Trickster is the fifth episode of The Young Knight season 1.



  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to a view of the city landscapes)

  • Ext. Lessners’ House

(Cuts to the exterior of the Lessners’ home then inside)

  • Int. Dining Room

(Cuts to see a chandelier then a dining table where we see a big bowl of salad, rolls, and a big bowl of mashed potatoes; we then see the man of the house reading the newspaper; then the lady coming out of the kitchen carrying a roast)

Female: (Sitting the roast on the table) Steve, where’s David?

Steve: Jena, I don’t know.

Jena: David (Not hearing the first time) David

Voice: Coming

(The camera spots a 17 year old teen sporting out with plaid jeans and plaid shirt; he sits next to the right side of his father)

David: Sorry, study time was a little late.

Jena: Good.

David: So...(Seeing the food) Wow, this food is delicious

Jena: (Serving Steve’s plate and put it by him then fixing David’s plate and giving it to David) Um, I kind of like your new attitude unlike last time.

David: Last time didn’t suit me, but I’m changing. (Starting to eat)

Jena: (Smiling) Steve, Steve

David: Dad

Steve: (Putting his newspaper down) What?

Jena: Your food is ready for you.

Steve: Thanks, honey.

Jena: (Simply ignoring, then concentrate on David as she starts to eat) So, I heard there’s a girl at school you got have a crush on.

David: There’s no girl.

Jena: Come on, you been talking about this girl...Julie for days.

David: Mom.

Steve: (The camera views the paper covering her face) Leave the boy alone.

Jena: I can’t...I’m a mother.

David: Yeah a mother that needs to shut up.

Steve: (Seeing he is getting paged) I have to get this. Save my food. (Leaving out)

Jena: Steve (To David) How can you say that...(Back to Steve as he already left)

David: Mom, sorry for what I said earlier, but I’m right anyway. You can’t say I just like Julie Madison and get over it.

Jena: David, come on you’re ridiculous.

David: What (Standing up) Why can’t you just leave me alone and get out of my life.

Jena: I’m only try to be a good mother.

David: Good mother, the only mother you mean to me is a dead one (Heading to the stairs).

Jena: What ? (Standing up and trying to catch him up) Hold it...

David: I hope you just die

(The camera zooms into his eyes as we see the phoenix-like color corneas glow very brightly and it shines as the camera zooms out of Jena’s eyes doing the same thing and then all of the sudden she collapses into unconsciousness on the floor)

David: Mom

(David heads to her and then trying to revive his mom, but to no prevail she’s gone; David is totally depress as he runs upstairs)

  • Int. Bathroom

(Cuts inside the bathroom as David slams the door open and starts washing his face with water trying to get rid of depression and disgust about what just happened; he then looks at himself at the mirror as he head out, he grabs a brush and throws it at the mirror as the glass is cracked open; we see David totally angry and surprise with his new power) [Teaser ends]


[Act I]

  • Ext. Old Abandoned City Warehouse

(Cuts to see a view of the warehouse)

  • Int. Warehouse

(Cuts inside as we see everything is cleaned up and we notice Julie just sweeping; Jason appears as he sees the building)

Julie: (Seeing him) Hi

Jason: Hi, sorry to scare you, but I think you know me more like my father, Victor Powers.

Julie: Oh yeah, you’re Jason. My dad been helping your dad with a lot of legal stuff. In fact how you know I was here.

Jason: I’m best friends with Bruce; he got feelings for you.

Julie: (Smiling) Thanks for your compliment.

Jason: I was wondering (Checking out the sight of the building) if you help me, I will help you.

Julie: Help with me how?

Jason: Bruce been telling me you wanted to lease this place as sort of a hangout place; I can help you make this into a hangout heaven, if you help me with something.

Julie: (About to decide) Okay, but what do I have to help you.

Jason: Your father has some connections with the higher level courts.

Julie: I think so, why?

Jason: I need him to do a huge favor and asked one of them to send a file of EuroTron.

