Vigilante is the sequel/spin-off to the tv show Assassin. It stars Dick Grayson and Tim Drake after the events of the season finale.


Neil Patrick Harris as Dick Grayson/Nightwing

Will Fredle as Tim Drake/Johnathan Crane Jr./Fear

Richard Green as Calendar Man/Hugo Strange

Nolan North as Basil Karlo/Jason Todd/Anarky

Tara Strong as Poison Ivy/ Copperhead/ Barbra Gordon

Scott Menville as Damien Wayne/Talon

Troy Baker as Maxie Zeus/Bruce Wayne/Two Face

James Arnold Taylor as Riddler/Rip Hunter

Peter Stormare as Prometheus

Jeff Bennett as Ragdoll/Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow

R Lee Ermey as Wildcat

Brian George as King

Wade Williams as Jack

Grey DeLisle as Queen

Michael Leon Wooley as Ace

Nobody plays Phantasm

John DiMaggio as Carmine Falcone

Kevin Micheal Richardson as Joker

Hyden Walch as Tin, Tina

Keith Szarabajka as Mr. Freeze


Season 1

  1. Tim Drake starts sneaking out in a red hoodie and starts fighting crime. Dick investigates a new killer in Gotham nicknamed Calendar Man since he kills someone every month.
  2. Dick discovers a man named Hugo Strange has captures an Actor named Basil Karlo.
  3. Basil is turned in to a clay monster and is forced to do what Strange says since Strange claims he has the cure, Basil later finds out Strange does not have the cure and attempts to kill him but Nightwing pulls the sprinklers.
  4. Tim finds a person named Poison Ivy who makes him fall in love with her. Soon Nightwing figures out she is trying to kill him.
  5. Nightwing and Tim discover something horrifying, Jason Todd has come back from the dead.
  6. Soon with Jason Todd's Revival Nightwing thinks that Talon came back too. While Tim Drake faces Calendar Man.
  7. Dick's suspicions turn out to be true when he and Tim find Damien Wayne but he seems to not remember being Talon, Basil Karlo reconstructs himself.
  8. A Criminal named Copper Head comes to Gotham. While Strange captures a Theif.
  9. Nightwing and Tim must stop the theif, ragdoll, from killing Hugo Strange.
  10. Soon Tim Drake receives Nightmares from a Teen named Scarecrow.
  11. Jason starts killing off multiple different criminals, including Fox, Vulture, Shark and Anarky
  12. Tim figures out that Scarecrow was A kid named Johnathan Crane Jr. who has a high intelect and went to college early, he got kicked out because of his obsession with fear so he came up with a revenge plot.
  13. A man named Paul Dekker comes to get revenge on Dick since he claims Dick blinded him when Paul attempted to rob a bank.
  14. Tim begings turning bad when he murdered Paul Dekker. While Maxie Zeus begins taking over Gotham.
  15. Dick tells Tim he can not fight crime any more, meanwhile Maxie Zeus creates a machine that can generate lightning.
  16. Bruce returns to Gotham to tell Dick that someone is Trying to turn Tim evil. A mysterous man arrives in Gotham.
  17. The mysterious man starts killing off gangsters and super villains, because of his appearance Dick names him Phantasm.
  18. Dick trusts a man named The RIddler,while Bruce figures that Scarecrow is turning Tim evil.
  19. Bruce attempts to arrest Scarecrow but Jason busts in and attempts to kill him, this experience leaves Scarecrow in shock.
  20. Jonathan Crane sees his son in a hospital, He begins making a better Scarecrow suit to avenge his son.
  21. Jonathan pumps fear toxin into the water, many people all across Gotham are terrified, including Tim.
  22. At the end Jonathan works with The Riddler to destroy Gotham. Nightwing faces them. At the end Tim is Dick's sidekick again. Then it shows a man named Prometheus Watching the city saying," Gotham will be mine."

