Wings of Batman is a tv show based on the dc superhero batman.

 Season 1

Title Description Villian(s)
Crime. After being gone for four years Bruce Wayne comes back to Gotham and takes on the identity of Batman to combat crime. Carmine Falcone.
Deathstroke. Carmine Falcone hires an assassin named Deathstroke to kill Batman. Deathstroke/Carmine.
Cult. Batman tries to take down a cult in Gotham led by Deacon Blackfire. Deacon Blackfire.
Fear. Batman fights with a corrupted Arkham Asylum doctor named Jonathan Crane. Jonathan Crane.
The bat's bane. Carmine hires another assassin/bounty hunter named Bane. Carmine/Bane.
Anarky. A terrorist named Anarky shows up in Gotham and clames he is going to kill Batman once and for all. Anarky.
Where ther's smoke. An arsonist named Firefly is hired by Carmine to burn Batman alive Firefly/Carmine
The Maronis. With all of his assassins failing Carmine teams up with a rivale crime family named the Maronis. The Maronies.
Body guard. Luigi Maroni convinces Carmine to give Bane a second chanse. After a sucksessfull fight Bane is hired as Carmine's body guard. Bane.
Dumb luck part 1. An old friend of Bruce's named Harvey Dent is captured by Firefly as a way to lure out Batman. Firefly.
Dumb luck part 2. Harvey blames half his face being burned off on Batman. Two-Face.
Black as Cole. Carmine and Luigi go into hideing sinse a crime boss named Black Mask is back in Gotham and promptly declares war on Two-Face. Black Mask/Two-Face.
The Plan. Black Mask hires Firefly, Deathstroke, Anarky and Jonathan Crane (now calling himself scarecrow) to kill Batman, and Bane starts working for him. Black Mask and his army.
Fight in flight. Black Mask and Bane hold up a plain that has Gotham's ritchest people on it, includeing Bruce Wayne. Mask/Bane.
Ice Age. A crimmenal named Mr. Victor Freeze shows up in Gotham and takes Two-Face's side in the gang war. Mr. Freeze/Two-Face.
The sound of laughfter. The presadent of Gotham is murdered by a man calling himself the Joker whitch gets the attentione of both Lt. James Gordon and Batman. Joker.
Revenge. It turns out Bane has been ploting a revenge sceam with the help of a man named Zombie. Step one is a mass brakeout at Blackgate Bane/Zombie.
Attack. step two of Bane and Zombie's plan is have Firefly, Anarky and Scarecrow fight Batman all at the same time. Firefly, Anarky and Scarecrow.
Broken. Batman has his spine broken by Bane after a long and grulling fight. Bane.

season 2

Title Description Villian(s)
Azreal. When Bruce's back heals he dons the cape and cowle once agein but he relises that there's another Batman on the streets, one that's very violent and weilds guns. Azreal.
Funeral for the feinds. Batman starts searching for Azreal. Meanwile Azreal is killing many of batman's enemies, includeing Deacon Blackfire, Anarky and Zombie. Azreal.
Rescue missione. Azreal kills Luigi Maroni and is going to kill Carmine, so Batman has to stop him. Azreal.
Best served cold. Azreal guns down members of Two-Face's gang which forcess Two-Face to call in Mr. Freeze. Azreal/Mr. Freeze.
Comedy and Tragedy. Azreal sets his sights on the joker but both he and Batman are captured by him. Joker.
Confrontation. When Azreal and Batman esscape the joker Azreal plans on blowing the joker up couseing a confrontation betwean him and Batman. Azreal.
This war shall end. After the defeat of Azreal, Batman is planing on ending the war between Two-Face and Black Mask. Two-Face/Black Mask.
Back from the dead. Deacon Blackfire comes back from the dead and reforms his cult. Blackfire.
The demon. Batman comes face to face with the "demon" Blackfire and his cult are worshiping, it turns out to be an insane, heavly deformed man called croc. Killer croc.
The man under the mask. Batman finds out the name of the man who killed his perants, Joe Chill. Chill.
I am batman.  inraged Batman reveals his identity to Chill. Chill then tells veriouse gangsters he knows who batman is becouse he killed his perants. The gangsters blame Chill for Batman and shoot him down. Chill.
Scars. Batman finds out about a serial killer named Victor Zsasz who is still on the loose. Zsasz.
Comishoner. Lt. Gordon is promoted to comishoner and becouse of this the joker kid naps his nineteen year old doughter Barbra.  Joker.
Oracle. Barbra was shot by the joker putting her in a wheel cheir, to chear her up Batman asks if she wants to help him. Various gangsters.
What goes bump in the night. Scarecrow brakes out of Blackgate and sinse it's halloween he sells pumpkins that have his fear gas in them. Scarecrow.
Return of the roman. Sinse he has nothing to worry about Carmine comes out of hideing. Carmine.
Deathstroke returns. Carmine gives Deathstroke another chance after Deathstroke beged him for one. Deathstroke.
The Court part 1. Bruce finds out some of the most powerfull people in Gotham are members of something called the court of owls. Tallen/The court.
The Court part 2. The court wage all out war on batman, the tallens are all over gotham couseing crimmenals like Carmine to help Batman and the GCPD. Tallen army/the court.



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