"Heads or tails, Batman?" -- Harvey Dent/TwoFace

Alias TwoFace, Harvey Two-Face
Real Name Harvey Dent
Age 34
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Location Gotham City
Enemies Batman

Harvey Dent was a Gotham District Attorney who was extremely successful in cracking down on organised crime, and led a campaign against one mobster in particular, Carmine Falcone. Falcone, keen on getting rid of Dent's clean-cut image has his face disfigured with acid, but only manages to burn half of it. The scars destroy the shining image of Dent that Gotham had come to trust. That, coupled with the pain induced by the incident turn Harvey into a morally absolute crime boss, obsessed with chance and duality. Constantly fighting for dominance of his mind is the former, noble Dent and his insane 'other self' - who names himself TwoFace, which he has become publically known as.



Before the acid burns, Harvey was a rather clean-cut, attractive man with brown hair and blue eyes. He is about 6ft 4in tall. After the burns, half of his face has had its skin completely destroyed, exposing muscle, melted flesh and even bone. Half of his hair is also burned off. Due to some of the acid getting in his eyes, the blue pigments in his left eye is now a milky white. This burned half nw perpetually has this angry expression.


Dent's insanity has made his morally pure, noble personality dissolve. There is some shreds of his former self but this is almost completely repressed by 'TwoFace'. TwoFace sees every choice as a matter of chance, flipping his half-damaged silver dollar to decide the outcome of any decision he makes (e.g. killing someone, going after Batman, taking more money than intended etc.). He is obsessed with duality, with everything related to the number 2, and even goes as far as to refer himself as 'they', 'we' or 'us'.

Dent and TwoFace are always internally fighting over dominance of the psyche, Dent aspires to reform and become sane again, however, the other personality (TwoFace) is still desiring to take over the Gotham criminal underworld and will stop at nothing to do so. This confilct of interests makes TwoFace quite tragic, but still completely dangerous.

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