series' first new character to be a series regular. He appears to be a akin to adult Bruce Wayne: a bachelor and jet setting businessman.
  • This marks the first time of Leslie and Agent Cutter's relationship as co-workers. First time Cutter's first name, Brian, has been heard.
  • Leo has been interning at Gotham Times during the past three months. He got his internship acceptance back in Tainted. It's revealed during his internship, he has a relationship with one of the young reporters, Olivia.
  • Sean Carver reappears once again to cause a headache for Jason.
  • The Halo ring is a platinum band that is embedded with codes for military weapons. The goal is revealed that Wayne Industries would distribute the weapons to military bases while a prominent socialite and businessman would invest heavily in the project fund. And Jason and PowerCorp seemed to be the winning investor of $100 million. However the ring ended up lost until in the end when it's revealed Sean has gain ownership of it.
  • Lucious makes his first appearance of the season, last appearing in Crossroads.
  • Julie and Leo mentioned Lindsey as Leo recalled his fault for ruining his relationship with Lindsey back in Switch. But it's revealed Leo was close to falling in love with her.
  • Frank Edar, the man overseeing the Halo project, ends up being the benefactor to bring Roman and his Russian thugs to steal the ring and bring it back to him for unknown reasons. Working with his lackey, Xavier, seems Frank will stay in Gotham until he regains control of the Halo ring.
  • Det. Bourne is mentioned in the episode, but is not seen. Det. Alder appeared earlier in the episode.
  • Victor finally wakes up near the end from his three month coma. And finally finished what he was going to say back in Crossroads as he given full control of PowerCorp to Jason. Thus the "acting" title is ceased as by the end of the episode, Jason is confirmed to be the CEO.
  • The Wayne Industries' unknown CEO--who replaced the murdered Robin Wilden--makes a cameo during the auction scene. His status in the previous season hasn't been established or even been mentioned. He didn't even mention anything about Gideon or Omicron's scheme to usurp Gotham using the Waynes' company.
  • Gideon although is mentioned by Alfred.
  • This is the first time since Bastion where Bruce and Jason had teamed up to thwart the enemy.
  • This would be the last season premiere until Season 9's Bullseye were the main core cast will be mentioned and last season premiere to have the original cast.
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