Season 2

  1. An asylum named Arkham Asylum has most of its inmates broken out so Dick and Tim go to recapture them, when most of them are captured Prometheus shows up on every TV screen all across Gotham saying that this was to cause fear.
  2. Soon Tim tries to hunt down Prometheus while Dick finds a former boxer named Wildcat.
  3. Prometheus strikes the city again when he blows up Gotham clock tower. Wildcat reveals he trained Bruce and he is going to train Dick.
  4. With Dick training with Wildcat, Tim hunts down a team of Bank Robbers named The Royal Flush gang.
  5. Basil Karlo returns and attempts to steal a laser for Prometheus who claims he can cure him.
  6. Prometheus blasts Basil with the laser and he turns Basil into a stronger Breed of Clayface. While Tim continues hunting down the Royal Flush Gang.
  7. Wildcat tells Dick he's taught him everything he knows and Dick starts hunting down Prometheus. Tim finds out the Royal Flush Gang are just a bunch of board billionaires who get their kicks by robbing banks.
  8. Prometheus begins killing Billionares. While Tim and Dick goes to stop him.
  9. Dick and Prometheus confront each other but Dick looses when Prometheus reveals he knows everything about them.
  10. Dick figures out that Prometheus figured out all about them because he was Watching them.
  11. Prometheus creates a helmet that can study every fighting move he sees. The Royal Flush Gang start robbing more than just banks, they start robbing parties hosted by philanthropists.
  12. Tim attacks Prometheus but he dodged every move he can think of. While Dick puts an end to the Royal Flush gang.
  13. Prometheus holds Tim hostage and threatens to kill him if Dick doesn't give Prometheus his leadership of the league of assassins.
  14. Dick gives Prometheus his leadership of League of Assassins. While TIm breaks out and faces Ace the leader of the Royal Flush Gang.
  15. King, the richest member of the Royal Flush Gang, starts buying robot henchmen and says that he is the new leader since Ace was arrested. Dick finds out Prometheus is just a man who wants to be loved but the only way he thinks he can do this is taking over Gotham.
  16. Dick tries turning Prometheus good, but King kills Prometheus. While Queen begins trying to be the leader.
  17. Jack knocks out King and turns him in so that Queen can take over. Phantasm returns and continues his quest to kill all criminals.
  18. Phantasm heads towards a bar filled with villains and he killed them all. Queen begins taking over Gotham.
  19. Dick and Phantasm confront each other but before Dick can find out who Phantasm is he disappears. Queen is told a crime lord named Carmine Falcone has already taken over most of Gotham.
  20. Queen and Carmine Falcone have an epic showdown. While Dick figures out Phantasm was a former League of Assassins member.
  21. Carmine hires a hitman named Deadshot to kill Queen. Phantasm and Dick confront each other. It ends with Deadshot about to shoot Queen and Dick taking off Phantasms mask.
  22. Dick figures that Phantasm was Selina Kyle. While Queen dodges Deadshot's bullet and kills Deadshot. Tim heads to stop a civil war from happening. It ends when both Queen and Carmine are killed by Poison Ivy.

