Zack Synder's Batman Series is a movie series based off the superhero Batman. It is composed of four films and a spin-off, each of them directed by Zack Synder. The first one, Batman, was released in 2014 to critical acclaim and a box-office earning of $524 million. This was followed by the second film, Batman II, released in 2017 to similar scores and brought in $731 million. The third film, Batman Revelations (released in 2021), received the highest scores and earned an unbelievable $913 million. The conclusion of the series, Batman Legacy (released in 2024), got the second highest score on Rotten Tomatoes and earned $806 million in the box office. A spin-off titled Nightwing was released in 2026 with the titular hero as the main character. It earned positive reviews and $347 million in the box office.


Main Characters

Bruce Wayne / Batman

Portrayed By- Michael Fassbender

This character is the protagonist of the series. He appears in all four movies of the main series, and has a cameo at the end of the spin-off, Nightwing.

Dick Grayson / Robin / Nightwing

Portrayed By- Liam Hemsworth

First introduced in Batman II, he becomes the deuteragonist and side-kick of Batman. At first, he is known as Robin, but at the end of Batman Legacy, he develops a different persona as Nightwing. This character receives his own spin-off, Nightwing.

Alfred Pennyworth

Portrayed By- Christopher Walken

The motivator and butler of Bruce Wayne. He is in all four main movies, and is referenced in Nightwing when Dick Grayson states that he has moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Commissioner James Gordon

Portrayed By- Clark Gregg

Gotham City Police Department's commissioner who becomes Bruce Wayne / Batman's friend. He is one of few people who know that Bruce is Batman. He appears in all of the films, including Nightwing.

Vicki Vale

Portrayed By- Kate Mara

A reporter for the Gotham Gazette, she becomes Bruce Wayne's love interest in the first film. They date till the third film, where she is captured and then killed by The Riddler. Her death makes Bruce extremely depressed.

Barbara Gordon / Batgirl / Oracle

Portrayed By- Ellen Page

The neice of James Gordon, she makes her first appearance in Batman Revelations as a huge fan and follower of Batman. After meeting Bruce Wayne / Batman, she adopts the persona of Batgirl, and helps the caped crusader and Robin fight the villains. In the spin-off, Nightwing, she retires from being Batgirl, and becomes the Oracle, a computer genious. She begins to date Dick Grayson at the end of the film.


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