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  • TheScareCr0we

    so.....after watching "Holy Musical B@man", I've decided to re-pick up my idea of "A Riddler On The Roof". So i need ideas for songs in it............I already have some ideas:

    "Do You Fear Me?"- parody of "Do You Love Me?" from Fiddler, sung by scarecrow

    "Criminals!"- parody of "Traditions" from Fiddler, sung by Commissioner Jim Gordon, and ensamble

    "I just go LO-O-ONEY" from the killing joke, sung by Joker

    "When your evil" by volitair, sung by Joker

    so yeah, if any of ya'll have any ideas, let me know please!!!


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  • TheScareCr0we

    So im going to make a fanfilm about Robin John Blake as Nightwing, with the main villain as riddelr aswell as haveing harley quinn in there.

    Heres my idea for riddler:

    Edward Nygma is a highly insane individual who has the compulsive need to prove himself better than everyone else. He became fasinated with the the "worlds gretest detective" batman, and vowed to surpass him as the worlds gretest crimminal. His vocation is that of a serial killer/ bomber who leaves clues at the scene of his murdurs, or plays games and asks riddles before the bombing. His clues lead to the next victem, but also leads to his finnal murdur: His own.

    His master plan is to murdur all of gothams elites and then commit suicide leaving no evidence. He uses a modifyed v…

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  • TheScareCr0we


    January 27, 2013 by TheScareCr0we

    Heres something ive been thinking about: Green Lantern 2......

    The first movie ended with sinestro getting a yellow ring, but then I've been thinking..WHAT NOW?

    What I would like to see personally is the sinestro corps and have scarecrow be a member of it....and have him be portrayed by cillain murphy. This could also work for the suposed justice legue movie that people have been speculateing about..........

    So, what do you all think, Cillain Murphy as Sinestro Corps Scarecrow....yes or no?

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  • TheScareCr0we

    I've decided on the characters for my fanfilm thing. Here they are:

    Origin: Seeing his parents gunned down by a mugger at age 8, Bruce Wayne developed a particularly strong obsession with lawbreaking and the nature of the criminal mind. Using his vast family fortune, Wayne traveled the world for many years, learning the martial arts and the disciplines of detective work, engineering and stage magic, training under the greatest masters of their fields. When he returned to his city of Gotham, he saw that crime had taken a further turn for the worse, with gangs and the criminally insane taking on bizarre personas and costumes while they ran rampant through the city. Realizing that he could become a sort of lighting rod for the most dangerous o…

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  • TheScareCr0we


    January 5, 2013 by TheScareCr0we

    Im thinking of makeing a batman fanfilm for youtube......

    The villains im thinking of fetureing are scarecrow, hush, and riddler(and maby more).

    Im not sure if i want robbin or batgirl in it but im thinking mabey.

    Also i might have joker and harley quinn.

    Here are some of the disign ideas i've found.

    you get the point.

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