Season 3

  1. Dick and Tim go after Poison Ivy but someone in a mask kills her. Tim finds out who the man in the mask is but he doesn't tell Dick, they try to confront him but he is gone. Tim reveals that it was Carmine Falcone who faked his own death along with Poison Ivy.
  2. Tim hunts down Carmine Falcone, while Johnathan Crane Jr. the First Scarecrow returns, but renames himself Fear,and he hunts down Dick, and Jason Todd.
  3. Carmine and Poison Ivy move to another country. Dick and Tim are knocked out by Fear. When they wake up there old villains are now holding them on trial, Dick is the defence, Two-Face is the prosecutor and Hugo Strange as the judge.
  4. Dick realizes that it is caused by Fear taking them through Fears. They wound up in a place where Bruce Wayne is a dictator. While Poison Ivy, and Carmie took over China.
  5. Dick and Tim wake up in a strange cave with Alfred and Bruce. They go out to find Fear but instead find Thunder and Lighting who want to help. When they find him Jason shows up and helps them. Once Fear is defeated he claims he will come back but his building is then blown up by someone long thought dead, the Joker.
  6. The Joker begins creating an army of creatures using a metamorphic Metal. Meanwhile Tim sees that Chinese men are attacking Gotham. Soon Dick tries to turn The Robots into good guys. The Robots turned good, and the Robots called themselves Metal Men.
  7. Tim finds out the chinese men are the Twelve Brothers in Silk, a group that trained with the world's greatest fighters, so Tim, Thunder and Lightning go to stop them. Dick sends the Metal Men and Jason to find the Joker but Jason leaves the Metal Men to find the Joker himself.
  8. Tim also Finds out that the Twelve Brothers in Silk work for Poison Ivy, and Carmine Falcone who took over China. While Joker kills Jason again. So the Metal Men go off to defeat the Joker once and for All. After Joker's defeat Fear breaks him out.
  9. Joker takes Fear and Scarecrow to the hide out of a mad scientist named Thaddeus Sivana who lives in Fawcett City, Dick, the Metal Men and Tim follow him there. Damien's memories of being Talon but refuses to beleave he did the things he did. Tim also meets an orphaned boy named Billy Batson
  10. The Joker begins making steps to control Gotham. Meanwhile Damien tries not becoming Talon, but at the end Damien becomes Talon again. Tim discovers that Billy Baston is a superhero named Shazam.
  11. Dick sends Shazam to China to stop Poison Ivy and Carmine. Talon meets a strange man in a suit and white mask. Joker has Sivana create a large monster named Chemo. Tim morns Jason's death but Jason then reveals himself to be alive.