Julie: Euro...what?

Jason: Oh, it’s a huge word you don’t have to worry. So, can you do that for me while I head out to the leasing headquarters downtown in order to get that official lease.

Julie: ... (Almost about to decide)

(Bruce enters between the two as they stop their little conversation)

Jason: Bruce

Julie: Bruce

Bruce: What’s going on here.

Jason: We were just discussing...

Julie: Procedures of leasing this place.

Jason: (Looking at her)

Julie: That’s all it was, just business.

Bruce: Okay?

Jason: I have to go, but remember what I said (To Julie then to Bruce) See you soon...I’m out. (Leaving) Bruce: (Seeing him gone; he heads to Julie) So, about last week.

Julie: Oh you mean at your house; I was waiting for you then I felt to sleep; then Alfred dropped me off home that next morning.

Bruce: I was wondering why did you want to wait for me.

Julie: (Ignoring her feelings) Can’t a friend worry about that friend’s safety, especially inside this neck of this city.

Bruce: Well I love you for that and thanks again for waiting.

Julie: No problem, you would do the same thing for me.

Bruce: In a heartbeat.

Julie: (Smiling)

Bruce: Well, I forgot we got school in one hour.

Julie: Oh yeah, I totally forgot this is a school day.

Bruce: If we hurry, we can beat that late bell.

Julie: Catch me if you can. (Running out of the building)

Bruce: Hey! (Running after her)

  • Ext. Gotham High School

(Cuts to a view of the high school then inside)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts to kids hanging out five minutes before the late bell rings; we see Leo walking in the hallways chatting with others in the process and the camera spots Bruce and Julie running into the hallway just in time; Leo sees them and heads towards them)

Leo: Look who showed before the predominable bell.

Bruce: Thank goodness we made it before the bell.

Julie: I told you that shortcut was a great plan.

Bruce: I know.

Leo: Okay, what shortcut? Where were you two?

Julie: We were at the warehouse.

Leo: Oh, the place you is cleaning up in fact you don’t have a lease.

Julie: Actually I’m going to. Thanks for Jason.

Leo: Wait, Jason Powers, son of Darth Vader.

Julie: Yes, my father helped his father, so he want to make it up for it by giving me a lease.

Leo: Just don’t want you to go in bed with him.

Julie: (A little stunned)

Bruce: (Stunned as well)

Leo: Oh, I mean like a bedfellow not like a...

Julie: (smiling) I get what you trying to say.

Leo: Okay guess my expertise needs to be somewhere else, so I see you guys at lunch. (Walking off)

Julie: (Smiling) What are we going do with out him.

Bruce: Nothing, he just that he always have a sense of being Leo.

Julie: I notice.

(Shifts to David entering the hallway door as everyone looks at him and Bruce and Julie notice)

Julie: Why is everyone looking at David.

Bruce: David Lessner; well his mother just died mysteriously and he was there when he lost her.

Julie: (Gasping) Oh my; I hope he’s okay.

(David reaching to the locker; Julie approach him)

David: (Sees her) Hi Julie.

Julie: Hi back, sorry about your lost.

David: (Focusing on her then gets back to reality) Oh, thank you.

Julie: I wanted to know if you feel lonely, you can always hang out with me, Bruce, and Leo.

David: Wait hang out with Bruce Wayne and Leo Foster. Why them?

Julie: They’re my best friends, and Bruce lost his parents when he was young. I lost my mother when I was thirteen and Leo’s mother ran away when he was six.

David: Oh!

Julie: That’s how we became best of friends because of losing our parents we felt lonely, but together we’re strong.

David: I never knew.

Julie: At least now you know. (Giggling)

David: Okay, I’m going to take that offer. See you at lunch. (Heading out)

(Bruce shows up)

Bruce: So how he felt.

Julie: About his mother’s death, he’s still adjusting, but you can tell that to him because I offered him a spot at lunch.

Bruce: Whoa, you asked David to join us.

