Wings of Batman is a TV series based on the DC comics character Batman.


Kirk Thornton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael

Alastair Duncan as Alfred Pennyworth

Troy Baker as James "Jim" Gordon, Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Deacon Blackfire

Kurtwood Smith as James Gordon, Sr.

Nolan North as Thomas Elliot

Brandon Routh as Ted Kord/Blue Beetle

James Arnold Taylor as Edward Nygma/The Riddler

Wallace Langham as Anarky

John DiMaggio as Carmine Falcone, Bane, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke

Jim Meskimen as Victor Fries/Mister Freeze

Tom Kenny as Jervis Tetch/Mad Hatter


Season 1

  1. Homecoming Part I: Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham after traveling the world for ten years. He catches up with his old friends, such as Harvey Dent, who has become District Attorney, and Thomas Elliot, who is moving to Bludhaven to become a doctor. Bruce then returns to his old home, Wayne Manor, where he tells his butler, Alfred, he wants to fight crime, Alfred thinks this means he wants to become a police officer but Bruce reveals he doesn't trust the police, he then says he is going to take the law in to his own hands, Alfred is questioning of this but supports the thoughts behind it. With some help from Alfred, Bruce creates a suit and some gadgets. That night a group of criminals rob a bank, one of them wearing a red helmet. One of the men, named Bob, asks the man in the helmet, named Bill, why he's wearing it, he claims it's because the helmet is said to bring good luck to its wearer. They try to leave with the money but stop when Bruce, now in a prototype bat suit, lands in front of them, Bob tries to shoot him but Bruce knocks the gun out his hand and knocks him out, he then continues to knock members of the gang out, Bill tries to drive away but gets in to a car crash. The GCPD then show up and arrest the criminals. Later, Bruce is watching the TV and sees that the news is reporting on him and that they have given him the name Batman. Meanwhile, a hobo finds the red helmet which fell off Bill. The hobo then sells the helmet to a criminal who puts it on as he drives away with a few other criminals.
  2. Homecoming Part II: Bruce and Alfred start to change the bat suit to make it more combat oriented, they also start work on a car they call "The Batmobile." Bruce pulls up the news with a computer he built, it reports that another man in the red helmet is robbing another bank. He drives there with the Batmobile and fights a few members before trying to capture the man in the red helmet, but the man is gone. Later, Bruce is doing research and finds out about an old legend, it tells the story of a man who creates a red helmet and names it the Red Hood, the man uses the helmet to comit crimes and each time he succeeded, the man was eventually cought and hung, though before he was cursed the Red Hood, saying misfortune will befall all who wear the helmet. Meanwhile, the man with the Red Hood tries to give orders but another man asks him what makes him leader, they get in to an argument which ends with the Red Hood man being shot. The other man then takes the helmet and throws it through a window, calling it useless, just then Batman shows up and fights them. He beats them all and looks out the window, only to see the Red Hood is gone. Later, it is revealed a boy has the Red Hood, his father then takes it, saying it's old and dirty. The father throws it out and another gangster takes it.
  3. Homecoming Part III: Bruce continues his search for the Red Hood, he track it down to a warehouse where he fights a few criminals before pinning one to a wall and asking where the Red Hood is, the criminal reveals that his boss took it, Bruce asks who his boss is before it cuts to Rupert Thorne. Thorne is planning a heist of a place named Ace Chemicals. A few criminals drive to Ace, one of them puts the Red Hood on the weakest member as a joke, he also threatens to kill him if he takes it off. They break in but they lose two of their five members along the way, they make it in and run up the stairs, losing another member who tripped. They are about to break in to a room when Batman shows up and knocks another member out, leaving the Red Hood. He runs away while Batman follows him, he makes his way to the area where they keep all of their chemical vats. He fires at Batman and manages to hit him, he then panics and drops the gun before slipping on it and hitting his head. He gets back up and sees that Batman is right behind him, he then leans on the railing and trips, he falls but is catched by Batman, his glove then begins to slip and he falls in to the chemicals below. The next day, Bruce talks to Thomas Elliot and finds out that he is looking forward to moving to Bludhaven after all the criminals that have been turning up in Gotham, he then gets in to his car and drives off. Bruce goes back home and turns on the news where a report on him is interrupted by a man in a green suit, the man introduces himself as the Riddler before challenging Gotham to beat him.