  12. Poison Ivy controls Shazam, having him attack Dick. Dick fights a Mind Controlled Shazam. While Talon figures that it is a member if the Court of Owls. The man asked may you join? While Jason and Tim go to defeat Chemo.
  13. Shazam is broken out of his mind control and goes back to China where he flys Poison Ivy and Carmine to America where they are arrested. Chemo walks over to Gotham and is about to destroy it but Dick brakes the glass he is being kept in, the chemicals that Chemo was made of spill out. Talon starts devoloping a split personality, one good, one evil.
  14. Joker's gang begins robbing banks, so Jason goes to stop them. Talon's good side says no to the offer, and Talon's bad side says he will think about it. While Tim, Dick, and the Metal Men face Joker's newest inventions called The Gas Gang.
  15. The Gas Gang knocks out Dick and the Joker kidnaps him. Tim, Jason and the Metal Men go to save him but are captured The Gas Gang. The Gas Gang are given new robotic bodies for their work.
  16. The Metal men, face the Gas Gang in an Epic Battle.While Jason fights Joker in an epic fight where he accidentally killed the Joker. While Tim, and Dick fights a new mysterious man.
  17. Bruce, who has taken control of his parents old company Wayne Enterprises, makes an announcement that he is crating Hero Inc, which says that adults from all over the world can join and become heroes. Bruce is then shot by another man wearing the same suit the mysterious man was.
  18. Dick figures out that it is The Court of Owls. He has Tim disguise himself as a member. With Tim under cover he figures out that Talon is an member. While Bruce says to Dick," Find Barbra Gordon."
  19. Dick talks to Barbra and finds out she is extremely smart, Brabra develops a crush on Dick but Dick is to old and is taken. Talon reveals he does not have a split personality nore is he working for the Court, he is a double agent. Tim and Talon destroy the Court's base and leave but at the end the Court resurect many people and done them in costumes that resemble Talons.
  20. Dick, and his new team Birds of Prey face the Talons in a big war. While Talon doesn't work with the team or the Court, and he is just at a pond throwing a rock.
  21. Dick and the rest go to the Court's hide out but they find out all of them are dead. Everyone disbands and go back to their own towns but at the end Dick and Tim are kindapped by the leader of the Court, Thomas Wayne, Jr. Bruce Wayne's long lost older brother.
  22. Tim faces Thomas Wayne Jr. in an epic battle. Then Dick reunites the Birds of Prey to help Tim. They fight for a long time. The fight ends when Jason defeats Thomas Wayne Jr. with him falling off a Cliff. At the end The Birds of Prey go to celebrate. Then Talon walks at the remains of the Court of Owls. He says,"Damien is no more. There is now only Talon, the new Leader of The Court of Owls."

