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Show Description



Created By

J.J Abrams


Joe Maganiello

Bryan Cranston

Tyler Hoechlin

Opening Theme

Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell

No. of Seasons

7 (planned)

No. of Episodes

147 (planned)


Running Time

45 minutes (1 hour with commercials)

Production Company(s)

Bad Robot


Original Channel

The CW


W.A.Y.N.E is a Canadian action adventure telivision series developed by J.J Abrams (Fringe), Lionel Wigram (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows) and Andrew Kreisberg (Fringe, Arrow). It is based on the fictional vigilante Batman, with inspiration from the canceled 1999 television series Bruce Wayne. It premiered in North America on the CW on February 25th, 2014, with international broadcast in mid-2014. The series follows billionare playboy Bruce Wayne, portrayed by Joe Manganiello, who, after twelve years studying abroad following the death of his parents, returns home to Gotham City to fight crime and corruption as a masked vigilante dubbed "the Caped Crusader" by the Gotham City Police Department. W.A.Y.N.E. features various other characters from the DC universe, including Stephen Amell's Green Arrow, the two series taking place in the same expanded universe. To assist in promotion, a  tie-in graphic novel titled Initiation Nights was released at  exclusively at Comicon 2014 and later to the public in August 2014. 

On March 5th, 2014, WA.Y.N.E. was picked up by the CW for a full season. On June 12th, 2014, a second season was announced at San Diego Comicon. The second season will premiere on December 8th, 2014 and will feature 21 episodes.


The series follows Bruce Wayne (Joe Maganiello), billionare playboy of Gotham City, who spends 12 years studying martial arts and various subjects in Asia after the murder of his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne at age 13. Upon his return to Gotham City, he is reunited with his godfather and butler Alfred Pennyworth (John Hurt), Wayne Industries CEO Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman) and his best friend and Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Elliot (Jensen Ackles). He is also reunited with Officer Richard "Dick" Grayson (Tyler Hoechlin), a former acrobatist and current police officer in the neighboring town of Bludhaven whose circus he visited while abroad. The circus was bombed by mobster Tony Zucco, killing both of Dick's parents and nearly killing Dick, his survival due to Wayne's intervention and rescue.

During the day Bruce plays the playboy CEO trying to catch up after 12 years, at night donning a black mask and kevlar suit, wiping out the large mass of criminals who hold control over Gotham as a vigilante. Bruce's vigilante persona becomes the interest of Gotham Lieutenant Gordon (Bryan Cranston), who sees all of the good the vigilante does in Gotham, and his corrupt partner Detective Flass (Dorian Yates), intent on destroying him so to keep his power in the city. Bruce is constantly flanked by his butler Alfred, a former Mi6 agent who acts as Bruce's bodyguard during the day. Tommy is also holding secrets, holding the secret identity of the masked criminal Hush in the night.


  • Joe Maganiello as Bruce Wayne
  • Bryan Cranston as Lieutenant James "Jim" Gordon
  • Tyler Hoechlin as Officer Richard "Dick" Grayson
  • Kate Beckinsale as Selina Kyle
  • Jessica De Gouw as Helena Bertinelli
  • Sam Worthington as Thomas "Tommy" Elliot, PHD
  • John Hurt as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Emma Watson as Barbara Gordon
  • Garrett Backstrom as Timothy "Tim" Drake
  • Paul Bettany as Jack "Joker" Knapier
  • Jensen Ackles as Jean Paul Valley
  •  Chloe Grace Moretz as Stephanie Brown
  • Jake Short/Liam Hemsworth as William "Billy" Batson/Shazam
  • Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen
  • Allison Scagliotti as Harleen Quinzel, PHD
  • John Noble as Future Bruce Wayne
  • Logan Lerman as Terry McGinnis
  • Dorian Yates as Detictive Arnold J. Flass

Variant Opening Slides

Throughout the series, various alternative opening slides have been chosen for special episodes.


Season One


"Pilot" 1

Famed war hero Lieutenant James Gordon moves to the corrupt city of Gotham to work for the GCPD in hopes of making Gotham a safe place for his young children to grow up in. Meanwhile, 25 year old celebrity Bruce Wayne returns from his 12 years of studying abroad in Thailand. Returning to his childhood home, he has a flashback of the night his parents were killed outside of the Gotham Community Theatre. The next night, Gordon gets a call of a fight going on at a local Strip Club which acts as the Headquarters for the Falcone's, one of Gotham's largest mobs. Rushing there, he finds a large man in a ski mask engaging in hand to hand combat with Carmine Falcone, the Falcone's leader. Next, we go back a few hours in time to find Bruce and his childhood friend Tommy Elliot reconsiling at his mansion. Bruce uses his observational skills to spot red marks and brising on his ankles and arms. Tommy reveals that he was mugged a short time ago by a gang leader who took a large portion of his company's fortune and has left his marriage a wreck. After deducing the identity of the gang leader from Tommy's description, Bruce suddenly rushes out the door. A few minutes later, he arrives at the downtown strip club acting as the Falcone's HQ. Masking his face with the ski mask, he walks up to Falcone and threatens him, telling him to give the money back-or else. Enraged at his threats towards her employer, stripper Selina Kyle attacks Bruce, quickly proving to have quite the skills in hand to hand combat. However, remembering what he was taught from his master Ra's Al Ghul, Wayne manages to apprehend Selina, continuing to Falcone. Despite shooting him, Bruce manages to get him groveling on his knees just before Gordon storms in. Distracting them with a small smoke pellet he had stored in his jacket pocket, Bruce climbs up the roof top and escapes the scene. Meanwhile Gordon's partner Detective Flass stumbles in, laughing at the beaten Falcone on the ground. The next day, Bruce confronts Tommy and discovers that his money was returned the previous night anonomously. The scene suddenly changes to Flass, talking to the commisioner of the GCPD. He says that there is a vigilante out there-and Hush doesn't like vigilante's.