Julie: You know he’s lonely because of her death; you know that feeling, I do, even Leo know that feeling of losing a love one or two.

Bruce: I hope you know where you going with this.

Julie: I do, stop being so jealous all of the sudden. (Walks off)

Bruce: I’m not jealous! I’m not! (Then stands a little bit lonely at the side of the lockers)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to see a view of the building)

  • Int. Victor’s office

(Cuts inside as we see Victor working on a few files and then we see his secretary coming in)

Victor: Yes, Helena what do you need?

Helena: Sir, a Mr. Robin Wilden has come to see you.

Victor: (About to ignore what she is saying and continues with his work until he hears that name) Repeat that name again.

Helena: Robin Wilden.

Victor: (Drops his pen as he sits back to his chair worrying about the last time those two met as they have met before)

Helena: Shall I rescheduled the appointment.

Victor: (Stopping her) No, no Let him come in.

(Helena leaves as Robin Wilden, a tall man with a Caucasian look and whitish-blonde hair look kind of middle age as he enters the room)

Robin: Victor Powers, long time no see.

Victor: Long time no see to you, Robin, in fact why are you here.

Robin: Business matters.

Victor: What kind of business matters do you need to take care of.

Robin: Something that is the opposite of you of course.

Victor: Like I said, why are you here.

Robin: Like I said, business.

(Then there’s a room of silence)

Robin: I guess I have to go, my 3:00 appointment is ticking.

Victor: What so called... never mind it’s just business.

Robin: Of course its business. See you around, Victor. (Heading out)

(We see him clutching his left fist as he breaks the pen in his other hand angry that his old rival has reappeared)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor - Int. Kitchen

(Cuts to the manor then inside the kitchen as Alfred is beginning to make dinner then Bruce appears)

Alfred: Master Bruce, will any of your friends will be showing up tonight.

Bruce: Yeah, Julie.

Alfred: Finally fed about those feelings with Ms. Madison; did you asked her to join you.

Bruce: Kind of actually not yet, but I know its destiny.

Alfred: Hah, that infamous D word.

Bruce: What you mean about that? What so infamous about the word destiny?

Alfred: it’s just that when people say it’s destiny, it winds up being a self-falsifying prophecy.

Bruce: Wait you mean to tell me that you can’t mess with fate.

Alfred: I mean if a person forced fate to happen, it will soon lead them into serious consequences; Look what happened to Macbeth, King Arthur, and even Anakin Skywalker.

Bruce: Guess you can’t tampered with fate, but what happen if a person already forced it?

Alfred: Well, who knows what will happened. But if you and Ms. Madison are destined to be, you can’t forced it. Just let it go through in time. (Heading into the walk-in pantry)

Bruce: (Thinking about that fate and wondering if he and Julie are destined to be together)

  • Ext. Old Abandoned City Warehouse

(Cuts to see a view of the warehouse)

  • Int. Warehouse

(Cuts inside as we see Julie continuing to do last minutes of cleaning; she stops as she gets out her Diet Mountain Dew bottle and drinks out of it; unbeknownst to her we see the POV of someone’s eyes watching her and then as she about to turn her head to see what’s going, that someone left and Julie continues what she was doing)

  • Ext. Old Abandoned City Warehouse

(Cuts to the outside as we see the person who been watching her was actually David; he heads off)

(Fades out) [Act I ends]

[Act II]

  • Ext. Gotham High School - (Next day)

(Cuts to the view of the high school, next day)

  • Ext. Courtyard

(Cuts outside to seeing most of the students eating lunch on the courtyard, and then we see Bruce, Julie, and Leo eating lunch at their private table)

Leo: I was just wondering what you guys have for lunch?

Bruce: Something Alfred made for me, I can’t identified.

Leo: I have a tuna fish sandwich.

Julie: I made a fruit salad. Nutritious and delicious.

Bruce: Mmm.

Leo: More like unskillful and malicious.

Julie: What?

Bruce: Leo?

Leo: I’m talking about Bianca over there.