  4. Riddle me this: Batman does research and finds out that Riddler's voice matches that of Edward Nygma, an ex-police investigator who was fired for planting evidence, when questioned why he said he wanted to see if he could come up with a reason why they where there, he pleeded insanity and managed to get away with it. Bruce then suits up and drives off to Nygma's old home where he finds a book talking about how he was bullied in school, it also says that he would always run to a bell tower to get away from them. Bruce drives to the tower where a TV with Riddler on it says he wanted someone to find the book and make the conection, just because he wanted to blow them up, the tower then explodes. Later, the Riddler is talking to a policeman through a screen, taunting him for not being able to solve his riddle which is "What do a dragon, a fish and a snake have in commen?" Batman then walks up behind him and answers they all have scales, Riddler asks how he found him and Batman answers that the last place he would look for Riddler is his old school where he was bullied, Riddler tries to escape but Batman uses a Baterang to stop him. Riddler is arrested and Batman is called a hero once again, a man in a dark room then turns off the TV saying Batman is no hero, he is then revealed to be Anarky, who says he can be more of a hero than Batman ever was.
  5. Hero: Anarky hacks in to the news and shows that he has kidnapped Hamilton Hill, the mayor of Gotham. He says he is going to kill him at 2:45 PM, which is only five hours away. Bruce analyzes the video and sees something in Anarky's eye, the docks. He drives there and finds the building Anarky is in, he fights off some Anarky supporters before looking for Anarky only to realize he isn't there, he asks a henchman where Anarky is but the man isn't talking, so Batman threatens to drop him off a building, he talks and says that Anarky is hiding in the mayor's home. Meanwhile, Anarky is talking to a camera about why he is doing this, he talks about how Hill takes bribes, enjoys the company of criminals and is planning on terring down Arkham Asylum just because he wants to build another home there. During the video Anarky answers questions, while doing this he revales three things, he does not believe in any form of religion, he does not know who his perants are and he actually believes killing Hill is the best thing to do, the clock then hits 2:45 and Anarky loads a gun and is ready to kill Hill when Batman bursts in and fights Anarky and his men, Anarky almost wins the fight but Batman kicks him through a window before freeing Hill. He then looks out the smashed window and sees that Anarky is surprisingly still there. The news is talking about how Anarky has pleeded insanity and that, with all the tapes he has, he just might succeed. It then shows Bruce laying down, saying after fighting many criminals in a row he need a break.
  6. The Bat's Bane: A criminal named Carmine Falcone finds out about Batman and hires a man named Bane to protect him and his men. While some of Falcone's men are trying to rob a bank, Batman shows up and tries to fight them but Bane punches him in to a wall before beating Batman over and over, he then leaves him and walks off with Falcone and his men. Alfred shows up and drives off with Bruce. Bruce wakes up and does research on Bane, he finds out he was an attempt to make the ultimate warrior, it succeeded but Bane became unstoppable and broke free, killing the people who created him. Batman tries to get up but he falls down in pain, he then decides to create something that will not only help him move, but help him beat Bane. Later, Bane and Carmine's men are robbing another bank when a robot as large as Bane shows up, Bane immediately knows it's Batman and begins to fight him. Carmine's men try to escape but Batman captures them with a grappling hand, he then kicks Bane up in the air and knocks Carmine's men. Bane gets back up and continues the fight. It leads them to the roof where Batman kicks Bane off the edge, he runs down and leaves the suit before putting his ear to Bane's chest, he realizes Bane is alive before getting back in the suit and walking off. Bane is arrested and the news reports that he was found with a drug named Venom. Meanwhile, the police station is riddled with knocked out police men and Bane is standing over them.