"Meanwhile in Bludhaven" 2
Bruce, empowered by his experience with Falcone, begins research on crimes within Bludhaven, a sector of Gotham with extremely high crime rates. While looking here, he finds an article on a police officer named Richard Grayson, a young man who Bruce once encountered during boyhood. Collecting some things from his father's old storage laboratory, Bruce tells his butler Alfred that he wishes to go to Bludhaven. Accompanying him are both Tommy and Alfred, worried that he might get hurt in the dangerous sector. Here, Bruce reconsiliates with Richard, flashing back to his circus show in Thailand where Bruce rescued him from the fire that brought the end of his parents. Richard introduces Bruce to Tim Drake, his foster brother. He tells Bruce that he doesn't think his adopted parents will keep him, and worries for his safety. He proceeds to tell Bruce that they have been investigating the deaths of a group of mob bosses from around Bludhaven who were killed via bow and arrow. He says that he heard about a vigilante like this down in Starling City, but these were Crossbow Arrows and that vigilante used a standard bow. Donning his ski mask, Bruce begins his detective work to track down this mysterious vigilante, whom GCPD has dubbed the Huntress. Meanwhile, Gordon investigates the vigilante who was attacking Falcone, talking to his comissioner about it. However, the corrupt man only tells him one thing: get rid of him at all costs. Suddenly, Gordon recieves a phone call telling him that the vigilante has been spotted. Rushing to Bludhaven, Gordon and Flass find the vigilante dueling with Huntress in the alleys of Bludhaven. Bruce is highly injured and is nearly shot by Flass, however he is tackled and stopped by Gordon, feeling that he is doing good for the city. Escaping via rooftop, Bruce wanders through the tunnels where he is found by Tim Drake who has discovered his identity. The episode ends with Tim saying that he will agree not to tell anyone- as long as Bruce agrees to take him on as an apprentice. Meanwhile, Barbara Gordon, James Gordon's daughter sneaks into the Gotham City prison and frees her rolemodel, Huntress.
"Year One" 3

Bruce adopts Tim to the satisfaction of Richard, taking him back to his manor to train. During a training session, Bruce's butler Alfred stumbles in, discovering his secret. Surprisingly, he aids him by contacting Detective Lucius Fox, a friend of his from his days at Stanford. An engineer, Lucius creates a variety of complex devices for Bruce and Tim, including smoke bombs and white contact lenses to mask his eye color. Meanwhile, he reinforces his mask with kevlar, along with donning a kevlar vest and various other peices of safety gear. He also dons a large, flexible metallic coat hanging down behind him like a cape. Though they train daily, Bruce still does not want Tim out on the streets yet and goes to investigate the murders of eight police officers, all killed by large scratch marks in their throat. Discovering the villainess known as the Catwoman, they duel and Bruce recognizes her fighting style as that of the stripper who defended Falcone. She gives him information on the corrupt cops she killed before kissing him and quickly making an escape. Meanwhile, back at Wayne manor, Tim does some research on Hush, the largest villain in all of Gotham. Suddenly he hears a knock on the door. Discovering Jim Gordon, he finds himself interrogated by the cop who has seemingly discovered Bruce's identity. Finally forcing him out the door, Tim returns to his research. Later, Bruce throws a penthouse party, hiring the GCPD to stand security, hoping to get to the bottom of their corruption. Here, Richard meets Barbara Gordon, and the two spend the night hanging out. Suddenly however, Hush attacks the penthouse, however is chased out by the Gordon, the rest of the GCPD doing nothing. Tim deduces that the GCPD is under the control of Hush, sharing this information with Bruce. After this, Bruce dons his costume, crashing through the penthouse window down to the ground below, chasing after Hush, only a short while away from the GCPD. He nearly defeats him, however Detective Flass shows up, distracting him. Hush shoots Wayne and pushes him off the roof, making a quick get away. The GCPD tries to capture him, however Catwoman shows up to rescue him. Thanking her, she tells him that she knows he is Bruce Wayne, and that her name is Selena Kyle. Letting her go, Bruce meets reporter Vicky Vale, reporting on the scene about Hush's attack which led to a rising number of injured, including Tommy Elliot who was shot on the scene. Bruce swears to track down Hush, and Vicky dubs the mysterious vigilante who was fighting the villain "The Caped Crusader", based on the large cape-like coat he was described as wearing by witnesses. Smirking, he returns to the manor where he bestows upon Tim a large kevlar costume, saying that they had work to do.

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