(The camera shifts to a long-hair brunette then back to the gang)

Julie: That’s true, she’s being what hurting people with stupid words since the third grade.

Bruce: I’m surprised she kept that trend so long.

Julie: I’m surprised she kept that look for so long.

(Each of them laughing after that remark, the camera then shifts to David walking towards them with his lunch)

Leo: Look who it is.

Julie: Hey David

David: (Sitting down) Hey

Bruce: So I guess you listened to Julie’s little invitation.

David: Yeah, I wouldn’t disappoint such a girl like Julie.

Julie: (Smiling and blushing) Leo: There is always Bianca.

David: That’s okay.

Leo: Come on, it was just a joke.

Bruce: No it wasn’t.

Julie: (Seeing he is interesting) Hey David, why don’t I take a walk with you.

David: I would be honored.

(Bruce and Leo a little bit stunned; Julie stands up and walks along with David; shifts back to the others)

Leo: Please tell me, I hope I didn’t see what I thought I saw.

Bruce: (Still a little bit stunned, as somehow we are seeing him jealous)

  • Ext. PowerCorp

(Cuts to see another view of the building)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside to see Bradson walking along with a Dr. Birch, a middle-aged doctor)

Bradson: Mr. Powers advised you to complete the task.

Dr. Birch: I almost did not until I found the body of my fellow doctor, Dr. Benson.

Bradson: Well while my men is taking care of that, I need you to continue your job.

Dr. Birch: I have a feeling I’m next; the files of Project Zephyr never came to surpass.

Bradson: So whoever is doing this is also corrupting the files.

Dr. Birch: I will do everything in my power to stop the hackers and the infections.

Bradson: (About to leave) Don’t forget the note I gave you, or this is bad. (Leaving)

Dr. Birch: (Head downstairs to the labs still wondering about the parallax, and his former friend)

  • Ext. Gotham High School - Court side

(Cuts to see the school then David accompanying by Julie)

David: So why did you choose to walk with me.

Julie: It’s just that besides Bruce and Leo, you’re the only other person that I had connected to a lot.

David: Well yesterday was the first day we ever met.

Julie: And now we’re knowing each other personally.

David: (Kind of blushing)

Julie: It’s just that you kind of make me safe to be around you.

David: I appreciate that.

Julie: So, what happened to mom?

David: Well, she was with me and when I was about to go upstairs to my room, she collapsed.

Julie: What did the autopsy said?

David: She suffered from a major heart attack.

Julie: Oh, I’m so sorry.

David: It’s okay my dad is now trying to put food on the house and to me I kind of felt that she did need to die.

Julie: (Stopping) Wait, how can you say that.

David: (About to say something)

(Shifts to see Bruce entering the scene)

Bruce: Hey Julie, hey David.

David: Hi...

Julie: Bruce, what are you doing?

Bruce: I need to talk to you.

Julie: Can’t you see I’m talking to someone.

David: It’s okay, go ahead...I’ll wait.

(Bruce grabs Julie’s hand while she looked a little bit shock at David’s response; David almost had her, but feels he needs to do something more)

  • Ext. Courtyard

(Shifts to the backyard to see Bruce bringing Julie in the courtyard)

Julie: Bruce what is it?

Bruce: I just have to say it, I really don’t trust him.

Julie: Why?

Bruce: I just don’t.

Julie: Is it you don’t trust him because he have a sudden fixation on me.

Bruce: No, it’s not that.

Julie: Alright so tell me, what is it.

Bruce: I can’t say.

Julie: So you don’t trust him because of can’t say.

Bruce: Julie I want to...(Getting a phone message from Alfred) I got to take this, I’m sorry but I can’t say. (Heads out)

Julie: (Couldn’t believe it)

(The camera sees Bruce leave as David sneakily entering the scene)

David: Julie.

Julie: (Jumps off a little because of what happened) Whoa, David you scare me.

David: I don’t want to lose you.

Julie: Lose me; lose me how?

David: Be my girlfriend.