  7. Cold Hands: The children of Gotham are playing in the snow, which is strange since it is April. Bruce studies the snow and finds out it was most likely man made, he then goes out as Batman. He wonders around and finds many different people frozen in ice with things missing, such as watches and necklaces. He then sees a man freezing another, he fights the man, who feezes Batman's legs bafore running away. Batman breaks both himself and the man free before asking what happened, the man responds he was just walking around before "Mister Freeze" froze him. It then shows Bruce doing research, he finds out that there was a man named Victor Fries, who wanted to cure his wife but it ended in an explosion, neither Fries or his wife where found. He then pulls up a picture of Mister Freeze he took and puts it next to one of Fries, he then realizes they may be the same person. Later, Freeze has made a castle out of ice when the Batmobile breaks in, Batman then comes out with a gun, he fires at Freeze revealing it to be a flame thrower, it is then revealed that Freeze is so cold he can walk through fire. He then grabs Batman and slowly freezes him.
  8. Cold Heart: Bruce wakes up in a building, slowly being defrosted by a member of the GCPD, who are defrosting everyone. Batman breaks free before trying to run out of the building, the officer stops him and asks where he's going, Batman says he is going to beat Freeze before running out. Batman drives to Freeze's old castle where he fights Freeze, who freezes Batman's legs again, Batman breaks free and punches Freeze, which makes his head come off, revealing him to be a robot. Bruce walks out, wondering where the real Freeze is, he then looks up and sees a bat symbol in the sky, coming from the police station. It then shows the officer with a spotlight that has a bat symbol painted on it, pointing it towards the sky, while officers are thrown around behind him. It is then revealed that Freeze is in the building. He freezes many officers before grabbing the officer with the light and hangs him out the window, he then hears Batman's voice behind him and turns around before throwing the officer in to a wall. He and Batman then fight, Batman kicks Freeze in his head, breaking the glass around it, Freeze then falls to the ground knocked out. Freeze is then revealed to be Victor Fries, before being taken away. Batman asks the officer for his name and he reveals it to be James Gordon.
  9. The Deacon: A group of people go missing in Gotham and Batman goes to look for them. He finds out from Gordon they all met a man in a black suit, who told them they will bring "him" to Earth. The next day, Bruce is in a small version of the Batcave, looking up the missing people, it seems none of them have anything in common other than the man. Alfred then tells him a man is at his door, he walks there and he sees a man in a black suit, he talks to him and he tells Bruce that he will bring god him to Earth, Bruce closes the door and tells Alfred he has a plan. That night the man breaks in to Bruce's home and walks in to his bedroom but he realizes Bruce isn't there before hearing Batman behind him, Batman tries to fight him but is knocked out. He wakes up, tied to a giant wooden "X" before he is blindfolded, a man in a black robe then begins to talk about how Batman and the others will be used to bring a creature they call Trigon to Earth, they then say the four edges of the X represent his four eyes, which see all. He then turns around with a dagger, ready to kill Batman, only to realize he is gone, he turns and sees that his cult has been beaten by Batman, he tries to kill Batman but Batman kicks him and he lands on his own dagger, it then shows four red arms, dragging him in to a portal. Batman frees the other people and leads them out, a woman asks if Blackfire will come back and Batman says he won't. At the end it shows Blackfire's hand bursting out of the ground.
  10. Secrets & Lies: Batman assists Alfred on a mission for Amanda Waller to locate agent Bailey. Agent Bailey explains to Alfred that someone broke into Kord Industries and stole information to sell to the black market. Later, Bailey double crosses Alfred and reveals that he was the one who stole the information from Kord Industries. Barbara and her father are surprise when James Gordon Sr. comes to Gotham City to rekindle his relationship with his son. However, Jim is angry at his father for previously being a corrupt Gotham City district attorney serving under Rupert Thorne and at James Sr. for convincing the city council to declare Batman as an outlaw. James Sr. tries his best to rekindle his relationship wit his son by explaining how he cut all ties to Thorne by resigning and that he is trying to make Gotham safe by going after Batman. Barbara gets upset at this since Jim lied to her that James Sr. died and decides to go work at Kord Industries. Once there, Bruce and Alfred go visit her asking for help in locating Bailey. Barbara helps Bruce and Alfred find Bailey in the end.
