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Crime Fiction Thriller




Created By

Vince Gilligan Peter Gould

Michael Imperioli


Ashton Kutcher

Hector Elizondo

Renee Zellweger

Opening Theme

Two Steps From Hell- Countdown to Insanity

No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes



Production Company(s)

Sony Pictures Television


Original Channel


Original Run

October 14, 2015- June 26, 2020


Can you honestly think, Aaron, that in a city like this -like Gotham- you can lead a normal life, with a normal family? Gotham is an animal, it's crimes consume everybody, the sooner you know that, the quicker you bcome one of us- criminals. The only normal people in Gotham.
— Leland Hammond
Trump is about pre-insanity Joker, in his days as Aaron Edwards and the original Red Hood. The show is loosely based off of Batman: The Killing Joke and is created by Breaking Bad writers Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould alongside Dexter writer Scott Buck. The TV Show gives missing insight into the Joker's long term Origin as set in this hyper realistic Gotham setting.

The TV show has been critically acclaimed as a result of the successes of both Breaking Bad and Dexter. The show has been said to be a perfectly blended mix between the two shows and the Batman/DC franchise. Along with the critic's acclaims, the show has also recieved criticism from Batman fans reguarding the idea of Joker not having an Origin. The writers countered this by explaining that this whole story is being told by the Joker, and was never stated to be the real Origin.

The TV show has won 6 Primetime Emmy Awards and has been nominated twice for a Screen Actor's Guild Award. Along with these awards, Ashton Kutcher has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as Aaron Edwards.




Cast and Characters

Main Characters

Supporting Characters


Season One (2015)

Season Two (2016-17)

Season Three (2018)

Season Four (2019-20)


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