Season 4

  1. Dick and Tim are just sitting at Bruce's mansion when all of a sudden a man named Rip Hunter appears with no warning, he claims to be a time traveler here to make sure time goes as planned. Ragdoll comes back for his revenge.
  2. Rip Hunter tells them that Damien wasn't supposed to be Talon, and something horrible happened. While Talon hires Ragdoll for the Court of Owls.
  3. Talon gets Killer Croc, Riddler and Hugo Strange and sends all of them (including Ragdool) brake out everyone at BlackGate. Dick and Tim now go all around the city trying to recapture the villains.
  4. Rip helps Dick, and Tim recapture them. While Talon goes to kill Bruce.
  5. Dick, Tim and Rip stop Talon but Talon knocks out Rip and steals his watch, which was what let him travel through time, but the good news is Rip has a spare.
  6. Rip gives Tim the Watch and says That,"Only you can stop him, Tim." So he blasts Tim in time to stop Talon. Tim first blasts into Cave man world where he must help Cave Nightwing, and Tim stop The Scaly Beast.
  7. Tim jumps ahead in time to 1952 where he meets Victor Sage who is a detective investigating the murder of a man named Jim Corrigan, the killer turns out to be Jeremiah Strange, an ancestor to Hugo Strange.
  8. Tim makes it to the Revolutionary War where he must Help Commanders Dick, and Tim defeat a British General Poison Ivy from killing George Washington.
  9. The next place Tim ends up in is the wild west, he walks in to a bar where he meets a defaced bounty hunter named Jonah Hex who he helps get his bounty, Arthur Oil. When he meets him it turns out to be Ra's Al Ghul under another name, after this Tim is sent to the far future.
  10. Tim is in the Year 3000 where he meets 2 Humans Named Nightwing, and Red Robin. He helps them defeat an evil Robot Overlord named Riddlebot 230
  11. Tim thinks he is getting used to the watch when he finds out how to go back and forword in time but he can not control where he ends up, so he just desides to go forword from where he is which is in Pompeii on volcano day, he also meets a man named Maxamillion Zues who claims he Zues, he also says that the volcano will not erupt, Tim finds out this man is in fact crazy.
  12. Tim decides to go Foward and he appears on World War 3 that is in 2024. He finds An Older Tim that says A man named Lord Calender Man started this Mayhem. So they go to stop him. Then Talon forces Tim, to go to Ancient Greece.
  13. While fighting Tim and Talon's watches are damaged so they are trapped in a place they don't know, soon they realize this is December 25th 1986, the day the Waynes where killed, Talon tries to stop this but Tim knows this would couse a paradox so he must stop him, in the end it shows to flashes of light accompanied by two bangs in Park Row.
  14. Rip comes and tells Tim that Talon just messed up the Space Time Continuum, and brings him to the Present where instead of The Heroes saving the Day, Nightwing is now a Terrorist, and Bruce was killed.
  15. Rip takes Tim back to the past before the Wayne murders and tells him something horrable, he must kill Thomas and Martha Wayne, after this he gives him a gun and disapears, Talon tries to fight Tim until Tim tells Talon of the dark future, Talon then agrees to help.
  16. With the Wayne Murders with him killing them, The Future Changes again, but not perfect. He figures out everything was perfect except Himself is Talon and Damien is Nightwings helper.
  17. Tim goes to find Rip since he exists in a time bubble which means Rip will remember Tim was Dick's partner, when he finds him Rip seems happy since everything is back to normal, then he sees Tim has Talon's claws, he then sighs and takes Tim to the Timestream where he meets two other time travlers, Booster Gold and an older Barry Allen, they tell him that they are going to need to resset the Wayne deaths, something that has never been done before.
  18. They go to reset the Wayne Deaths, but an evil Time Traveler named Epoch blasts all of them to a different time line. Rip is in The World War 3 time line, and must get back home.
  19. Barry avoids his younger self who is training with Wally and Iris in Japan. Rip asures the Tim of the WWIII world that this world may be bad but theit are a million others that are great. Booster wakes up with Tim in a future where Ra's Al Ghul killed Bruce, Dick and Tim then he took over the world.
  20. Soon Rip figures something horrible Future Tim, is the Master of Epoch, and he Ordered him to blast them all over time. Rip tries to warn Them when they meet but no one believes him except for Tim.
  21. Rip and Tim go to stop Future Tim, they fight Epoch and beat him but they are beat by an evil robot named Brainiac 1502 who works for Future Tim.
  22. Future Tim and Brainiac 1502 cause a massive invasion on Present day. Rip tells Tim that Only he can stop them. Tim grabs Rip's watch and goes to alter how Tim turned evil. Brainiac 1502 follows Tim. They get in a huge fight. Tim stops him from turning evil ,and saved all of time. Then at the end it shows Man with an Ice gun freezing a man.