  11. Blood Ties: Kord Industries CEO Ted Kord asks Barbara for help since he begins to suspect that someone is using his company resources to create autonomous robots that are being used by Vandal Savage to attack a village in Kanzia and learns that the culprit is his uncle Jarvis, who was the one that asked Agent Bailey to steal his company secrets in an attempt to steal the company. After Batman helps to protect the village in Kanzia with a new battle armor that Lucius Fox develops, he comes back to Gotham to help Amanda Waller and Barbara when they try to arrest Jarvis for his crimes only for Jarvis to attack wearing an armor and calling himself Black Beetle. Batman defeats Black Beetle in the end and Ted Kord gets ideas to work an exo skeleton suit in the end.
  12. The Story of Alfred: Bruce finds Alfred's journal and begins to read it. In the journal Alfred reveales that he was a spy for the Queen herself. He also had a partner named Slade Wilson, who Alfred did everything with, in and out of work. One day, they where sent on a mission where they had to kill a Russian terrorist named Red Claw. They managed to make it to her but Alfred was knocked out by Slade, when he wakes up he finds out that Slade was a double agent, while Slade was talking Alfred escaped and fought Slade, during the fight Red Claw came out of nowhere and shot at Alfred, who then fought Claw. After defeating her she saw Slade with a bomb, he then blew up the building. Alfred then swore to get his revenge on Slade, the journal also reveales that he is only working for the Waynes since he believes they know where Slade is, Bruce then closes the book and walks away, not knowing what to think.
  13. The Story of Thomas: Bruce confronts Alfred about his journal but Alfred hands him another one before walking away. When Bruce reads this one he learns something, Thomas Wayne saved Alfred's life. Thomas and Martha where holding a party when a group of criminals came in and tried to rob everyone there, Alfred attempted to stop them but all he did was rip one of their masks off, the man pulled a gun on Alfed when Thomas hit him in the back of the head. Thomas and Alfred then fought off the criminals but the one who was knocked out got away. Bruce finishes reading and says sorry to Alfred but then a thought pops in to his head, what if the man who had his mask ripped off was his perants killer. Bruce then puts on the Bat Suit before apologizing once again, Alfred just gives him a thumbs up and Bruce does the same back before driving off.
  14. I Knew who I was this morning: Bruce is walking around when a scientist named Jervis Tetch comes up to him and begs him to look at his inventions, he does but is horrified when he sees that they allow someone to control another's mind, he calls Jervis crazy before leaving. It then shows Jervis tearing posters of Bruce off his wall before falling on the ground, crying. His sister Alice then comes in and tries to talk to him but all he does is stair at her before knocking her out with gas. Over the corse of a few days, six people go missing and Batman is looking for them, he finds nothing and goes home, but he sees a group of people outside his room, being led by a man dressed as the Mad Hatter. Bruce then gets out of his car and tries to fight them, but they don't even feel his punches, they then jump on him. He wakes up in a bar where the six missing people wearing masks are drinking tea. He notices they are all dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland, which makes Bruce feel even more horrified since he loved the story as a child. The Mad Hatter then puts a mask on him, which looks like the Jabberwocky. Batman is about to pass out but he fights it and fights the people before turning around and seeing the Mad Hatter and Alice, who fight him, he throws Alice in to the Hatter before realizing he is Jervis Tetch. He takes the mask off and smashes the Hatter's hat. It then shows Jervis in his cell at Arkham, drawing on the walls, when Bruce comes and gives him an Alice in Wonderland book, a guard questions him on why and he reveals he thinks this is his fault.
