Two Sides of one Coin is the fourth episode of The Batman: Gotham Crusaders.

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The Joker takes millionaire, and Bruce Wayne's friend, Harvey Dent for ransom. Now, Batman must race to his rescue, but arrives to late, as half of Harvey's body gets caught in Joker's explosion.


The episode begins as Batman chases Joker, who has recently escaped from Arkham, but with the help of his two henchmen, Punch and Judy, the Joker escapes.

Later that night, Bruce Wayne is shown at a party, greeted by his friend Harvey Dent. Bruce congradulates Harvey on his company's "Going Green Garden" Project. Harvey tells him that "some annoying red-headed girl" kept bothering him about it and warns him that she might bother Wayne Industries next.

Later, as Harvey leaves the party, he is attacked and knocked unconscious by Punch and Judy, who take him to the Joker. When Harvey wakes up, he finds himself in an old warehouse, filled with a bunch of Props. Joker tells Harvey of his plan to hold for ransom, but Harvey refuses to pay. UNFINISHED

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