Vincent Maverick is a youg scientist, entrepreneur and criminal mastermind that has taken a vow to kill Batman. He has done this as a result of the part that Batman unintentionally played in the death of Vincent's criminal brother. Since then He has used his expertise in the arena of experimental pharmaceuticals, and his resources as the CEO of his company, Maverick Technologies, to attempt to hunt down Batman, and exact vengeance for his loss.


Early History

Vincent was born in Gotham city as the second son of Joseph, and Maryann Maverick. The Maverick family was a poor family that lived in the slums of Gotham. Joseph Maverick was a good man who loved his family. However because of their economic situation, and because they had no outside family to help support them he was constantly away at work trying to keep food on the table, and cover the family's debts. The combination of the family's financial problems, and the fact that Joseph was never around to support her caused Maryann to become distressed. This in turn lead to her becoming a drug addict. As such she was often emotionally unavailable for her two sons.

With their father constantly working and their mother in shambles, Vincent and Charly mainloy relied upon one another to survive. Charly taught his little brother how to get by on the mean streets of Gotham, and provided him with the love and support he needed to get by furing those tough times. As a result the brothers were extremely close.

Despite their fathers best efforts the family continued to descend deeper and deeper into abject poverty. It would not be long until the family would no longer be able to get by. In response to this Charles began to do petty work for some of the local gangs in order to help support his family. He did this in secret from his parents, and had Vincent swear not to tell them about this.

In the meantime he urged his younger brother to apply himself to his education. He told Vincent that getting a good education was the only way that Vincent would escape their curent lifestyle, and told Vincent that he owed it both to himself and his family become a success. With this in mind Vincent worked extremely hard to get good grades, and excelled despite the mediocre school that he went to. Finally Vincent went to college. He was accepted into a prostigious school, but do to some burecratic issues he was unable to secure a scholarship. In order to cover Vincent's tuition Charly asked for a sizable loan from the Falcone family. He promised to work his dept off doing jobs for them. In securing his brother's future Charly had ensured that the Gotham underworld now owned him.


Skills and Abilities


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