  15. Order Vs Anarchy: Bruce finds out that Alfred and James Gordon Sr. have been dating and offers to pay for a date for them, to which he agrees. Meanwhile, Anarky is talking to a doctor at Arkham, where he begins flirting with her before kissing her, but he is actualy trying to get a key in her pocket, which he manages to do. He then throws her aside and escapes, grabbing his mask before leaving the building. That night, Alfred and James Sr. are at a restaurant, just talking when someone opens fire on them. Alfred flips a few tables and protects a few people, Alfred looks over the table and sees the shooter is Anarky, James Sr. then stands up with a gun, firing at Anarky while Alfred helps get the people out. He manages and then tries to call Bruce, only to realize he has no bars. He then begins to clime the fire exit of the building and makes it to the top where he grabs Anarky's leg and throws him off the building in to a dumpster bellow. Anarky then gets up and runs off, James Sr. following him. Anarky hits a dead end and tries to pull a gun only to realize it is out of bullets. He then hears the police coming and then hears James Sr. telling him to freeze, he then puts his hands in the air before turning around and dropping his mask on the floor. At the end it shows Anarky back in Arkham, throwing darts at a picture of Alfred, hitting it in the forehead.
  16. Dumb Luck Part I: Harvey Dent claims he has information on Carmine Falcone that could put him away for good, this makes Carmine so angry he hires someone named Firefly to kill Harvey. That night, Firefly is trying to break in to Harvey's home when Batman shows up and fights him. During the fight, Harvey wakes up and begins firing at Firefly, one of the bullets hits his the tank on his back and it blows up and begins burning down the building. With Firefly knocked out, Batman tries to save Harvey but he falls through the floor. A large peace of wood falls on Harvey's head and he lands in fire, he then gets up and tries to get out of the building only to see Firefly drinking from a cocktail before throwing it on Harvey. Meanwhile, Bruce hears Harvey's screaming and he gets up, trying to find Harvey. He does and walks out with him, Harvey drops his lucky two headed coin, one of the heads now being scared. The next day, Harvey is watching the news and it begins to talk about what happened to him, he then turns it off. Harvey then begins to hear another voice in his head, which sounds like him only deeper. The two debate with each other until they reach an agreement. A nurse walks in with some food only to see Harvey standing without his bandages on, Harvey then asks where his lucky coin is.
  17. Dumb Luck Part II: Bruce has a nightmare where he sees Harvey telling him it's his fault. He wakes up and continues his work on his computer, the files he pulls up reveal Harvey has been on the lose for two weeks and that he already has a large following. Bruce then drives off and continues his search for Harvey. Meanwhile, Harvey is talking to his men, he tells them he is going after Carmine Falcone and that he is going to make sure Carmine pays. It then shows Bruce watching the trial of Firefly, where he admits that Carmine Falcone hired him, this makes Bruce realize that Harvey is going after Carmine. That night, Carmine is hosting a party for his son, Mario, when all of the lights go out. He hears Harvey's voice and begins to panic, running off. He gets in to a limo and demands the driver to drive as fast as he can. He does so while Carmine looks out the back window, he doesn't see anyone there but when he turns back around he sees a black and white van right in front of them, the van crashes in to them. Carmine tries to crawl out of the limo but someone steps on his hand, he looks up and sees Harvey, pointing a gun at him. He is about to fire when Batman jumps on him, Harvey puts the gun to Batman's stomach but Carmine kicks Harvey in the face, knocking him out. When the police show up, Bruce gives Gordon a book full of information writen by Harvey about Carmine, saying there's enough information to put him away for good. At the end it shows Harvey sitting in Arkham, flipping his coin.
  18. "Epitaph"-After many failed attempts, Doctor Hugo Strange finally succeeds in resurrecting someone from the dead: former ASIS agent Slade Wilson, who was murdered and shot in the eye by his wife Adeline Kane. Strange sends Slade Wilson after members of the Falcone Crime Family since he owes them money that he used to finance the experiments that Indian Hill performed. On the day of Carmine Falcone's trial, Bruce Wayne is "assassinated" by Slade Wilson who is impersonating Batman. Bruce survives, but instead of telling the world, Bruce decides it's better to stay dead while Batman hunts for his imposter. That prompts billionaire Ted Kord to use this as an opportunity to become Blue Beetle. Luring the Batman to a factory, Blue Beetle attacks Batman in a fight until Batman manages to disable his suit. Later, the Batman imposter shows up and guns down the mayor in front of several witnesses which prompts James Sr. to run for mayor so he can deal with the vigilantes and criminals operating in Gotham City.