Season 5

  1. A small group of people, which includes Dick and Tim, go to the Arctic where most of them are frozen, literally. They soon find out this was caused by a man in a metal suit with a freeze gun who turns out to be Victor Fries who has married in to the name Freeze.
  2. Dick figures out that the reason why he is Freezing people is to find a Cure for his Wife, who got a disease that Freezes People, and Victor is using that disease into a person can cure the person. While Tim finds out that Maxie Zeus is using this Mayhem for his advantage.
  3. Dick and Tim go to beat Zeus but they find out he has gone mad sense they last saw him, now beleving himself to be a god in a humans body and that the chaos Freeze is cousing is just entertainment to him.
  4. While Dick fights Maxie Zeus who has followers Tim sees that Poison Ivy has Returned, and struck a deal with Freeze who is now calling Himself Mr. Freeze. Tim tries defeating Poison Ivy but she mind Controlled him with Love Powder.
  5. Maxie Zeus recreates his lightning machine and uses it to destroy buildings in Gotham, when Dick goes to stop him he uses the machine on Dick and captures him. All of a sudden Tim brakes in, knocks out Zeus and brakes out Dick before trying to kill him.
  6. Dick wonders why he is trying to kill him. Then he sees Poison Ivy sitting watching. Dick goes to fight Ivy but she spreads Love Powder on him. Soon they appear on an Auction with them bidding agnist eachother, then Dick broke out of the control. Then he got Frozen by Mr. Freeze.
  7. Freeze unfreezes Dick and he sees he is in a Zoo, he asks why he brought him here, Freeze reveals this is where he got the news of his wife's illness. Dick tries to fight Freeze but Freeze grabs him and throws him in the lion's den, he then walks off to let Dick get eaten. Tim is about to brake out of Ivy's control but she uses more Love Powder on him.
  8. Dick gets freed by someone that he thought was dead Lady Shiva. She warns Dick, that she only freed him because she was feeling like it. While Tim gets freed and fought Poison Ivy. At the end it shows Lady Shiva killing Bruce.
  9. Dick and Tim try to find Shiva but she is gone, they decide to just take one day off to go to Bruce's funeral, many people can be seen at the funeral, including Jason, The Metal Men, Bill Batson, Booster Gold, Barry Allen, and surprisingly Talon, after the funeral Dick asks Talon why he is here, Talon responds that, even if he was his enemy, Bruce is still his father.
  10. After the Funeral Poison Ivy kills Shiva and leaves a note saying You Will Pay. Tim tries to find her but he finds Mr. Freeze. He attacks them. Then it shows Poison Ivy slicing Nora Freeze's head off.
  11. Poison Ivy tells Mr. Freeze that Dick killed his wife so he searches for Dick and when he finds them, unlike all the other times they fought, Freeze is determand to kill him.
  12. Tim goes to face Ivy and she tells him that she killed Nora. She tried to hypnotize him, but Tim dodged it. Tim goes to Mr. Freeze and says Ivy killed his Wife not Dick.
  13. Freeze helps Dick and Tim find Poison Ivy but when they find her she uses Love Powder on Freeze and captures Dick and Tim.
  14. Ivy tries to make Mr. Freeze kill Tim and Dick then Mr. Freeze snaps out. They attack Ivy, but she disappears before they defeat her.
  15. A few weeks later it seems that Ivy has gone in to hiding but then large vines attack the city and Ivy appears with the most powerful super hero she's ever controlled, Superman.
  16. Tim faces Superman while Dick faces Ivy. Ivy soon captures Dick and starts making Plant Duplicates of him. Soon Tim makes Superman fall out of the Control. Then Ivy creates an army of Plant Duplicates of Mr. Freeze, Dick, Tim, and Superman.
  17. The plant clones attack the city but they are all burned by Superman then all of a sudden a white Superman with cracked skin knocks Superman miles away, this creature reveals himself to be Bizarro, a Superman from another world where good is bad and bad is good, he also reveals that he is working for Ivy.
  18. Tim tries talking to Bizzaro that Ivy is Evil (In Bizzaro Talk) and That they are Good. Soon Bizzaro turned good and They face Ivy. Then Ivy disappears leaving a note, That says You will pay.
  19. Dick tries to find out what the You will pay notes mean while Tim looks for Ivy, while all this is going on Bizarro is trying to learn how to speak english.
  20. Soon Ivy shows herself, and she just created a weapon called The Mega Flower. She soon launches it, and it is creating an army of Fire Proof Plant Monsters. Soon Dick, and Tim fights the Monsters.
  21. After the fight with the monsters Dick finds out what the notes mean but doesn't tell anyone. Tim fights Ivy and is knocked out by her, when he wakes up he finds out Ivy is going to turn the city in to a jungle.
  22. Tim, and Dick faces Ivy in her Jungle. Tim soon gets captured by The Plant Monsters and says Dick you can only stop her. Dick defeats the Plant Monsters and deals with Ivy who turned herself into a Plant Monster. He grapples her and Kicks her. Then he blew her up killing her. At the end it shows A Creature that looks like Man Bat who have died.