Julie: Excuse me...

(Before anything happens the camera zooms into his eyes as we see the phoenix-like color corneas glow again very brightly and it shines as the camera zooms out of Julie’s eyes doing the same thing and then all of the sudden she kisses him as he kisses back)

Bruce: (Sees the kiss between them and is shocked; he then leaves)

(Shifts to Julie after the surprising kiss)

Julie: (Smiling) I will love to be your girlfriend.

David: (Smiling after hearing it)

(The camera spots them holding each other hands and walks off)

(Fades out) [Act II ends]

[Act III]

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to the view of the building)

  • Int. Lab Development

(Cuts to the labs as we see Lucius walking into the labs and notices something is not quite right; he continues to walk and notices a cracked hole by Lab Sector C and D. He knows what had happened inside sector D, but doesn’t know what caused it)

  • Int. Lab Sector D

(Cuts inside the damaged sector as we a huge hole caused by the lighting storm months ago)

Lucius: (Walks around and survey the damage area and then notices something; he sees a smudge mark near the area where the Phoenix chemicals once was; he somehow sees it and realizes that instant that mark wasn’t made by a lighting bolt, but a controlled-Nitrogen base is a significant example; he feels that someone intentionally caused the explosion knowing Nitrogen is a very combustible catalyst)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to the view of the manor then across the house we see Alfred near the yard)

  • Ext. Yard

(Cuts to the yard as we see Alfred waiting on Bruce, and Bruce successfully arrives not before continuing to remember that kiss Julie and David made)

Alfred: Master Bruce, thank goodness you’re here.

Bruce: (Still thinking about that kiss and focus on Alfred) Yeah, Alfred, why you called?

Alfred: Lucius called and he wanted to tell you that the chemical explosion from your father’s company wasn’t accidental, but more like incidental.

Bruce: Wait, someone wanted that chemical to be exploded, but who?

Alfred: Lucius didn’t say, but he did say whoever did had a strong connection within your company. He also said he will find the one who did this.

Bruce: Thanks Alfred.

Alfred: And before you go, what happened?

Bruce: Excuse me?

Alfred: You had that sad face when you first arrived here...

Bruce: Oh that was just my subconscious telling me to wake up.

Alfred: O...

Bruce: See you inside, Alfred. (Heading inside)

Alfred: (Confused about Bruce’s remark about the sad face thing)

  • Ext. PowerCorp - Int. Victor’s office

(Cuts to the view of PowerCorp and then inside Victor’s office as we see him in his office having a drink of scotch and sees Dr. Birch entering)

Victor: You better have a good reason to be here, doc.

Dr. Birch: I do... even though we lost most of Zephyr I did manage to obtain the integral part of the project; (showing Victor a picture of a item)

Victor: (Looking at it) At last...

Dr. Birch: And to help you out more, there is a person who has a power that can really be a great part to retrieve it. Victor: Who?

Dr. Birch: (Showing him the picture of the person)

Victor: (Looking at that picture) Good, tell Bradson to find him.

Dr. Birch: Yes. (Leaving)

(Shifts to Victor looking at the picture of the item he wants)

  • Ext. Gotham City

(Cuts to a view of the city then to a street)

  • Ext. Street

(Cuts to the street as we see David and Julie walking by as we all know she is still hypnotized)

David: I can’t believe you think those fishes were almost coming to eat you.

Julie: (Laughing) It was crazy that I thought about that, but it was a good thing for you bringing me to the aquarium.

David: Yeah, I like that too.

Julie: If you haven’t notice, the aquarium was one of the best places I liked about this city.

David: Well thank goodness, I had the time to bring you back to the place you love.

Julie: (Smiling) I love you.

David: I love you too!

(They both share a kiss as we see someone walking the opposite direction)

(Leo sees them and tries to intervene)

Leo: Julie! (Breaking up the kiss)

David: Excuse me!

Julie: What are you doing Leo?!

Leo: Doing my job, your best friend, trying to stop you from making a big mistake.

