This is one of the new series released as part of DC: Mark 2.0.  The star of the series is Charles Victor Zsasz/ Victor Charles/Vic Sage.

Main Characters

  • Vic Sage/Question AKA "Q1" - an investigative reporter who wears a faceless mask to fight crime in ways he can't at his real job.
  • Jack Ryder- Vic's co-worker and friend.  He has not yet become Creeper.
  • Aristotle Rodor- Vic's college professor who provides him with gadgets and morale-boosting advice.
  • Myra Connelly- Vic's former flame.
  • Izzy O'Toole-  A formerly corrupt cop who was inspired to try and do good.  He is now the only uncoorupted man on the force and a true testament to the idea that people change.
  • Steve "Cyclops" Brown-  The one-eyed former army man and current owner/bartender of Charlton's bar.  He is Vic's sparring partner and the best/only friend of Mr. A, whom he saved from certain death.
  • Mr. A- a cryptic savant who works out of the back of Charlton's bar.  He provides Vic with intel on the criminal underworld.  Vic is reluctant to work with him due to his shady past.
  • Renee Montoya- a disgraced former Gotham cop who came to Hub City to work as a P.I. and get a fresh start.  She serves as a messenger between Vic and Batman (who are friendly rivals).  Also know as Q2.


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