Two-Face with his machine gun instead of a pistol

This character is an updated version Two-Face to fit the modern day, made for the current day- created by Vinnie Bones.


When Harvey Dent's life was being saved, his friend Bruce Wayne contributed new WayneTech technology that could save and help Harvey. Similar to Siri or Stephen Hawking's computer, his brain relays what he wants to say to a device on his arm, and a male voice repeats the thought. Wayne also orders this be the only one used in the world for an unknown reason. 


Two-Face part 1

Two-Face having new tech being implanted in him

  • With Wayne being by his side and not letting a criminal corrupt him, Harvey is corrupted by the thought of "revenge" on society as a whole.
  • Two-Face now carries a machine gun instead of a typical pistol.
  • Harvey respects Bruce Wayne and tries to convince him to work with him in his goal.
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