Julie: Are you and my boyfriend do not need this.

Leo: Hold up...boyfriend?! This is a sham.

David: You need to leave.

Leo: You need to back down kojo.

David: Come over here....I’ll be right back. (Kisses her on her cheek and walks off to the alley)

Leo: Ugh! (Walking to the alley)

(Shifts to the still-hypnotized Julie)

  • Ext. Side Alley

(Cuts to a alley as we see them walking and then all of the sudden Leo pushing David on the wall)

Leo: Listen David, I don’t know what you did, but my friend is not like need to stop what you’re doing.

David: Here is what I think! You back off and leave me and my girlfriend alone...

(the camera zooms into David’s eyes as we see the phoenix-like color corneas glow again very brightly and it shines as the camera zooms out of Leo’s eyes doing the same thing and then all of the sudden he shakes his head)

Leo: (Letting go of his shirt and walks off kind of feeling weird)

David: (Happy that’s over almost about to head back to his girl until a limo pulls up and the window goes down revealing to be Victor Powers) Mr. Powers?

Victor: Mr. Lessner, come in I want to give you a offer you can’t refuse.

(David enters the limo)

  • Int. Victor’s Limo

(Cuts inside the limo as we see Victor talking to David)

Victor: Now David, can I call you David, I have a favor.

David: What kind of favor?

Victor: I need your gift.

David: (Surprised)

Victor: Don’t be surprised David, this is a step for glory. You have an awesome gift that which I want to share.

David: Okay, what kind of favor do you need my “gift” to do.

Victor: (Showing him a picture of the item he needs) In this picture is a item I need for a very special project I’m doing.

David: And this item what is it?

Victor: You tell me. It is inside a armored vault inside a multi-millionaire house. I have the address.

David: Okay.

Victor: When you retrieve it. Give it to me in a secure place of your choosing.

David: I will do that.

Victor: Nice making business.

David: And to you. (He exits out the limo)

(Victor smiles sinisterly as outside, the limo leaves and we left off seeing David smiling as well knowing his power can really do a lot)

(Fades out) [Act III ends]

[Act IV]

  • Ext. Powers Mansion

(Cuts to the view of the mansion then inside...)

  • Int. Library

(Cuts to the library as we see Robin Wilden waiting for someone and is amazed looking around the room and we see Jason entering the room)

Robin: (Seeing him) Jason.

Jason: Nice to see you again.

Robin: The pleasure is all yours. I see your father’s arrogance hasn’t made you like a oppressive pawn.

Jason: Thanks, I think.

Robin: Now since the years have passed by, I want to know why did you invited me.

Jason: You and my dad had a bad history together, each trying to be the better than the other.

Robin: Well, I know one thing...whatever the reason you brought me back, I don’t care. I’m ashamed he didn’t died sooner.

Jason: Even though I despise the man, I don’t want nothing harm put on him.

Robin: Come on Jason, we’re all good friends. If you need anything and I mean anything just call me (giving him the cell number and walks off)

Jason: (Thinking about what he is doing while holding Robin’s card)

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to see a view of the manor then)

  • Int. Bruce’s Bedroom

(Cuts to the room as we see Bruce reading the book trying to get that kiss off his mind; Leo still under David’s hypnosis enters the scene just acting if things are normal)

Bruce: What’s up.

Leo: Hey, so why did you called me.

Bruce: Okay first you called me and then you texted me saying Julie and David was at a sidewalk walking and holding hands like a couple.

Leo: Guess I did, yet they are a perfect couple.

Bruce: Whoa, that’s not you.

Leo: What are you talking about, I am the real Leo.

Bruce: Oh yeah, what did you tell me about David and Julie when you text me.

Leo: That he’s a good friend and that Julie would be great as his girl.

Bruce: (Seeing the glass of water on his desk, he slides towards it) So that’s what you told me on my cell.

Leo: Yeah.