  19. Hunted Part I: Bruce continues his search for Slade but doesn't manage to find him, making matters worse is that the police and Blue Beetle are hunting him. He is talking to Alfred when Blue Beetle shows up and fights him, Bruce throws Beetle in to a wall and Beetle runs towards him, ready to punch him, but Bruce grabs his fist before taking off his own mask, making Ted trust him. Meanwhile, Carmine breaks out Anarky and hires him to kill Batman. That night, a group of criminals then burst in to a meeting of many people but they are all defeated by a man in a black and orange mask, who is revealed to be the police's own Batman, named Deathstroke, who they are going to have hunt down every criminal in Gotham, including Batman.
  20. Hunted Part II: Bruce, Ted and Alfred come to the conclusion that Deathstroke is Slade Wilson, they then go out and continue their search for him, not knowing Anarky has put a tracking device on the Batmobile. Bruce is driving, looking for Deathstroke when he jumps on the hood of the Batmobile and stabs a sword through it, Bruce then jumps out the car and lets it crash in to a near by building. Bruce gets up and is ready to walk off when he sees Deathstroke walking out of the flames, they continue their fight but they are interrupted by Anarky, who knocks both of them aside, Deathstroke runs off and Batman fights with Anarky. Deathstroke tries to get away but he is kicked in the face by Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle and Deathstroke then begin to fight at the same time Anarky and Batman are fighting, the fight between Anarky and Batman ends when Batman throws a garbage can at him and the fight with Ted and Deathstroke ends when he rips off his mask, confurming he is Slade Wilson, Slade then knocks out Ted and runs off with his mask. Ted wakes up in the Batcave where he tells Bruce what happened, a near by Alfred then drops his tray. He then asks Bruce if he can join him on his next mission, to which he denies. When Alfred leaves, Ted asks why he denied him and Bruce says he is not sure if Alfred would kill Slade or not.
  21. Hunted Part III: Carmine is yelling at Anarky, calling him useless and orders him to be killed, when the two men behind him pull out guns he turns around and grabs their guns before firing on them and escaping through a window. Meanwhile, Bruce is looking for Slade when he sees a large bat symbol in the sky, he assumes James Gordon made it so that he could summon him easier but when he gets there he is greeted by Slade, who made the signal. They begin to fight and it ends with Bruce kicking Slade off the building. He then runs to the bottom where he sees a crushed car, but with no Slade on it. Slade limps in to an alley where he falls on the ground, cracking his mask, he then looks up and sees Anarky, who gives him a new mask. After putting it on, Anarky flips him on to the ground before popping his leg back in to place. Anarky then asks if Slade would like to be his ally, to which Slade agrees.
  22. Hunted Part IV: Bruce sees the Bat signal in the sky and goes to it, knowing Slade wouldn't try the same trick twice. When he gets there he is greeted by Gordon, who knows Batman didn't kill Bruce. After a short conversation where Gordon reveals Anarky is holding people hostage, Bruce disappears. It then cuts to Anarky and his hostages, who are mostly police men and politicians, including James Sr. Bruce then shows up and they begin to fight, Bruce pins Anarky against a wall, Anarky then reveals he is a distraction. He then knocks out Anarky before walking out and calling Alfred, only for Slade to pick up, calling him Bruce. Batman then jumps out a window, only to be catched by something he calls the Batwing. Meanwhile, Slade is telling his story, he reveals that after he betrayed Alfred he became a mercenary to make money but one of the people he was hired to kill found out who he was and kidnapped his son, he managed to save him but his son was no longer able to speak, because of this his wife shot him in the eye before stabbing him many times. After his story he takes out his sword and walks over to Alfred, ready to stab him. A batarang then comes in and knocks the sword out of Slade's hand. Slade then sees Bruce before running for his sword, Bruce chasing after him. When Bruce is right behind him, Slade turns and slashes him with another sword before grabbing his first one. Bruce then uses the spikes on his arms to fight Slade, Slade kicks Bruce on to the ground and rips off his mask before taking off his own. Slade is about to stab Bruce when Alfred comes from behind and hits him in the back of the head with a rock, he then gets up and Alfred points Slade's own sword at him, he then stabs before it is revealed he only pinned him. With help from Ted, they whipe Slade's mind, making him forget who Batman is. The next day, Slade is put in jail after he is revealed to be a traitor, and Ted moves away to another city. It then shows Bruce standing on a building when he sees the Bat signal, he then jumps off the building and falls into a new Batmobile before driving off.

