Ish 1
Ultimate Batman #1 is the first issue of Ultimate Batman.


The issue starts 20 years ago. A six-year-old Bruce Wayne and his parents are leaving a resturant, but catch somebody attempting to steal their car. Bruce's father, Thomas, pulls out his phone to call the police, but the car thief pulls out a gun and shoots Thomas right in the head. Bruce's mother, Martha, screams in horror, and the thief shoots hear. The police quickly arrive, but the thief runs off. The thief accidentally drops his wallet while escaping, and the police recover his driver's license, which shows his name, Joe Chill. In the present day, Bruce has enheirited his father's company, Wayne Tech, as well as his parents' fortune. Bruce is irresponsible with it, though, and stays out all night getting drunk, partying, and making out with super-models. One night, Bruce is leaving a club with a woman named Vicki Vale, when he sees a man attempting to steal his car. The thief pulls out a gun and points is at Bruce, telling him not to move. The police arrive, and the thief runs off, but looks back at Bruce and seems to remember him. The thief escapes, and Bruce suddenly recognizes him as Joe Chill. Bruce returns to Wayne Manor, and tells his butler Alfred about the incident. Bruce decides Joe Chill needs to be stopped, so he puts on a black mask and two gloves and takes off in his car to the club where he saw Joe. He sees footprints, and follows them to a graveyard nearby, where Bruce finds Joe Chill in his secret hideout. He sneaks up on Joe and tackles him, nearly scaring him to death. Joe asks Bruce who he is, and Bruce looks up at the sky. He sees a bat fly over the graveyard, looks back at Joe, and says "I'm Batman". The next day, Alfred is reading the news when he sees an article saying "Wanted car thief/murder, Joe Chill, found unconscious at local graveyard". Bruce tells Alfred what happened, and Alfred asks Bruce if he's going to go out doing this every night. Bruce smiles at Alfred and shows him some designs he made for a new costume.

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