Bruce: Okay, (grabbing the glass and then out of nowhere he throws the water)

Leo: (gets splashed by the water and the camera zooms into his eyes as the phoenix-like hypnosis fades away; the camera zooms back as we see him turning back) What...What happened?

Bruce: In my estimation, you was hypnotized.

Leo: What...(remembering what happened before coming here) that darn David.

Bruce: I know that text message will answer my doubts about you.

Leo: Sorry man, I didn’t know. And in fact how did you know?

Bruce: Well elementary my dear Watson, I noticed Julie would never date someone that fast and know she would always tell us.

Leo: Wait...of course why I didn’t see it earlier. We got to save her.

Bruce: If I know Julie just as well as you know her, I bet I know where exactly she is. (Heading out)

Leo: Be safe and don’t let his eyes get you.

(Cuts off to Leo)

  • Ext. Winston Estate

(Cuts to the view of a elaborate 18th century mansion)

  • Int. Hallway

(Cuts inside to a hallway as we see David walking and then two bodyguards crosses by telling him to stop immediately, but David uses his powers and the two bodyguards walk away like nothing happens)

  • Int. Center Room

(Cuts inside another room as we see the vault then we see David approaching the steel-vase at last; he discovers the picture of the thing he needs to retrieve has also the codes for the combination to open the vault; minutes later he uses the numbers and opens the vault as the camera zooms inside and all we see a black octagonal box with gold stripes. David takes the box out and looks at it seeing if its valuable at all and then he leaves with box heading to the one place he knows nothing bad would happen; unbeknownst to him the Winston estate had a camera system and we see one of the cameras lodge near the vault with a flashing red light)

  • Ext. Gotham Aquarium - Int.

(Cuts to a view of the aquarium then inside as we see David walking near the tanks of sharks and octopuses inside with the black box in his arms waiting for Victor Powers to retrieve it; as he approaches a bit far Julie still hypnotized appears)

David: (A little shock) Julie, why are you here?

Julie: Remember this one of my favorite places in Gotham.

David: Listen Dory, I have no time for this, I need to find Nemo.

Julie: Come on, we’re all alone and why not take the advantage. (Holding his hands and then the box) What’s that?

David: (Hides the box and pushes her hand away) I don’t need this.

(Bruce appears)

Bruce: Get your filthy hands off her.

David: I love her.

Bruce: You never did.

David: Stop telling lies.

Bruce: Come on, you just using your powers to trick her into being your girlfriend.

Julie: What?

Bruce: You’re not his girlfriend, he hypnotized you to make you think he’s your boyfriend.

David: Not true.

Bruce: It is...Julie you always tell me mostly everything in your life because we’re best friends.

Julie: I know we’re best friends.

Bruce: Now look back and think is any of this is the truth.

Julie: (Heeding his advice, she looks back and noticed something is wrong and still tries to think what is right and wrong)

David: I love you...

Bruce: Julie... (He knocks David down)

(The force of him knocks the black box out of his hands as it rolls down in a corner)

David: (Getting mad; he punches Bruce as Bruce falls down)

Bruce: (A little bruised lays him a punch to David as he is knocked down on the floor) Remember Julie.

(As the fight between them continue, Julie is remembering everything and finally breaks the phoenix-like hypnosis)

Julie: Bruce!

(The fight continues as David uses his powers on Bruce)

David: Stop her.

(As they both get up...)

Bruce: (Under his control, walks towards Julie)

Julie: Bruce wake up, wake up.

David: (Stands closer as he commands Bruce) Stop her now. Let’s see how love is more powerful than hate.

Bruce: I know. (About to bald a fist to Julie and all of sudden he turns and lands a huge fist at David knocking him out unconscious)

Julie: Oh my God! Oh my...

Bruce: (The camera notices he was never under David’s control and that he was a little hypnotized)

Julie: You scared me.

Bruce: I was barely hypnotized, but...

Julie: What happened?

Bruce: My affections for you were strong enough to stop his control; and I guess he was right, love is more powerful than hate and hypnosis.