Season 6

  1. Dick is watching the news when reports on a Man-Bat creature come in, Tim and him go out to find it but they don't find one, they find multiple, after fighting a few they see that someone has pored Man-Bat serum in to the water.
  2. Dick tries figuring out who did it. Then it shows Monks surrounding them. Some of them are Man Bats. Soon Tim figures out who caused this a man named Theo Galavant.
  3. They brake in to Galavant's home where they find him dead with a note pind to his back that says "Keep guessing." They look around and find out he smokes a rare type of cigar sold in a place named the iceberg lounge.
  4. Soon Tim figures out who is The causer. The Penguin. Meanwhile Dick falls in love with a woman named Silver St. Cloud.
  5. Dick goes on a date with Silver under the alias Drake Burn. Tim confronts Penguin but he doesn't know what he's talking about then the ground starts shaking and an earthquake strikes Gotham. After this the iceberg lounge is destroyed, Penguin is unconscious, Dick brakes Silver out of some rubble and Tim comes face to face with the real people who caused all of this, The Court of Owls who planted large bombs under Gotham which caused the earthquake.
  6. Soon Silver dies with these last words I love You, Dick is torn apart. While Tim defeats the Court of Owls. Then the Court went to hidding. At the end it shows Dick with red like eyes grabbing Talon's old suit because Talon retired.
  7. Damien comes to Tim and tells him that his Talon costume was stolen, when they realize it was Dick they at first can't believe it but when Dick attacks them they fight back, Dick easly beats them both and walks off. At the end it shows Dick finding the Court of Owls, knocking out their leader and dubbing himself their leader.
  8. Now the Court of Owls soon attack a hospital. Tim goes to stop them. Soon he sees Dick as their new leader. Soon Tim and Dick fight with Tim losing.
  9. Tim gets help from Damien to find Dick. When they find him they fight him again but he once again beats them. At the end it shows Dick with a bomb.
  10. Dick soon plants the bomb, and Tim goes to stop him. TIm manages to disable the bomb, but Dick beats Tim and puts him in prison.
  11. While in prison Tim finds out from another prisoner that Silver was in this prison for killing someone, he also finds out she was very manipulative to all of her partners which means she probably didn't really love Dick, Tim brakes out of prison and tells Dick but Dick doesn't beleive him and throws him off a building but Tim survives.
  12. Tim finds a mysterious note that says Follow the Yellow Road. He goes to the Wizard of Oz play because that where he thinks he is supposed to go. He is greeted by a girl named Cheshire and she says that Silver was the Leader of The Court of Owls, and she faked her death, and disguised herself as his second in Command.
  13. Tim finds out that Cheshire is the new leader of the Leugue of Assassins and that the League has a few new members, a Talon that used to work for the Court, Rose Wilson, the doughter of Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke, Phantasm who had escaped jail and was found by Cheshire, and Catman, a man with claws and seems to actually have nine lives (though he is on his seventh.)
  14. Soon Tim joins the Leuge to defeat The Court of Owls, and Dick. While Silver Begins destroying the city.
  15. Dick knocks out Cheshire, throws Talon off a building (though he some how survives), throws Rose Wilson in to Catman knocking them both out but Phantasm and Tim escape. It ends with Dick sitting in a throne in a room only lit by candles being tempted to destroy the city by Silver, who he thinks is named Jane.
  16. Soon Dick gets tempted enough and they began destroying Gotham and Silver sends a message that The Court of Owls own this city. Soon Tim attacks Silver with her identity getting spoiled to Dick.
  17. Silver's identity only makes Dick goes even more insane and starts acting like a tyrant, he knocks out Phantasm and throws both Tim and Silver off a building but with help from a grappling gun Tim saves both himself and Silver. Dick blows up many places but makes sure there are no people there.
  18. Soon Silver comes and talks to Dick that they can rule Gotham together. Dick accepts then they were about to kill Tim
  19. All of a sudden Dick has a flash back to a conversation with Bruce about why he doesn't kill, when he tells Silver they shouldn't kill him Silver complains but Dick uses intimadation to make her stop, they deside to lock Tim up instead but Tim brakes out and brakes out the others he has met (Cheshire, Catman, Phantasm, ect.)
  20. Soon The Court of Owls began creating an army of Man Bats, and Banes. Soon Tim goes and faces the Man Bats, and Banes. Then it shows him facing Silver, and Dick.
  21. Tim fights Dick and Silver, he beats Silver but Dick runs away. When Tim and the rest find Dick he once again beats them all and fights Tim but this time Dick is ready to kill.
  22. Tim and DIck fight for a while. After Silver's defeat Dick seems a bit weaker. Soon When Tim defeats Dick he says Look around you what do you see. Dick soon sees he did wrong, and he turns himself in to the Police. Soon Silver comes in and tries to kill Dick in Prison but Officer Aron Cash turns her in. Then it shows Tim running around saying that he is A Kid, A Legend, and A VIgilante. Soon at the end it shows a man walking up watching Gotham.
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