Season 2

  1. "Warming Up A Frozen Heart"-It is Christmas eve and Alfred decides to throw a party in the mansion to bring back the holiday spirits of everyone else which is why he invites his boyfriend James Sr. and friend Grant Walker. Unfortunately, Mr. Freeze and the Red Triangle Gang shows up at the party to kidnap Walker. Batman manages to takeout all of the thugs, only for Freeze to escape with Walker. Batman confronts one of the Red Triangle thugs about it and discovers that Penguin formed an alliance with Mr. Freeze to steal some cryogenic weapons that Walker had Goth Corp develop. Walker reveals to Mr. Freeze that Nora is alive and offers to help her if Mr. Freeze can make him immortal so he can rule an underwater city he made and put the world in an Ice Age. Batman convinces Mr. Freeze to help him stop Walker and Mr. Freeze traps Walker in ice after destroying his city, he decides to then stay with his wife Nora. Batman thinks that Freeze is dead when he is in the North pole with Nora.
  2. "The Secret Experiments"-Commissioner Gordon and Detective Dick Grayson reveals that they discovered reporter Vicki Vale's murder in a lab owned by Stagg Enterprises. Vicki was found to have had her skull smashed and seperated from her body. Dick arrest Professor Milo upon realzing Milo was experimenting on animals and Barbara adopts a puppy that was almost a victim of Milo's experiments. Batman learns that Vicki discovered how Army General Mario Boggs was secretly developing a super soldier serum, which promoted excessive bone growth and turned men into war machines (for example, Rick Flagg). Though once the army learned of his dangerous human test trials, they ordered Boggs to stop. However, the general continued the project with funding from Stagg Enterprises. Simon Stagg's manager Fallon was the one who killed Vicki Vale and confessed Boggs' involvement in order to have a reduced prison sentence.
  3. "A Legion of Horribles"-Together with Dick and a crew of police officers, Gordon arrives at Arkham Asylum with a warrant to inspect Professor Strange's office since Batman is aware how Simon Stagg has connections to him. Strange one step in front of them, having shredded all of his documents. Strange gives some mutagens to a trio of Barbara Gordon's coworkers mutagens that transform to animal forms to get revenge on all who have harmed them. Alfred meanwhile investigates who ordered Thomas and Martha Wayne to murdered. Alfred soon discovers that the man who ordered the hit called himself the Philosopher and Bruce begins to think that Hugo Strange is the culprit after seeing a photograph of him and Thomas Wayne on a high school basketball team which makes him angry thinking that Strange ordered his parents killed since Thomas was trying to expose him.
  4. "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind"-Hugo Strange creates an AI database called D.A.V.E. (Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator), encoded with the minds of Gotham's greatest criminals, in order to better predict their crimes. However, D.A.V.E. breaks free and proclaims himself to be "Gotham's ultimate criminal mastermind", and later on kidnaps Gordon, Barbara, Alfred, and James Sr. after figuring out the true identity of the Batman.
  5. Azrael: A group of people known as the Order of St. Dumas unleashes their newest creation, Jean-Paul Valley, who they have turned in to something known as the Azrael, to test him they send him to kill Batman. Later, Bruce is wondering around when he sees a bank being robbed, he drives over and beats a few people up before dusting himself off and walking away, only to be punched by Azrael. The two begin to fight and it ends with Bruce escaping. He does research on Azrael and finds out that the Azrael is a rumor created during the crusades, they said that Azrael was the greatest warrior of the Order of St. Dumas and that they sent him for their enemies heads, though every story says that Azrael had one weakness. That night, Bruce finds Azrael and fights him once again, during the fight Bruce keeps going for the left side of his body, since his left is the weakest side of his body. Bruce then knocks out Azrael and brings him to the police. Jean is doing push ups in jail when the order come to him and break him out, they give him back his suit and tell him that he will not be welcomed back in to the Order of St. Dumas until he manages to defeat Batman in battle.