Julie: (Smiling as she hugs him) Thank you for saving me.

Bruce: No, thank you.

(As the camera see them hugging the camera then shifts to where the black box is and unbeknownst to Bruce, Julie, and David, we see a mysterious hand dragging the box away)

(Fades out) [Act IV ends]

[Act V]

  • Ext. Wayne Manor

(Cuts to see the view of the manor then inside)

  • Int. Study

(Cuts inside the study as we see Alfred cleaning the fireplace and Leo waiting; then, Bruce appears)

Leo: So what happened to our Mr. Hudini-wannabe.

Bruce: He singing his blues in Arkham’s psych ward.

Leo: Guess, he won’t be able to do none of his tricks. Alfred: Never underestimate a man with many tricks. Like the old saying goes, “You can’t teach a old dog new tricks”.

Leo: Well first of, he’s with tons of other freaks with many talents. Maybe one day the ward would perform a talent show and almost all of the freaks can participate.

Alfred: (Being amused) I’ll like to see a encore of that.

Bruce: Well at least no one got serious hurt.

Leo: Heard about happened at the Winston estate.

Bruce: What?

Leo: Someone with mystic abilities successfully got through every security and breaks into a vault and steals one Winston’s valuables.

Alfred: I heard it was a box, a black box.

Leo: What would a common thief want with a black box.

Bruce: Well unless that thief can hypnotize people, I’m all lost.

Alfred: So you saying if David stole the box, who made him do it?

Leo: I thought the real question was where is the black box?

(As everyone speculates)

  • Ext. Wayne Industries

(Cuts to see the view of the building at a angle)

Int. Basement (Cuts downstairs as we see the man from the previous episode who killed Dr. Benson walking towards the edge of the basement’s center, then we see a shadowy figure walking by) Man: The plan has been executed.

Figure: Good.

Man: So what is next.

Figure: (Showing his identity as Robin Wilden) I want justice. I want him to suffer everything people have gone through because of him.

Man: And how we do that.

Robin: We as mean I will show his son the true picture of his father’s evil precipice; whatever it takes.

(Shifts to the man then back to Robin as he plans to show his new friend, Jason, Victor’s true colors)

  • Ext. Old Abandoned City Warehouse

(Cuts to see a view of the warehouse again)

  • Int. Warehouse

(Cuts inside again as we see Julie studying and we notices Bruce entering the building with the beat of Colbie Callat’s song, “Realize” playing in the background)

Bruce: Hey...I saw you from the window outside.

Julie: (Smiling) I wonder.

Bruce: Wonder what...

Julie: Wonder what would happen if you never came and save me.

Bruce: Well you would be still be under David’s spell.

Julie: That’s horrible, letting someone controlling your life in order to get the upper hand.

Bruce: I feel things would have been better if we would have never met him in the beginning.

Julie: I wish that would happen, but you can’t mess with fate.

Bruce: Ugh...the infamous fate.

Julie: What’s the matter?

Bruce: It’s just that us, I mean us...

Julie: If you’re saying us being romantically, I can’t answer, but I can tell you we’re destined to be friends.

Bruce: So you saying..

Julie: Let’s just be friends for now and then let’s see how fate plays out.

Bruce: If I had a great enemy of all time, love and destiny would be a total killer.

Julie: (Laughing) So agreed?

Bruce: (Hesitating) Agreed.

(The camera sees them hugging again as we hear the song “Realize” continuing to play and then we shifts to Bruce’s eyes kind of down because of this agreement and as well as Julie)

  • Int. Unknown office

(Cuts to an office as the song continuing to play we see a mysterious figure holding the black box; and the camera notices papers with PowerCorp on it and then the camera shifts to reveal the person’s face as it reveal to be Lucius Fox as he looks at the box and then twists the first half of the box clockwise and other half counterclockwise as the camera shifts to the box revealing a perplexing puzzle as we see weird alphabets and numbers and then the camera looks back at Lucius as he glances and then the song ends as...

(Fades out) [Act V ends]


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