This is the 3rd season of Wayne before Bruce becomes Batman.

Unlike the other seasons this one will have 23 episodes.



Ian Somerhalder as Bruce Wayne-23/23

Emma Stone as Julie Madison-23/23

Max Von Snydow as Alfred Pennyworth- 22/23

Sebastian Stan as Paxton Powers-16/23

Tommy Lee Jones as Derrick Powers-10/23

Elijah Kelly as Adam Foster-23/23


Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle-7/23

Bryan Cranston as Detective James Gordon-18/23

Shaileene Woodley as Kathy Cane/ Batwoman-2/23

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow-1/23

Linda Cartelini as Felicity Smoak-1/23

Michael Jai White as John Diggle-1/23


  1. Bruce Wayne is not the same kind person anymore as he now is a member of Morgan Edge`s mob, Bruce is hired to break in a Powers Tech building for top secret research. Selina Kyle a Seductive new student comes to Gotham High.
  2. When Ebon returns he infects the whole city with darkness. Bruce gets Talia and Gordon`s help to stop it.
  3. Bruce learns that Wayne Enterprises was producing Venom, Bruce with the help of Adam learn that Bane and his crew have been doing it.
  4. Bruce must stop a vigilantie named Kathy from going after Derrick Powers. Meanwhile Selina goes on a date with Bruce.
  5. A Meta Human Deathbolt arrives and searches for the Powers. Bruce learns of this and goes to stop him.
  6. The Flash asks Bruce to help him stop Boomerang who has sent a team to look for Bart. Julie and Selina talk about Bruce.
  7. A new criminal Spellbinder puts people in trances, however when it hits Bruce he dreams that he is the CEO of Wayne Enterprises as well as a vigilantie.
  8. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity arrive in Gotham to investigate Komodo. Bruce learns about Green Arrow so he teams up with him.
  9. Talia`s father unleashes Assasins to go to Gotham to destroy it, Bruce, Talia, Adam a returning Flash and Steel must all unite to save the city.
  10. A Meta Human called Copperhead infects Derrick with a poison-like serum that shows him the future, Bruce races to stop him.
  11. Count Vertigo arrives in Gotham and uses his new drug vertigo around the city, Julie goes undercover but gets kidnapped.
  12. Spellbinder returns but Bruce learns that he is connected to Kane Thorn.
  13. Deadshot and Deathstroke team up and capture Adam and Bruce, The Flash returns
  14. Bart and Bruce work together to stop Orca,a Meta human who was created in Arkham Asylum.
  15. Kathy returns to aid Bruce in stopping David Cain, Adam discovers something about Professor Hugo Strange.
  16. Adam awakens in Arkham Asylum and sees Dr. Strange. Bruce gets Julie`s help to rescue their friend.
  17. The Mad Hatter takes Gotham hostage as Detective Gordon and Sarah Bourne struggle to save the city.
  18. Kirk arrives claiming to be cured but when an enemy of his past attacks he becomes Man-Bat to kill him so Bruce must stop him.
  19. Maxie Zeus turns Gotham into his own Olympus by killing Officers and taking over Gotham, Bruce must stop him but must think about killing him or letting him live.
  20. Mister Freeze targets Alfred, who Bruce learns that they knew each other Ten years ago.
  21. Talia returns to ask Bruce a favor, Adam gets a chance to intern at the Gotham Gazzete.
  22. Bruce and Talia learns that Damian Darkh has killed Ra`s and has taken over Nanda Parbat.
  23. Damian captures Julie and Talia so Bruce can save the person he loves most, Vicki Vale arrives in Gotham.
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