  6. Snicker Snack: Bruce is at a large event, where many companies show off their inventions. During it, a man named Simon Stagg shows off a mutant, which looks like a large black dragon. Just then, the Mad Hatter shows up and steals the mutant using a crane from a plane. The next day, Bruce is searching for Mad Hatter but has no luck, until he finds out there is a carnival in town, based on the story of Alice in Wonderland. When he gets there he sees everyone running from something, which turns out to be the Mad Hatter riding the monster, which he named the Jabberwocky. Bruce calls in the Batmobile and rides it right in to the monster, however it gets up and throws the Batmobile away. Bruce then sees a near by shop, which is selling a sword, he breaks the window and grabs it. Meanwhile, Mad Hatter is continuing his rampage until he sees Batman standing in front of him, the Jabberwocky tries to attack Batman but he puts up a better fight, cutting off the monster's wing, revealing its blood to be green. He cuts off the monster's tail, tongue, and claw. The monster then knocks him in to a building, ready to kill him, Bruce then cuts its head off. It falls dead and Bruce knocks out Mad Hatter before breaking his hat once again. It then shows Mad Hatter being taken away, while Simon Stagg yells at Batman, only for him to be arrested, saying he basically created a living weapon.
  7. The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh: Bruce gets in to a fight with Riddler where the building blows up. The next morning, Bruce wakes up and sees Alfred, but he then shows he doesn't know who Alfred is. Alfred takes him to the Batcave where Bruce sees the Batmobile and Batsuit, he then begins to rip his own cloths apart and stitches them together in to a multi coloured Batsuit. He then begins to call himself Tlano and claims he is from a planet named Zur-En-Arrh. When Alfred tries to stop him he throws him in to a bookshelf before jumping out a window. That night, the Riddler is robbing a museum when Batman shows up and begins to fight his men, he even begins to threaten a few of them with a knife before turning it to the Riddler, who tries to run away but is tackled by Tlano, who then begins to beat Riddler badly before the police show up. When they see what he did they call him crazy, Tlano then throws the police officer who called him crazy in to a near by car before running off. Detective Dick Grayson then realizes that even though this man looks and sounds like Batman, he isn't, so he decides that he is going to take him down.
  8. "The Return of Azrael"-Azrael does the best he can to attract Batman's attention by killing Penguin's mother Gertrude in front of him at Gertrude's tiny apartment When Lieutenant Harvey Bullock, forensics, and several officers arrive to investigate Gertrude's death, Azrael arrives to kill them. Bullock tries to fight Azrael with a pipe, but Azrael kills him. Father Creel, a member of The Order of St. Dumas, reveals to Azrael the true identity of the Batman and Azrael goes to kill Bruce at Wayne Manor while he is dining with Silver St. Cloud. Alfred shoots Azrael multiple times, but he remains undefeated until Penguin and a member of the Red Triangle Circus Gang arrives. The thug fires an RPG, killing Azrael.
  9. "Beacon of Hope"-A woman named Brie Larvan attacks Kord Enterprises to get revenge on Ted Kord for having her fired when she tried to weaponize an agricultural project that she worked one with two of her colleagues. Brie holds the board hostage until Kord can turn himself over and an employee named Curtis Holt discovers Bruce's hideout by mistake and offers his services to save Barbara who is inside the building with the board. Curtis helps Batman stop Brie in order to save Barbara and the board. In the end after Brie is brought into GCPD custody, Ted begins to work on his armor which results in an explosion at Kord Enterprises.
  10. "Live and Die in Seven Days"-Bruce begins to look for Ted, who went missing after the explosion. Meanwhile, a man named Cyrus Gold escapes Hugo Strange but dies shortly after, however, he comes back to life. He uses his newly found abilities to rob and kill anyone he wants. Bruce and Gold fight but it ends with Cyrus throwing Bruce in to the street, where he is hit by a car. Cyrus then becomes a mob boss and targets Bruce Wayne. In the second fight between Batman and Gold, Bruce kicks him out a window, where he falls in to the ocean and sinks to the bottom. Bruce then continues his search, meanwhile, Gold is trying to crawl out of the ocean.
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